A New Angle on a Known Photo

A ‘new’ angle of a relatively well known photo of The Rebbe posing for a photo in a park has recently been making its rounds on social media, leading many to believe that it was a edited version of the same photo.

The photo, taken before the Nesius while The Rebbe was still in Europe, appears to have been taken in a park. The original and blurry photo has been around, but a ‘new’ version of the same photo, which appears to have been taken moments after the first, is much clearer and show more detail.

Know anything about it? Think it is the same photo only edited? Share your thoughts below!


  • Cant it be a photoshoot?

    I have no idea but it can very well be that the Rabbe is posing for a photorapher who took a few pictures in the same spot.

  • Photographer, photoshop user opinion

    Both are from the same photographer. The “blurry” photograph was taken first. I would assume that it is not as clear as the second because the Rebbe was walking. He apparently noticed the photographer and graciously posed flor the second clearer shot. The second shot was developed carefully and skilfiully whereas the first may have been developed with less care as it was inferior.

  • Comment

    In the first photo the tree is directly behind the Rebbes right shoulder, and the booth is completely visible in the photo.

    The second photo the tree is not in the same place and the rebbe is blocking the booth partially.

    On another note, now that more of the building in the background is more visible. It would be interesting to find out the exact location of the photo.

  • Different Photos

    Absolutely two different photos – look at the space between the left arm and the coat.

  • skewed horizontaly

    It is the same photo shoot, just skewed a few millimeters narrower…

    This also distorts the Rebbe’s eyes, face apearing narrower, etc.