Weekly Unique Photo of the Rebbe

Courtesy of Lubavitch Archives, we present a photo of the Rebbe distributing Kos Shel Brocho.


  • 1. What year plz wrote:

    Tyvm 4 the pic, does anyone know what year this is plz ? This is all the way MASP (Motzei Achron Shel Pesach) bec the glass bottles on the table by the Rebbe are wine instead of Vodka, all the other KSB (Kos Shel Brachas) MR”H (Motzei Rosh HaShana) MST (Motzei Simchas Torah) & MS (Motzei Shavous) were all Smirnoff bottles of Vodka, Pesach was always wine, being that it’s Pesach so there was no Vodka. But plz share if u know what year this was or around ty

  • 2. Lazer Avtzon wrote:

    I think the Bachur in the picture is Yechiel Yosef Zeitlin from Montreal who was a Shliach in Morocco during 5741 – 5743

    The child in the photo appears to be Dovid Perez from Morocco, currently living in Paris, France

    Perhaps they can help with the dates.

  • 3. To #2 wrote:

    This is on Pesach, why would a kid be away from his family for Y”T (Yom Tov) unless his family also came, the Bachur Tzeitlin I understand wanted to spend the 2nd days Y”T by the Rebbe & a lot of ppl did that, but this boy is not from Bklyn or been the US, who does he know, anyway the point I’m saying is, maybe u could email your friend who is the Bachur in this pic & tell him to check it out & maybe he could give us more info on this pic, is it possible u could do that plz, ty


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