Reader Shares Photo Believed to be of the Rebbe has received a photograph, believed to have never been seen before and apparently taken right before the Rebbe assumed the Nesius, crossing the street near President Street and New York Avenue.

For a short period the Rebbe and the Rebbetzin lived in an apartment at 346 New York Avenue, an apartment building known as The President Plaza, on the corner of President Street.

Though difficult to see, the reader who submitted the photograph says that it is the Lubavitcher Rebbe crossing the street. “The photographer has shared a small collection of photos, which will be shared soon” he wrote in an email.

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  • 2. its not new wrote:

    this picture has been seen before, it a old picture, but still nice1

  • 4. After The nesius wrote:

    In the article it says that the photo was “apparently taken right before the Rebbe assumed the Nesius”.

    The Rebbe lived there until approximately 5716 (1956).
    The cars look like early/mid 50’s, not late 40’s !

    So it’s most probably from the first years of the nesius.

  • 5. Another old timer wrote:

    I think that the Rebbe lived in this apartment between 13-14 years

    • 6. He bought the first chair wrote:

      Henry Reiner lived in that building and remain close to the Rebbe for many decades always came to fabrengens and the Rebbe gave him lots of kiruv
      He bought the first chair


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