Picture of the Day: Trump Doughnuts

In honor of the inauguration of President Donald Trump on Friday, Gombo’s Bakery on Kingston Ave. is offering celebratory ‘Trump Doughnuts’ for sale today and tomorrow.

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  • 1. Can we please wrote:

    Not obsess over this lunatic? He’s a serious threat to everyone.His temperment and impulsivity are terrifying beyond words. Also the fact that he willingly wrecked some of his business to avoid taxes…..good Lord.

    • 2. what choice do we have wrote:

      would you really rather hillary be president? and actual criminal?

  • 4. Jim M. wrote:

    Comment #1.
    Calm down, cupcake.
    and Get me a dozen donuts!!!
    Looking forward to tomorrow, when Barry the Jihadi gets out.
    And, MUCH better for Israel. How any Jewish person can vote for Barry or Hillary, etc is beyond me.

    • 5. Trump gives hope to normal people. wrote:

      You took a dozen???? I got there too late. They were all gone before noon, and I couldn’t even get one. So I guess for 2020 they will have to make twice as many Trump doughnuts.

  • 6. Georgia Jewish Proud wrote:

    President Trump is a good man but not a perfect man ! No one is perfect He has the knowledge,the skills, and soon the cabinet that will work with him to accomplish the goal of “Making America Great Again.” He is tough and smart, He is not a racist, he respects and likes women and he is willing to work with anyone who is willing to work with him. He will work with Congress to lower taxes and bring industry and jobs back to this nation. He will make certain that our Southern border is secure and deal with the awful problem of illegals. He will begin to rebuild our military and he will keep The US safe. He will work with Israel to insure peace in the Mid-East. He will work toward ending the reign of the terrorist group ISIS. He is a brilliant negotiator and will put the US back in it’s rightful position as a world leader.

    • 7. Amused Observer wrote:

      This post was satire, right? It’s sometimes hard to tell on the Internet, but you gave it away with the “respects and likes women” comment – too obvious.

      In the unlikely event that you actually *are* serious . . . my America is already, and has been, great. Sorry you can’t see that in your America.

  • 12. to # 7 shomer shabbos wrote:

    may be just as the kushners may be driven on shabbos from the inauguration due to pikuach nefesh maybe the same goes for the cup cakes. ask the kushners rov!!


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