Photo: Shlomo Levi

Picture of the Day: Got Milk?

The Starbucks on Eastern Parkway and Franklin Avenue had this sign up today, informing customers that they no longer offer Cholov Yisroel milk. An explanation for the change of policy was not given.


  • Coffee lover.

    Look at the type of blend the coffee is!!
    With a X-mas coffee, why use חלב ישראל

    • Anonymous

      B”H, this is great news.
      We shouldnt be buying from such a goyish store in the first place.

  • Forget about cholov Yisroel

    There are significant problems with drining starbucks regardless of wether it is cholov Yisroel or Pareve.
    This was pointed out by the Chicago Rabbinical council (CRC hechsher) a while back.
    I don’t know of any authority who has offered a more lenient opinion on this matter.

  • Dovid

    It was never chalav yisroel anyway. Once the goy opens the bottle and it’s left without haghgacha, it’s like chalav stam

  • Larry

    Probably want to get rid of those type of customers that just drink that milk wonder why

  • This smells of conspiracy

    Let’s stage a sit in it’s obvious that they don’t want us AKA Hasidic jewd hanging out there, maybe they think we are cramming their style, maybe they are upset at their Lubavitch landlord, doesn’t matter we need to protest it’s either coffee with halav Israel milk or bust, coconut milk will not suffice we are going back.

  • Y

    Right and they usually serve pork at Starbucks too. Ham sandwiches, turkey & bacon, etc…Yuck. Even if the coffee pots don’t touch the food. It’s like going into McDonalds and ordering a soda.
    Go to Chocolatte instead!!!

  • starbucks

    I did ask the barista what happened.
    1. she said as of yesterday the milk was still cholov yisroel
    2. this was a test by headquarters. I guess it just didn’t pay off.
    3. I heard on the radio this morning that the ceo of starbucks was out.

  • shlomo

    a problem that chalav israel was in non kosher kelim. never use it. but use soy or almond that kosher direct from the tetrapack

  • Anonymous

    the reason? as with any corporation it come down to $$$.

    please stop with the nonsense they dont want to serve jews.