From Days Gone By: Greeting the President

President Lyndon B. Johnson is welcomed to Worcester, MA, by students of the Lubavitch school in June of 1964, during his campaign for re-election. Can you identify anyone in the photo?

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    • 2. Some history. wrote:

      Henry Schultz died on November 26, 1938, near San Diego, California, in a car accident that also killed his wife and his two daughters.

  • 3. Impossible! wrote:

    How could Lubavitchers welcome a president like LBJ a Democrat! Everyone knows that only libtards are democrats. LBJ even did Voting Rights Act which we have to vote to undo, because places where important voter ID laws that undo the act were place where Trump won!

  • 5. i think wrote:

    Rabbi Chana Rueven aka ritchie witkess is the tall kid(i think)
    Rabbi Mendel Fogelman is the kid with the glasses and baseball cap and Basie Levin (nee fogelman) is the girl


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