Picture of the Day: Chassidus in the AM

At 6:20 in the morning, 18 members of the Thornhill, Ontario, Lubavitch community gathered at the Chabad Shul to hear a shiur on the Rebbe’s maamar Hasom Nafsheinu Bachaim, delivered by Rabbi Akiva Wagner, Rosh Yeshiva.

Coffee and danishes were served.

The Shiur, part of an ongoing program in honor of Hakehel, was organized by Rabbi Yirmi Cohen.

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  • 1. best mashpia wrote:

    this should happened in all shuls of anash and chassidim of lubavitch….

  • 3. montreal wrote:

    for several years now, there has been a daily chasidus shiur given at the yeshiva shul by rav tzvi hirsh gurary, every weekday morning 6:40-7:10 in the rebbe’s mamarim, with the attendance steadily rising.
    mamosh beautiful


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