From Days Gone By: In the Rebbetzin’s Home

After the Shiva of the Rebbetzin in 1988, the writing of a new Torah was commenced in her honor, with several dozen Nshei Chabad in attendance at the Rebbe and Rebbetzin’s home. Can you identify anyone in the photo?

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  • 1. Names wrote:

    Rebetzin Tema Gurary on the right; behind her I believe is Fayge Gross; not sure who is behind her, but behind her is Kraindy Klein

    On the left is Shterna Spitzer, behind her is Esther Goldman, than Hensha Gansbourg, to her left is Mrs Klein (I don’t know her first name – they lived on Montgomery St)

  • 2. Long Time CHtsr wrote:

    Reb Tema Gurary,Mrs Nemes,Mrs Roitblat,Hensha Gansburg,Esther Goldman, Shterna Shpritzer,Zisi Klien,Kraindy Klien,

  • 6. Out of Towner wrote:

    Mrs. Roitblatt a/h – Reb Elya Chaim’s a/h wife (small woman in glasses).

    Between Tema Gurary & Zelda Nemes (behind them) in glasses is Fagy Rapp.

    Who is woman in short dark sheitl next to Faygie, anyone know?

  • 7. Granddaughter wrote:

    In the center in back of Mrs klein, Mrs Devorah Steinmetz, head of bikur cholim.

  • 8. anonymous wrote:

    Woman in short black sheitel is Fraidle Goldshmid, a hebrew principal at Bais Rivkah High School

  • 9. Leizer Yitzhak wrote:

    Lady in front row right side is Mrs. Thelma Levy who was a friend of the Rebitzen ob’m.

  • 10. All the way in the back wrote:

    All the way in the back, left, against the wall, is Rebbetzin Bassie Garelik from Milan, Italy.


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