Batman A Karkafta!

While visiting a terminally ill girl from his community, Shliach in Coral Springs Rabbi Avraham Friedman encountered the fictional character batman in the flesh, who was also visiting terminal patients and raising their sprits. Turns out he was Jewish, and a Karkafta as well.

Describing the encounter as pure Hashgocha Protise [divine providence], Rabbi Friedman said he was visiting the 19 year old girl and member of his community, Danielle Chaya bas Avivah, in the oncology ward of the local hospital where she is battling Yeneh Machlah in her brain.

Also making rounds and cheering up patients was man dressed as the comic book hero batman. bumping into each other in Daniallas room the Rabbi reacted in surprise, to which the masked man said “Yes! I am a member of the tribe too!”

When the Rabbi asked ‘batman’ if he would like to put on Tefillin, much to the families delight he said yes. Being in costume and refusing to revel his true identity he could not take off the mask so they put on ‘Shel Yad’ the Teffilin of the arm only.

After reciting Shema and Tehillim together ‘batman’ informed the Rabbi that although he knew of Tefillin he had never put them on until now!

The public is requested to please say Tehillim for the refuah shlaima of Danielle Chaya bas Avivah.


  • Bruce Wayne

    His true identity is well known, not a sufficient reason not to put on the shel rosh tefillin.

  • NIce one Levi

    Hahaha, I couldn’t have put it better myself. Great delivery, Levi. It was a nice gesture by the shliach, though. Perhaps it will get him a few donations :).

  • Zvi Hershcovich

    And finally the world knew the identity of the man behind the mask, as Bruce Wayne removed his mask to don Shel Rosh.

  • Superman

    Maybe next he will dress up as Superman ,who most probably cant roll up his sleeves since it might disturb the whole cape situation.Then he can put on the shel rosh and complete the transaction and become “ois karkafta”.

  • mottty

    Per the alter rebbe shulchan aruch, you can put on shel rosh tefilin on top of a yarmulke or thin hat bshas hadchak

  • HaShem is the True Doctor

    Until Moshiach arrives we’re all terminally ill. The doctor’s job is to promote healing. Not to label people as beyond cure.