From Days Gone By: Beis Rivka, Mid 1980s

A classroom-full of girls study diligently in this 30-year-old photo from Beis Rivka, taken in the mid 1980s. Can you identify anyone in the photo?

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  • 1. Hey wrote:

    Katz – raskin
    Arms.. friedman-lazarusI
    Thatwho I recognize

  • 2. So cute wrote:

    Hey!! Thats my class. I still recognize most of the kids. First row: Altie Deitch, Sheva Muchnik, Gittel Mangel
    Second row: Manya Friedman, Nechama Dina Katz, Chani Junik, Malky Lowenstein
    3rd row: Nechama Dina Malka, Raizel Glick, Rivky Blau (i think)
    4th row: Rochel Andrusier, Teacher- Morah Gelernter- now Chein, Shula Deitch.
    What a great class they were. Look how nicely everyone is looking inside their sefer.
    I believe this was 1987.

    • 3. BR wrote:

      I’m 2 grades older than you and recognized a lot of these girls too!

  • 5. My class, wow! wrote:

    Teacher: miss Gelernter (Mrs Chein)
    I spy: Shevy Muchnik, ND Katz, Rivkie Blau, Rochel Andrusier, Manya Friedman, Gittel Mangel, Yehudis Heber, others not so clear.

  • 6. To #2 wrote:

    You sure it’s Malky Lowenstein? I think Yehudis Heber. Malky wasn’t in that class…

  • 7. Teacher writes.... wrote:

    Looking for rosie kogan in the pic. She sat right near all those girls. Maybe she was absent that day.
    What a great trip down memory lane.

  • 9. Wow!!!! wrote:

    My best teacher I ever had was mrs gelernter, she cared for all of her students.
    If only there were more teachers like that!

  • 12. To #6 wrote:

    Def not yehudis heber. I believe i taught her that year in the afternoon. Great student. Like the rest of her classmates. A bunch of cute, good kids. A class with a thirst for learning. The kind of class every teacher would beg for.
    Your Morah ❤️

  • 13. To Morah: wrote:

    Aha, no wonder I’m confused, didn’t realize you taught Hebrew also. I was in your English class. :) I actually noticed the siddurim in the picture and wondered about it.
    Wish there were more of these pictures.


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