From Days Gone By: Uncle Yossi on the Accordion

In honor of the second Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Yossi Goldstein, OBM – AKA ‘Uncle Yossi’ – which took place last week on the 25th of Adar, we present this vintage photograph of him playing the accordion at a children’s gathering in the 1950s.

Standing alongside him at the microphone is Rabbi Y.D. Groner, OBM, later to become the head Shliach of Australia.

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  • 1. Lag B'Omer rally 5716 wrote:

    lag B’Omer rally 5716
    April 29th 1956
    Prospect park
    Shumbee Agbag

  • 5. MORE PICTURES! wrote:

    1. Rabbi Yosef Goldstein and Rabbi Yitzchok Groner on a open truck playing music for the parade?

    2. The Rebbe came out to a צאתכם לשלום in front of the main door of 770, and seeing Rabbi Yosef Goldstein in the crowd, signaled to him (THE REBBE MADE THE MOTION OF AN ACCORDIAN WITH HIS HANDS) – (footnote: It was a common scene in 770 those days to fing RYG playing his accordian at events, therefore at this ocassion The Rebbe encuraged RYG to play his accordian). I think his brother Dovid rushed to the house to breing it to 770 then.


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