Picture of the Day: Can You Spot the Anomaly?

This scene on East New York near the corner of Kingston Ave. has one Crown Heights resident furious. Can you figure out why?

Answer: The resident was upset that his neighbors deliberately park in such a fashion as to deny others a space to park – just so that they can pull out of their parking spot with greater ease.


  • 4. john wrote:

    the house in the middle wanted to look like 770 but the architect got it wrong

  • 6. Simple wrote:

    Can’t find it.

    Perhaps I’m not an expert at looking for issues.

  • 9. BigMike wrote:

    Too much space between the cars parked on the eastbound side of road. Squeeze ’em closer together and you could fit one more car in that parking spot.

  • 10. Parkung Space! wrote:

    If they all parked better with others in mind, there would be another parking space!!

  • 11. ummmmm wrote:

    1 house taller than the rest.

    to #1 – there is one in the picture

  • 14. White building wrote:

    White house…..gates on the sides of the roof….. But none on the from of building!

  • 17. Tamar wrote:

    i gess someone saw very interesting in Zevale Salon. Cant even stop looking there????

  • 21. Furious wrote:

    whats making me furious is that im wasting time trying to figure out whats making other people furious…

  • 23. Cma wrote:

    Looks like reasonable parking to me. Even the black car just backed into the space available. There was no room for two anyway.

    Chill out mr photographer. Stop looking for trouble…

  • 24. NOT NICE wrote:

    Plenty time and money to make a bike lane, but not to fix all those potholes!

  • 25. HaNovi wrote:

    18. eliyahu wrote:
    “laundromat is out of business…” and the CH Resident that is furious is the woman who shlepped a cart full of dirty laundry in the rain … and will now have to shlep it someplace else … She’s asking the other person, “When did the Laundromat close???”

  • 29. Get rid of the bike lanes wrote:

    They made absolutely crazy “bike lanes” that are making people lose out on driving space.

  • 30. Chanie wrote:

    Notice that the cars are double parked in the main lane during alternate side, due to the bike lane.

  • 34. crazy new yorkers wrote:

    red van double parks when there is an open parking spot??

  • 35. Jonathan wrote:

    upset that his neighbor park in a way that is “according to law”!!!??? you are supposed to have space… NOT BUMP the other person bumper!… I think the upset resident is the Anomaly!

  • 36. Greenfield wrote:

    The pic of the two ladies has been reduced to make them look like ants, when they’d be better enlarged and put on display as models for tznius?

  • 40. Positivity! wrote:

    Well at least they have Ahavas Yisroel or whatever between themselves!!! They ALL are helping out each other!!! Nice!

  • 41. chassidism wrote:

    Thats what JEWS are all about. בשבילי נברא העולם

  • 42. Stop Whining wrote:

    there is a parking spot available on the other side of the street……

  • 46. In response to the answer... wrote:

    the goyim on my block deliberately park this way (from the apartment building) and then they come and move their car back or forward for their family or neighbors to park. They have been saving spots like this for years and it is really annoying to the rest of us.

  • 47. drivr wrote:

    bike lane. they are really not comfortable for the drivers.
    sometimes people dont know they’re parked and they just sit behind the parked car, waiting for it to move, till they realize its parked w/nobody in it.

  • 49. Logo wrote:

    A giant crownheights.info logo fell out of the sky and crushed his car.

  • 53. Chaim Tovim wrote:

    I see a beautiful bike lane. Other than that, ugly houses?

  • 55. Weres Yellow (waldo) wrote:

    I keep looking and looking I cant find the moshiach flag anywhere… what else can it be?

  • 57. I want a thumbs up button - please! wrote:

    Can you guys add the ability to thumbs up? I would so thumbs up comment number 1 right now…

  • 58. Color Pattern wrote:

    the cars on both sides of the street have the same color pattern

  • 60. eliyahu wrote:

    the white home has peaks similar to 770’s roof line…….picture takin from ezaqui old nemesis…………..613 e n y ave

  • 61. the answer? wrote:

    Regarding The Answer:
    Would you rather I compact my SUV into the space and when I leave, grind my steel bumper against your painted bumper?

    Plus, if you pull up to a long car, and that car leaves and a short car fills the spot, it will appear as if you left 6 feet in front of you when in fact, you did due diligence to park in a compact way.

    Unless this person is watching every parker, he/she needs to get a grip.

  • 62. Confused wrote:

    Looks like the cars are parked in the middle of the road and not near the sidewalk

  • 64. Dummy wrote:

    What a great thing to get mad about!

    As if every car does so intentionally… when there’s a spot you park, the next car moves – different size car takes it’s place… now it deliberate – and the world is out to get you… boo hoo… so sad.

  • 65. For Real wrote:

    I agree with 60, 62 and 63!! I’d be more furious if I’d just paid $80 for an oil change?@?#??$$??!!


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