Picture of the Day: Chabad in Uman

A Nusach Arizal minyan was held over Rosh Hashana in Uman, Ukraine for the handful of Chabad Chasidim who spent Rosh Hashana there.

Photos courtesy of Shturem.net

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  • 3. visionary wrote:

    maybe there is a place for braun in uman, after his disgusting remarks about the rebbes tkios, passeling the rebbes tkius,he knows better than the rebbe ,pick him up and thow him out.period

  • 5. I am Judgemental wrote:

    No Chabad Chossid goes to Uman

    Uman, Breslov comes to the Rebbe

    Embarressing that CH.info makes this the Picture of the day.

  • 6. Scratching Head wrote:

    “A Nusach Arizal minyan was held over Rosh Hashana in Uman, Ukraine for the handful of Chabad Chasidim who spent Rosh Hashana there.”

    Chabad Chassidim went online, bought tickets, plotted for days to make this trip? I could understad that Chabad Chassidim were traveling from Nevel to Liadi and got lost or were stuck in some rain storm, and had to spend RH in Uman.

    But plotted, bought tickets, to spend Rosh Hashanah in Uman? What frum Yetzer Harah possessed them?

    I could understand if R’ Yoel Kahn, or other Mashpiam went there to teach Chassidus to the masses. Uman? Why not go to Lakewood next year?

  • 9. meir bat ayin wrote:

    the fact is that chabad chevra ,bogomilsky and scheiner fed the entire uman crowd for the yom tov.
    the breslov chasdim in bat ayin are in awe!

  • 10. Mendoza wrote:

    Even. In the days right b4 yom kipper.
    There will be haters
    No change. Just a date change
    Some people never change
    Y don’t u haters get a life
    And live and let live
    Stop the hate
    If you call yr self. Chabad
    Follow the most importen word of the REBBA

  • 12. mendoza wrote:

    post`s 1 ——4
    you guys should send c h info a thank you card
    for posting this story about uman ,
    it gave u a opportunity to spew yr hate on other Jews
    just in time for yom kipur in case you had a shortage

  • 13. Sarah Nemon wrote:

    To # 3.
    Why not. There is Shluchim all over the world. Why it should be no Shliach for Rosh HaShana in Uman? It’s a HUGE kidush Hashem, that Dr. – Rabby Nemon is doing this for years already. Tons of Chabadnikim coming to experience Rosh HaShana in Uman, and by the way Lubavitcher Rebbe Approves of Travel to Uman to Rabbi Nachman. There is a video. Make a search.

  • 14. Chosid wrote:

    I spoke with a friend that was there. He said the minyan was not for Anash but for those that like to daven in our nusach. Almost no “card-carrying Lubavitchers” attended.

  • 15. 30,000 attendees wrote:

    A returning traveller (Breslover) from Uman told me that about 30,000 came to visit. This corresponds to the 30,000 Jews murdered in the pogrom.

    When I told him the story of the Rebbe wanting to be there as a help to the Neshamos buried, he said that the Rebbe probably did so to help his own Neshoma.

  • 17. The four questions wrote:

    If they are chabad why are they in uman? What did they loose that they expect to find there? What can uman offer that lubavitch cannot (offer a lubavitcher chosid)?

  • 18. Breslover/Friend of Lubavitch wrote:

    I was in Uman. Didn’t see many Lubavitchers in the streets. As a friendly outsider to Lubavitch, I don’t understand why some Chabadniks get so upset when Uman comes up. The idea that shluchim should be everywhere in the world that Jews need help except Uman seems absurd to me. Beyond that, I don’t really understand why it is big problem for a Lubavitcher to go to the kever of Rebbe Nachman. There are Jews and specifically chasidim of many backgrounds there. That is part of what makes it so special. It would be sad if all of Am Yisrael was present except Lubavitch.

  • 20. Have your cake and eat it too wrote:

    To 17:

    What’s the big deal going to Uman, anymore than going to the Kever of a loved one (parent,sibling, FRIEND, etc.)? After that, return and go to the Kevarim of Lubavitch.

    • 21. Milhouse wrote:

      It’s not going to a kever, it’s going to a rebbe, and in Lubavitch they were always makpid not to go to other rebbes, we have our own. “Pan to pan no nye moi.”

      That’s the reason not to go. But this is something different. There are thousands of Jews there every year, many of whom are not 100% observant, to say the least, and they need help. The Breslaver chassidim are there to be with their rebbe at this holy time, and not necessarily to help the nochshleppers who are there for the circus, so that’s where the Lubavitchers come in.

  • 22. to 21, Millhouse and all others wrote:

    Just wonder why, when a Lubab goes off the derech, we are not mochiach, we do not say a word to him/her and we call that Ahavas Yisroel. Yet, when a frum Lubab goes to Uman to search for some inspiration and a meaningful davening. you find something to criticize.

    Millhouse, you should apologize for calling this a “circus” While these people may look different than you, they all spent time, effort and money to be closer to Hashem in their own way.

    Yes, I am a Lubab and most definitely would daven in Uman than in an place where my colleges are constantly texting and staring at their I-phones in Shul (I’m sure you know the shul I am talking about)

    • 23. Milhouse wrote:

      Uman has become a circus. The Breslaver chassidim are there to spend yomtov with their rebbe, as he requested, and תבא עליהם ברכה. But what are all the other people there for? Some of them are there looking for something, they themselves don’t know what, and that’s why Lubavitchers are there to help them. Others are there for all sorts of other reasons that have little to do with the true purpose of the place, either for commercial reasons or because it’s become an event, an experience, something like Burning Man, lehavdil, and they turn it into a circus.


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