Picture of the Day: Anti-Terrorism Exercise

The NYPD conducted an Anti-Terrorism training exercise on the block of 770 Wednesday night.

Photo courtesy of 1BigCholent



  • 1. RIght!!! wrote:

    interesting training. all they did was sit in the car and talk with each other. i am sure they all shvitzed from such an intensive training.

  • 2. 1bigcholent wrote:

    Someone should have informed them that if they are looking for terrorist, then they are parked on the wrong side of the Parkway and that they should go across the street to 749 where they will find terrorist.

  • 3. declasse' intelelctual wrote:

    Another Bloomberg’s p. .r stunts to prove how great a mayor he is ; nothing accomplished except to occupy space

  • 4. to number 2 wrote:

    did you really have to post your garbage here? tisha beav just passed………….


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