Weekly Unique Picture of the Rebbe!

CrownHeights.info and the Avner Institute would like to present a newly released photo of the Rebbe entering a farbrengen in the winter of 1975. Special thanks to Rabbi Shlomo Friedman, member of Lubavitch Youth Organization and director of Yad L’Shliach, an organization dedicated to helping the Rebbe’s emissaries worldwide.

To learn more about this organization or to donate, visit: www.yadlshliach.org.

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  • 2. R-moshe wrote:

    is that Moshe kotlarsky 2 rows behind the Rebbe on the bleachers

  • 4. old timer wrote:

    Top row . . Eli Stolik, Obbie Schochat, Sholom Brochshtat. Blesofsky . Moti Shtern

    Next row Sosonkin, Vilshanski, …. gurevitch, Groner
    Next row Chatskel Kornfeld, Borenstein, Avrohom Shmuel levin, Blesofski Yisroel Deren Vilavovski, Shlomo Schwarts, Yochonon Gurary, David Zaklikovski,
    next row Berel Kahn, Chaim Ezra Tzfasman, Levi Wineberg, Moshe Kotlarski, Avrohom Eli Pinson, Volosov, Gurevitch (France) Y“Y Deitch (O”H) . Rosenfeld
    Next row Leizer Rivkin, Vileinkin, Fitzi Lipsker (O”H)Yosi Gansburg
    Bottom Row looking up Zirkind, Avrohom Wineberg


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