Oholei Torah Hosts Tzeischem L’sholom Event for Talmidei Ha’shluchim

As the Oholei Torah Bais Medrash year came to a close an annual Tzaischem L’Sholom and Mesibas Siyum was held for the Talmidei Hashluchim who will be going out on Shlichus in 5779. Many parents, family members and friends joined in their simcha.

HaRav Nachman Shapiro, the Mashpia Roshi and Menahel of Chassidus, MC’d the event.

It began with Dvar Malchus, a video presentation of the Rebbe speaking about Shlichus and “Your separation is painful” – קשה עלי פרידתכם.

HaRav Pinya Korf, Senior Mashpia led the crowd in saying the Rebbe’s kapital.

Rabbi Benny Zippel, Shliach to Utah and a parent, stressed to the bochurim that now that they are going on Shlichus, each one is a “company representative” and “held to higher standards”.

HaRav Hagaon R’ Yisroel Friedman, Rosh Yeshiva emphasized that you should always keep in mind that the Rebbe is always present wherever a bochur may be.

HaTamim Schneur Zalman Shapiro made a Siyum on Bava Kama and shared a hadran of the Rebbe, which is also connected to Shlichus.

HaTomim Lev Yakov Voskoboynik, whose parents flew in from California especially for this occasion, spoke about the long-term effect that Shluchim had in his life and that as Shluchim we need to realize that we don’t always see the results right away. We need to remember the tremendous Kochos that the Rebbe gives and entrusts us with.

HaRav Shmuel Lew, Shliach in London, England and a Zeida of an Oholei Torah graduate spoke about what a Tomim needs to do for his Hiskasrus to the Rebbe as his Meshaleach.

HaTomim, Menachem Mendel Joseph, spoke about how, although a bochur might not feel capable for the Shlichus, the Rebbe chose you because only you can do this Shlichus.

Rabbi Sholom Duchman, Chairman of Colel Chabad and an Oholei Torah parent, thanked the Hanhala and teachers and related several personal stories from the Rebbe of when he was sent on Shlichus to Eretz Yisroel. Rabbi Duchman himself is an Oholei Torah alumnus, being from the very first talmidim of the mossad.

HaRav Nachman Shapiro concluded by thanking HaRav Elchonon Lesches, the Menahel of the Raitport Bais Medrash, for his tireless work on behalf of the bochurim and their shlichus and he spoke about important Hora’os pertaining to Shlichus and to the Talmidai Hashluchim.

After the official ceremony the bochurim and their families celebrated with a spontaneous lively dance after which they sat down to farbreng with HaRav Shmuel Lew and Rabbi Yehuda Weg, Shliach to Tulsa, Oklahoma and a parent, together with Mashpiim, Rabbis Nachman Shapiro, Zalman Vilenkin and Yekusiel Feldman until the early hours of the morning.

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    I was there! Very nicely prepared! Thank you OT Zal! Continued hatzlacha begur


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