770’s Upstairs Gets New Ceilings

In a continuing effort to keep beautifying and maintaining the halls and hallways of 770 – the Lubavitch World Headquarters, a new project is underway to replace parts of the new and old acoustic ceilings in 770’s upstairs Shul.

This is another in a series of projects undertaken by Rabbi Chaim Boruch Halberstam, who was personally appointed by the Rebbe to the Vaad Bedek Habayis, charged with maintaining and improving the Shul.

In years past Rabbi Halberstam saw to the replacement of a damaged door and refurbishing of all the moldings, and more recently the replacement of the tables and benches in the large Zal.

Speaking to CrownHeights.info, he said that the ceiling tiles have begun to show their age, some sustaining water damage, and others simply collecting dust and dirt over years and no longer showing their original white color.

Also, an upgrade to the cooling system was necessary, and this was a great opportunity to do both, he said.

Hidden inside the old ceiling were speakers that were used to amplify Sichos of the Rebbe into the upstairs spaces and allow the overflow crowd of Chassidim to listen, as well as other evidence of the age of the building.


  • Anonymous

    Is R shloima Cunin going to take this old ceiling back 2 LA ?

  • wrong

    they are replacing ac ductwork. therefore the celing was removed.

  • memories

    these photos bring back so many childhood wonderful memories… the days when we would rush to stand outside the Rebbe’s room just to get yet another look at the Rebbe.
    It’s good to see that some credit is being given to Reb Chaim Baruch Halberstam.
    He has contributed so much – He was the first clean and decent (although somewhat small) take out on kingston avenue.
    He was the one that had the wisdom to record all the videos that we all benefit from now. He was the one that initiated and maintained the farbreingen hookups thus enabling so many to benefit from our Rebbe’s incredible farbreingens. He was the first to set up something decent / presentable at the Ohel…
    the list goes on. I think it’s time people realize how much we owe this man.
    just someone that likes to give credit where credit is due.