Op-Ed: Mandating Vaccines At Lubavitch Seminaries, Insanity

by A concerned Lubavitcher

The current vaccine policy of many of our schools and seminaries is insanity; and unacceptable

Lately I have been watching with growing horror as many of our own educational schools and Rabbis have pushed for the vaccine to be mandatory in our schools and camps.

I have sadly watched as young girls who are perfectly healthy, many of them with natural immunity and having recovered from covid, agonize together with their parents over whether it is worth it to take the vaccine or otherwise miss seminary.

The numbers and data are coming in and it is not simple at all. The are more side effects and deaths recorded from the vaccine itself for young people than from covid.

Some facts are important to realize
1. There are more recorded deaths amd side effects uploaded to the VAERS website (run by the CDC) than all 60 other vaccines combined in the last thirty years.

2. The long term protection from the vaccine is unknown and is changing by the minute. In Pirkei Avos it says ” הוי מתונים בדין”, be deliberate in judgement. This is a brand new technology that does not work like a regular vaccine and new data is coming out daily. On Friday the Israeli government started a push to give all 1.5 million of their citizens over 60 a third shot in 8 days. This is obviously because the the protection from the first two shots is rapidly disappearing.

3. The CDC has just acknowledged that people who are vaccinated can spread the virus just like someone who is unvaccinated. In other words even if the vaccine protects you (for now) from serious illness it won’t protect you from being being a spreader. On the contrary, you will probably spread it more because, 1 a vaccinated person thinks that they are protected and can’t get sick which is turning out not to be true and 2 they possibly display less symptoms.

Because of the abovementioned points and being that we now understand so much more about covid and that it is not generally a danger to younger people, those that want to get vaccinated, by all means do so!!! Those who do not, should not have to!!!

The teachers can protect themselves by vaccinating if they would like to!!

It is not too late for the hanholo to change their hasty, rash, and irresponsible policy.
If Chas Vesholom someone suffers from thrombosis or arrhythmia, a heart attack, or a stroke because of your policy and suffers from it for the rest of their life, are you the hanholo willing to take responsibility!!!

The parents should get together and say that this stops today. You are playing with our kids health and it is unacceptable!!!

The policy has to change!!

May we be zoche to have Moshiach speedily and swiftly!!!

One Comment

  • Devorah

    I live in Israel, and these seminaries are just for the money. They are a disaster when it comes to these vaccines as they are blinded by money and the threats of the government regime here.

    I host their girls and can tell you first hand that these girls don’t even care not coming back after pesach if it means they need to get a 3rd booster! GOOD FOR THESE GIRLS FOR SEEING THE TRUTH!