The Rebbe on that fateful day shortly before going to the Ohel, as Rabbi Yehudah Krinsky stands beside him.

Op-Ed: Will it Just Remain a Dream?

Today is Chof Zayin Adar, and I’m not sure what to make out of it.

It’s been 26 long years, years of hope, belief, and anguish. Who would believe, that we would ever mark a 26th ‘anniversary’ of Chof Zayin Adar.

On that faithful Monday, we were sure it would be a matter of days if not weeks, that the Rebbe will be Gezunt and take us out of Golus. Yet, who would believe that our dream would be delayed for years, and yes, even decades.

11 months prior to the Rebbe’s stroke, the Rebbe empowered us to do all we can to bring this Golus to an end. Since that Sicha, there hasn’t been a single idea which was left undone.

Whether it was partaking in huge Kinusim, learning about Moshiach, or increasing in Hafotzas Hamayonos. In the years following Chof Zayin Adar we tried everything. And now, it’s 26 later.

Rebbe, look at your Chassidim, over the last 26 years, Lubavitch and it’s activities have reached previously unthinkable boundaries. Just take the past few weeks as an example, Davening with 2,500 CTeens in 770, and having 2000 children completing a Sefer Hamitzvos Chidon, this wasn’t even a dream before Gimmel Tammuz.

Yes, we are doing all we can. But what’s life without these children seeing their Rebbe. What’s life when it sometimes feels that you are something of the past, Chas V’sholom. Why can’t our children witnesses the same Giluyim as we did. Will it always just remain a dream?..

Yes, we know that in truth Golus is the dream. But how much longer can your Chassidim dream? We are so eagerly awaiting that day, when we will awake to the news of your Hisgalus, when we will finally wake up from that dream of Golus.

עד מתי, עד מתי, עד מתי?!


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    Every man should view himself as equally balanced: half good and half evil. Likewise, he should see the entire world as half good half evil… So that with a single good deed he will tip the scales for himself, and for the entire world, to the side of good.

    – Maimonides (Mishneh Torah, Laws of Repentance 3:4).

  • Beautiful words

    I remember zayn Adar… we were in total shock. We thought, it will be like the Rebbe’s heart attack, he will fully recover and be back at 770 in no time. But it was not to be. The following two years were a nightmare, bot a dream, and nearly 24 years later, we are still in the middle of it, waiting to wake up.

    Who is the lady in the photo? She is familiar but I can’t recall her name. What a huge zchus for her.