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Op-Ed: Why Jews Should Vote for Ted Cruz

New Yorkers will head to the polls this Tuesday to pick their favored presidential candidate to represent their party in the national election. Crown Heights resident David Shor makes a compelling case for which candidate he believes deserves the Orthodox-Jewish vote – Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

The Election of Our Lifetime
by David Shor

President Obama will be leaving the White House in just a few months, but his legacy may stay. We were told that Obama would be an “historic president”, and he clearly was. Cost of living went up, wages went down, and the world more dangerous and unstable than before. Whether it is healthcare costs, the delegitimization efforts against Israel, or the terror reigning across it, a President Hillary would be no solution. Hillary and Obama are ‘one’.

Donald Trump says that if he were nominee, “states which were never in play before, would be now.” That’s true, only in reverse. States which have always been solidly republican would become battleground states. In no national poll does Trump beat Hillary, and in the Real Clear Politics average of polls, Hillary actually leads Trump by double digits. So even if you like Donald Trump, and you think he’s your best choice, his chance of getting to the White House is nil.  But with Ted Cruz, Hillary is in a dead heat nationally, and states like Pennsylvania would be winnable for Republicans again.

But why even want Trump?

  • Israel:

In 2013, when John Kerry’s nomination for secretary of State was brought up for a vote in the senate, Senator Cruz was only one of three senators to have the judgment, foresight, and fortitude, to vote against the nomination. Rewind to 2004, when John Kerry was the Democrat Nominee, Kerry wanted none other than Donald Trump to be his Middle East Peace Envoy. Yes, Kerry wanted Trump to be his man pressuring Israel. Trump has stated that he would be “neutral,” and that Israel would need to concede even more.

When interviewed by the New York Times on foreign policy, Trump was flummoxed by the question of whether he supports the “two state” or “one state” solution. Trump went off on a tangent on an unrelated topic, and abruptly ended the phone call. Senator Cruz has been very clear, unlike Obama, Kerry, and Hillary; he would not prescribe or pressure Israel into any settlement formula. Senator Cruz would treat the matter as an internal Israeli issue for the Israeli leaders, and not Washington or the UN to decide. Israeli “settlements” would be perfectly fine, and ‘daylight’ no more.

  • Iran Deal:

When the Iran Deal was being debated in Washington, there was no fiercer opponent than Senator Cruz. Senator Cruz was adamant that the deal could, and under his leadership would – be reversed. “On day one I will tear this deal to shreds” is something Senator Cruz often says. Donald Trump on the other hand, despite being brash on all else, on this he has chosen to say that he will “police” the deal, meaning he’d preserve it.

Despite it being nine months since the Iran Deal was finalized, we have yet to see major business deals follow. The reason per European diplomats is “Ted Cruz.” Foreign businesses are especially fearful of a Ted Cruz presidency. They know Ted means what he says, and the Iran Deal would indeed be nullified on day one of his presidency.

Meanwhile, reacting to illegal Iranian ballistic missile launches, Trump was troubled by the fact that Iran is buying their missile technology from Russia and not the USA. Essentially, Trump would crazily like to trade with Iran, not only peaceful products, but even prohibited military offensive hardware and technology. Yet again, Donald and Ted could be no further apart.

  • Obamacare, Jobs, & Taxes:

We all want Obamacare repealed, but replacing it with socialized medicine – as Trump proposed, would be no improvement at all. We all want manufacturing jobs back in the states, but levying a tariff on products made in china will achieve only one of two things; higher prices for the American consumer, or killing those jobs altogether. American jobs left for a reason, and unless we fix the taxation and regulations behind their exodus, they don’t return. Senator Cruz will replace Obamacare with free market solutions, and will overhaul the tax and regulatory systems so that businesses ‘want’ to return, and can thrive here again.

  • Private Schooling:

Jewish families are burdened by the cost of Yeshiva schooling, and Senator Cruz understands the unfairness of it. Senator Cruz so often proclaims how “School choice is the civil rights issue of the 21st century.” With the approval of congress, Yeshiva tuition under Senator Cruz’s plan would be credited on every parent’s tax return. That would help parents, schools, and education as a whole.

Whether domestic or foreign policy, only one candidate truly understands what’s at stake, and how to go about it. Whether it’s Israel’s territorial sovereignty, or Iran’s revolutionary posture, Ted Cruz understands, and stands with our interests.

Come April 19th, remember what’s at stake, and don’t stay “neutral.” A vote for anyone besides Senator Cruz is a vote for Hillary Clinton and the Obama legacy. The choice is now, we either nominate Senator Cruz, or Obama’s legacy is here to stay. Regardless of the statewide results, each of our congressional districts will choose three unique delegates. Friends, choose wisely, choose Cruz!



  • 1. 2nd best wrote:

    I think Bernie is by far the best option, and Cruz is the second best.

    Also, Bernie is best for the US, and Cruz is best for Israel.

    Hilary is useless, and Trump is dangerous.

  • 4. I agree but have a question : wrote:

    If you are a registered Democrat in NY, does that mean you are not allowed to vote in the Republican primary here ?
    And why doesn’t our community ever have a voter registration drive ? It’s still not too late to register all of the students who are home for Pesach so that they can vote with absentee ballots in the coming November election. But someone has to roll up their sleeves and organize this ASAP. Every vote counts.

    • 5. Chaim H. wrote:

      In a place where there are no men, strive to be a man.
      Pirkei Avot 2:5

      As far as I know there is no person by the name ‘SOMEONE’, who is going to do this, that, or the other thing.

      You can start this voter registration drive by making sure your father, mother, brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces are registered and willing (excited) to vote. One person at a time.

      After you attempt the above, you will understand that it’s a big job and not an easy one. This can only be done with a good aggressive (in a good way) organization.*
      *to have organization you need, office space…data collection…and of course money!

    • 6. Resident wrote:

      It’s my understanding that you are correct and the primary election is closed, meaning you can only vote for the candidates in your registered party.

    • 7. Milhouse wrote:

      Yes, of course only Republicans can vote on whom the Republican party should nominate and what its policies should be. I don’t understand why any party would allow non-members to tell it what it should do.

  • 8. To # 1 wrote:

    Please explain why you think that “Bernie is by far the best option.” I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but what in the world is your opinion based on ??

    • 9. Resident wrote:

      To #5, I implore you to look at the numbers. You can Google Mr. Sanders’ tax plans and see that rates will not go up for anyone who makes under $250,000! Then, rates go up slightly. The largest tax hike is for people who make $10,000,000 per year, and that’s an increase of 13%. Who among us makes $10,000,000 per year!

      Further, we all know that Obamacare is flawed but we DO need healthcare. Yes, administration of government programs is tiresome and frustrating locally, but it’s not that way everywhere. I have lived in places where it is efficient and easy to go to the DMV, social security office, etc., better than going to a private business. Those kinds of complaints need addressing at the state and local level. We can and should overhaul our local electorate.

    • 10. My two cents wrote:

      Mr. Resident,
      The ones who make 250,000+ are the ones who subsidize out children’s education so we can pay 2500-4500 per child instead of 7500-12,000 per child. So if sanders wins, bye bye yeshiva and hello public school unless you are willing to cough up what used to be subsidized by the evil rich donating to our scholarship funds. And bye bye RCCS, Chai Lifeline, Bonei Olam etc. etc. as they rely to the 95th percentile (of their charitable revenue) on people making above 250k. When sanders picks their pockets it impacts YOU! Especially a frum Jew who our entire infrastructure is philanthropy based.

  • 12. Yossi A. wrote:

    Most Yidden are registered Democrats.
    They won’t be able to vote for Cruz in the primaries. You can’t vote for him unless he’s the Republican nominee. Then you can vote for him in November.

  • 13. My two cents wrote:

    I used to be a bigger Cruz fan. But he became a proxy if Repub establishment. He has zero percent chance to score anywhere near half the delegates.

    If you think that in open convention in round two of voting (think RNC home court advantage) the establishment will let Cruz take it, then you need to have your head examined.

    Whether you like Trump or not he is the one with a chance to end the RNC cartel. If Cruz is the real deal, he will benefit from trump presidency (or should I say the RNC downfall?).

    Btw, just one food for thought that speaks to Trump’s character (yes I know he has weakness with marital…), when his campaign staffer Cory Lewandowski was accused of Assault (a ridiculous perversion of what true assault victims undergo), Trump stood by his staffer. 99.9% of people in that situation throw their employees under the bus especially when they become a significant PR liability, especially when you’re talking a presidential campaign. The loyalty that he exhibited is very encouraging that Trump will continue being a friend to the Jewish community (think Jewish children and grandchildren).

    What you said about israel is in my opinion his counterbalance to his bold anti Islamist stance. As to not be seen as anti Islamic, he is saying he would try to achieve peace in Israel with the Arabs and act as unbiased third party to mediate as to not hinder it. My own opinion is that it’s pure lip service so the Islamic community can’t label him as 100% anti Islam.

    Ultimately, Israel has to be pro Israel and elect a Prime minister that doesn’t throw Jews out of their homes (think Ulpana, yes thrown out by traitorous Bibi). So you can elect the writer of this op-ed to POTUS and it wouldn’t matter if Israel is governed by traitorous leaders of Bibi’s ilk.

    Regardless, it shouldn’t be a major divisive issue because Lubavitchers aren’t determining the outcome of election so main thing is to get along regardless with our fellow man

    • 14. Trump wrote:

      Your sence is worth far more then dollars can buy.

      Loyalty. Ethics. Sholom bein Adam lachaveiro. These proven traits are worth far more than words can promise.


    • 15. Milhouse wrote:

      Please. The muiltiple recordings all prove that Lewandowski is 100% guilty. That Trump stood by him just shows what a beheima he is; when you are the victim you will sing a different tune.,

      Your appeal to emotion “(a ridiculous perversion of what true assault victims undergo)” is pathetic. Assault means anything that makes someone fear imminent harm. Anyone who has had someone swing a fist at them is an assault victim, and so is Michelle Fields.

      And yes, if it goes to a second or third ballot Cruz has a very good chance of winning, because he has been getting is supporters elected as delegates, even if they have to vote for Trump on the first ballot.

      As for this “RNC cartel” you rant about, who do you think the Republican Party is? There is no “cartel”, just the people who make up the party, who put themselves into every election, making calls, knocking on doors, donating money, etc. Who else deserves to decide what the party does?

      Finally, Lubavitchers can have a significant impact in this primary. Each congressional district elects three delegates, no matter how many Republicans it has. That means a vote here is worth more than 10 times as much as a vote in a heavily Republican area. In 2012, fewer than 3200 Republicans voted in the CD-9 primary; if the same holds true this year, then 640 votes will be enough for a delegate, and 1600 votes will be enough for all three delegates. If every Lubavitcher who is registered as a Republican votes for Cruz, we can get him at least one and perhaps even three.

    • 16. K wrote:

      A person is guilty in law only when found guilty by a court of law – not by members of the public watching videos. Until found guilty by a court of law, he is by law presumed to be and therefore factually innocent.

      It would be UNCONSTITUTIONAL and UNAMERICAN to treat a person as Guilty until proven innocent.

      It would be unlawful to treat him as a criminal merely because he was charged with an alleged offense based on Reasonable Probable Grounds that an offense was committed in the subjective view of the arresting officer.

      Indeed the Human Rights Code forbids discriminating against him regarding employment simply based on the criminal charge!

      . There are multiple defenses to justify an assault and battery, among them self-defence and preempting by feeling threatened, also to protect another from a perceived threat.

      Some or all of these applied in this case.

      Indeed, there is a valid reason why the criminal charges did not stick.

      In any event, videos (even “multiple” videos) do not make a person into a criminal – only a disposition of guilt in a court of law does.

  • 19. Yasher Koach wrote:

    This is a very important article. Thank you for writing such a clear case for Ted Cruz and now let’s hope that eligible people will vote for him. Every vote counts!

  • 20. @ 2nd best wrote:

    Bernie really??!??!?!!
    the only thing you can say is that he has integrity as in he means what he says(that’s why he’s better than Hillary and Donald). but so does Cruz.
    with Bernie are you prepared to give all your money (OK only 90 percent if he had it his way) to the government so that they can give it back to you (and others who don’t work) in the form of bad service?
    when was the last time you saw a government run program/business that was quick efficient and high quality? tell me was it the DMV/RMV (with long lines) or was it the post office which is losing money. maybe it’s social security that’s going bankrupt?
    vote Cruz!!! and it’s not even close!
    imagine Israel could do what they needed to do in terms of self defense.
    imagine your tax money which you paid for public school can go to the school you actually go to.
    imagine you filled out your taxes on a postcard saving you time and money by not having to deal with an accountant. oh and only a 10 percent federal tax for regular people and 16 percent for businesses.
    imagine a president who actually stands for religious freedom.
    imagine a president who fights for free speech
    imagine a president who fights for the 2nd amendment (gun rights). keep in mind taking them from law abiding citizens doesn’t stop criminals from getting them but arming law abiding citizens makes it not worth the criminals time to be a criminal.
    I can keep going if you want but I’ll leave it at that.
    VOTE CRUZ!!!

    • 21. Anonymous wrote:

      Awesome response to @secondbest. Cruz has 559 delegates and picking up steam…. He will be imy”h the nominee on the second ballot. Vote Cruz help save our religious liberty and frumkeit. Keep our bathrooms gender specific, Our shchittah laws intact, and our millah process up to us. End the tyranny of the left. Vote for the proven fighter of religious freedom. TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT. ( YEM )

  • 22. Yoilie wrote:

    The Satmar Rebbe SHlita said to vote for Hillery. I know that means voting in a nekayveh for prez but that is the psak.

    • 23. My two cents wrote:

      Satmar Rebbe is a manhig of a kehilla. The satmar kehilla to be specific. His guidance was to his own flock. Not a psak in halocho to klal yisroel. There is no hilchos politics.

      In my opinion it also belittles the satmar rebbe to get involved. I have great respect for the satmar moisdos’s accomplishments, but why would he get involved in politics? The [Lubavitcher] Rebbe never told Chassidim who to vote for. He was a spiritual guide not a political operative or analyst.

    • 24. Shmuli wrote:

      Every yochid counts…

      בפרט שצריך לכלל
      ובכלל — שצריך לפרט

      לא לבחור על עצמו יצא
      אלא לבחור על הכלל כולו יצא

      והרי גזירה שווה היא

  • 26. woow wrote:

    Bernie is jewish

    love a jew as yourself
    now you rationalize how is better to vote a non jew
    Yetzer ara , you don’t realize?
    vote for Bernie!
    get out of mitzrayim,

  • 29. Resident wrote:

    You gave a very thoughtful response. I implore all who read this to look closely at the numbers.

    Here is a calculator which will show you the difference in cost in health experience you’d experience if Bernie Sanders’ plans went into full effect:;0

    Also, income tax levels would stay the same for all those making under $250,000 per year. Small, two to four percent increases for those making more, with the greatest increase (about 13%) for those making more than $10,000,000 per year.

    Of course, Mr. Sanders can’t do it all alone. He’d need the help of Congress and Senate, which have stagnated under a Republican majority for years. However, Mr. Sanders became the “Amendment King” and forged many unlikely alliances to get things done for citizens during his time in Congress and Senate. You’ll find that even the staunchest Republicans have made comments in support of Mr. Sanders as an honest, forthright, principled person.

    It is a sad fact that Mr. Cruz has not been able to forge many significant alliances during his time in government, business, or school.

    Lastly, I urge you to consider that local and even state administration of government programs is poorer than average. I have lived in another state and did have very nice, convenient, friendly government service! It is possible. We must clean up our area and state politicians.

  • 30. Resident wrote:

    2nd best, I agree with you that Mr. Sanders is the best choice. He may be an imperfect man with imperfect plans, but he is no liar. Even his staunchest political opponents — save Clinton –agree.

    After being following and being involved in politics for some years, I have come to the sad conclusion that many politicians will misrepresent their positions and values and overstate their abilities to take advantage. That is no surprise, of course. The sad surprise is that they are specifically targeting the most conscientious, principled voters, people who will do their duty to come out and vote for what they believe in each and every time. They laugh their way to the bank. Some people have had marriages merely for political purposes, for trickery, so they can appear wholesome and good, like the voters they want to attract! This is why I have become very wary of voting for officials based on a “family values” basis.

  • 31. Uncle Mendel wrote:

    Donald Trump gets my vote. Everyone tells me that he voices their too afraid to say out loud feelings. Cruz will just extend the do nothing pointless administrations.
    And do you really believe he can beat Clinton?

    • 32. Chaim H. wrote:

      what are the chances Mendel that your a registered Democrat and can’t vote come Tuesday?

      Be very honest!

    • 33. Yasher Koach wrote:

      Yes, Uncle Mendel, I believe Cruz can beat Hillary. In the article, he cites that Hillary crushes Trump in all national polls but Cruz is tied with her. So vote for Cruz if you want a chance to defeat Hillary.

  • 34. Andrea Schonberger wrote:

    Cruz is a Dominionist. Why would any Jew vote for a Dominionist?

    • 35. Chaim H. wrote:

      So? Are you afraid that what he wants will come to fruition? What exactly are your concerns and worries?

      Since when have we put a religious test onto people running for office?

      How easy would it be to write on a Jew running for office…
      Menachem is a Hasidic Jew (with “extreme views”). Why would any gentile vote for a Hasidic Jew?

      Thank G-d almighty we have the rule of law and the constitution, otherwise bigots like you would rule with your ill feelings.

      Stop repeating left wing liberal propaganda!

      Lastly, for the record: Cruz identifies as Southern Baptist.

    • 37. Milhouse wrote:

      No, he is not. Why are you lying about him? He is the only candidate standing who actually believes in the US constitution.

      But even if he were one, why should we object? What exactly is wrong with Dominionism that should make a Jew not vote for someone who believes in it? In what way would Jews suffer from such a president?

  • 40. Anyone care about what the Rebbe says? wrote:

    As far as I know, the Rebbe always said one must listen to the local PAC.

    If you ask the local PAC, any Yid living in Crown Heights should be a registered Democrat. As such, voting for Cruz (or Trump) in the primaries is simply not an option!

  • 42. Emese chabadnik wrote:

    I love the Bernie trolling!

    Trump lolam voed!

    I love when someone thinks they understand politics, and writes these האק א טשייניק op-eds.

  • 43. Emese chabadnik wrote:

    The Op-Ed should look more like that being that we are all registerd democrats, who to vote for (hillary or ernie) that will make it easier for the Trump or Cruz to beat.
    With that said We know that the anti semtic reform jews wont vote for a cruz-trump, but those simple jews who are on the fence and you scare them with saying holocaust blabber and they will probably vote hillary, where as bernie said openly he does not like isreal. So in my opinion go vote for bernie tuesday. Straight out of the democrat playbook.

  • 44. Emese chabadnik wrote:

    Also shows much the write understands in politics, as the only registerd republican here in CH is raitport, who in my opinion was egged on by people who’s interest was to take away jewish vote from the other democrat that which the yidden would have probably voted for and tip the scale in her favor.

  • 45. JEWS FOR CRUZ 2016 wrote:

    If you look on the polls, Cruz is beating Clinton by double digits. Cruz is the only one that has a chance against any democrat/communist!!!!!

  • 46. more from the author of @ 2nd best wrote:

    @resident look at Cruz’s record he has actually been fighting for these things already check it out.

    @uncle Mendel
    the do nothing that Cruz will be doing is getting the federal government out of your way so you can do what you need to make money without tons of regulations. and just about the only federal program that he would expand more than Obama is the military.

    @andrea he is not trying to convert Jews. not even close.

  • 48. to #1 wrote:

    i think you mean that trump is useless and hillary is dangerous
    or maybe they’re both dangerous
    cruz would be the best

  • 49. Trump Jr wrote:

    We Trumps can get fanatic for our original beleifs, we prevail through anything even identity confusion… I AM the real Mr. Trump! Or maby not, depending on the day’s protein levels in the water here in FL…

    Yes my pisk can get fanatic, without a disciplined superego, But I still know how to put aside My Ego to make room for another person who may do better then me (assuming I’m the other person..?)

    I therefore decided my vote will go for Cruz, since he’s the only one bold enough to tackle our crippling tuition mageifah (the other promises are gibberish, leave it to our yong experts to lecture us, but I won’t buy into any of it).

    Not that I believe wel actually see results in this breif lifetime, but that approach sure is a step in the right direction.

    And not that any of them are a metzius, as in my reality they all don’t even exist. אנא נסיב מלכא.

  • 51. Agreed wrote:

    Yes we r voting for Cruz! We need someone good for the Yidden! Ty for the article!

  • 52. I will vote for Cruz for president wrote:

    Thanks for being the first Chabad website to discuss the most important primary election in our lifetime!
    Cruz is a profound friend and defender of the jewish people!
    See the below Video Minute 2.30 and on, to understand Cruz’s view on Israel:

  • 53. Both are awful wrote:

    Cruz’s only interest in Jews and Israel is that he believes a Jewish return to EY is necessary for Yoshke to come back. After that, he will be happy for Jews to burn in the lake of fire with all the other non-believers. He does not actually care about Jewish interests–Jews are nothing more than a tool to Ted Cruz to make his apocalyptic Xian dominionist belief system come true. Now, of course we know this won’t happen because its not Torah but you really want to cast your vote for someone who thinks like this about Yidden? It’s manipulative and deceitful.

    • 54. Milhouse wrote:

      Stop with the filthy lies. Not a word that you wrote about Cruz is true, and you know it very well. Cruz loves Jews for one simple reason: because the Torah says ואברכה מברכך ומקללך אאור. He believes this 100%, and he wants the brocho and not the klolo.

      Cruz loves Jews, but you hate Xians and love atheists. Why do you hate Xians? Sure, they believe in a false god, but at least they also believe in the Creator and the Torah. The Baal Shem Tov said a goy who believes, even in a false god, can be trusted, but one who has no fear of any god may kill you any time he feels like it.

  • 55. Moshe shlomo okposo wrote:

    In my opinion the am hakadosh the yiden (it’s not so respectful to call them Jews) should not vote for Cruze for obvious reasons but the fact that trumps great grandfather was Jewish it’s very not chashov to not vote for him

    • 56. Milhouse wrote:

      What obvious reasons? And since when does Trump have any Jewish yichus at all? All eight of his great-grandparents seem to have been goyim limehadrin min hamehadrin.

  • 57. trump fan wrote:

    just telling everyone that all that the media says about him is all not true the media hated Donald john trump
    when one of trumps workers grabbed onto someone to media went CRAZY and when Ted Cruz said i will abolish the IRS the media did not say a thing about it.
    PS. Ted Cruz is also good but i thing that Donald Trump will be a better president for America.

  • 58. trump fan wrote:

    also a reason why I vote Donald John Trump all of our enemies in the government don’t like trump because they are all the establishment and trump is anti establishment and they don’t want him to be president so that is why the government spreads false rumors about him.

    • 59. Chaim H. wrote:

      Boruch W. You’re on the defense, which is great. How good can your man be if you have to defend him all day?

  • 60. trump fan wrote:

    to jewish people who dont like Trump
    take a moment and think. do you want a president who has no track record of anything? like Ted Cruz, how has he proven to show firmness and leadership? and do you want to take a chance and let a man you never heard of before become president of the USA?

    and on the other hand Donald J Trump.
    he has turned a one million dollar inheritance into a 10 billion dollar Kingdom, he has hired around 30 thousands workers, he had to make huge decisions, like should I make this million dollar deal? should I fire this person? ETC.
    also he has went bankrupt 4 times and every time he went right back up.
    this just shows his experience, his toughness.
    if Putin comes to power Trump will take him down.
    if the Arabs threaten Israel he will fight for Israel,
    this is the man we want as our president.

    • 61. Anonymous wrote:

      Dear Trumpkin,
      You are dreaming if you think the Don is going after the man he admires, Putin or will defend Israel against the Arabs, when he is a self declared “neutral”. Hope you wake up from your daze.

    • 62. Milhouse wrote:

      Trump has achieved nothing. He is a con man pure and simple. He made his money by cheating people, not by creating anything of value. His inheritance was much more than $1M, in fact it was over $100M, and that’s in addition to millions his father gave him during his life, including an ILLEGAL $4M gift just when Trump needed it to pay his bondholders. Trump ended up having to pay a $30K fine for getting that illegal bailout from his father.

      In fact, if he had just taken all the money he got from his father and put it in an index fund he’d be richer than he is now. All his efforts have LOST him money, not gained it

    • 63. A trump fan wrote:

      You really have to be a liar or dumb as a doorknob to believe your own BS. Trump could have lived on a park bench and put all his money in index funds (refrain from touching any principal or dividends because that needs reinvestment) and been a few dollars richer. He chose siphoning off billions of dollars over the years to be living like a king in penthouses nicer than the Versailles, a private jumbo jet, an army of servants (or aides to be more PC), etc. and be a brilliant businessman to compensate for all the money being burnt due to his drunken sailor spending to live it up. Any heir who spends a fraction of what trump spent on himself would be in the poorhouse. It’s trump’s impressive business acumen that leads him to be in forbes list every year despite his fine taste for the finer things in life.

    • 64. Milhouse wrote:

      He’s a con man. Madoff also lived the good life, until he was caught. Your golden calf will also eventually end up convicted of fraud.

    • 65. A trump fan wrote:

      Changing the argument. A sign of defeat. So he’s not incompetent, but he is a con man. Ok.

    • 66. Milhouse wrote:

      He is incompetent at creating wealth. He makes money by ripping people off. Look at the “Trump University” fraud. He is going to have to testify in June, and whatever he says is likely to expose him to criminal liability.

  • 67. trump fan wrote:

    when trump does things that other candidates dont do, and you think is bad is doing a good thing. he is showing who he is he is showing what kind of president he will be not like Ted Cruz who pretends to act like a angel that is not who he is, i am sure he is just as vulgar as Trump. and can we trust someone who is not telling the truth about himself?

    • 68. Milhouse wrote:

      What makes you think Cruz is not exactly who he appears to be? Just because you have chosen to support a beheima doesn’t mean everyone else is one too. Cruz is a mentch and Trump is the very opposite. Trump is just a common bully, and like all bullies when he meets someone truly strong, like Putin, he folds like a cheap accordion.

  • 69. Ted Cruz wrote:

    Is the one candidate, Jew or Gentile, who repeatedly invokes Ha-Shem into every speech he makes. He begins by blessing the makom, he ends by blessing the K’lal. I saw him in person and was very inspired.

  • 70. Chabad for Bernie (NO MORE) wrote:

    I was the commenter who posted under “Chabad for Bernie”. I was serious about what I wrote, and I was planning to vote for Bernie in the primary.

    But after the Daily News interview, followed by his anti-Israel text which he delivered to AIPAC, and then his attack on Israel in the debate. Sorry Bernie, you didn’t just lose my vote but this may have cost you the election. (Jews are ten percent of the democratic voters in NY.)
    I agreed with Bernie’s social program and thought he would be pro-Israel but I was wrong.

    I am voting for Hillary in the primary and in the general election. If she reveals herself as being a tad anti-Semitic then I will I hope vote for Cruz. Trump is too insane.

  • 71. Amused Observer wrote:

    Shor start off his OpEd with “We were told that Obama would be an “historic president”, and he clearly was. Cost of living went up . . . ”

    Technically correct, perhaps, but inflation has been well under control during Obama’s administration, lower than under GW Bush (still not bad then) and far lower than under Reagan.

    Given Shor’s ignorance (or perhaps he’s willfully misleading those even more ignorant than he), is there any point reading further?

  • 72. Cruz is the man. wrote:

    Ted Cruz is the best candidate for us (Jews) for America and for Israel.
    Since most of us (frum) people are registered as Democrats we will not be able to vote in the Republican primaries, but come November we must vote for Cruz.
    Hillary and Bernie are both a disaster for USA and for the world (just look at what Obama’s weak policies did in the middle east).

  • 73. Crown Heightser wrote:

    What does this guy mean when he says the Rebbe said to vote for Clinton as a psak din?

    Did he get such such an answer in the Igros?

    Does that mean only for registered Democrats but not for Republicans?

    And what is this rubbish about a “nekayveh”?

    • 74. NK wrote:

      Read carefully what he wrote.

      He wrote “SATMAR” Rebbe, not our Rebbe.

      We are not bound to follow other Rebbe’s opinions.

    • 75. Bill Clinton wrote:

      Hey relax where’s your sense of humor! (No offese to any Grand Rabbi… )

  • 76. Borsalino wrote:

    Too late
    Final is
    Hillary vs Trump
    And we know already who wins
    Time to learn and prepare for Pesach
    And bring Moshiach

  • 77. Milhouse wrote:

    The video and audio recordings show that Lewandowski is 100% guilty of assault and battery, and by standing by him Trump showed himself to be of low character. He should have fired him immediately. It wasn’t the crime of the century, but it was a crime, and pretending that it wasn’t is disgusting. He doesn’t deserve prison time, but he does deserve a criminal conviction and a few hours of community service, and above all his victim deserves a public apology from both Lewandowski and Trump.

    • 78. K wrote:

      A person is guilty in law only when found guilty by a court of law – not by members of the public watching videos. Until found guilty by a court of law, he is by law presumed to be and therefore factually innocent.

      It would be UNCONSTITUTIONAL and UNAMERICAN to treat a person as Guilty until proven innocent.

      It would be unlawful to treat him as a criminal merely because he was charged with an alleged offense based on Reasonable Probable Grounds that an offense was committed in the subjective view of the arresting officer.

      Indeed the Human Rights Code forbids discriminating against him regarding employment simply based on the criminal charge!

      . There are multiple defenses to justify an assault and battery, among them self-defence and preempting by feeling threatened, also to protect another from a perceived threat.

      Some or all of these applied in this case.

      Indeed, there is a valid reason why the criminal charges did not stick.

      In any event, videos do not make a person into a criminal – only a disposition of guilt in a court of law does.

    • 80. K wrote:

      To be clear, daas Torah is to vote for Cruz.

      This was publicized in the Mishpacha magazine which has a very responsible and choshve proactive rabbinical board.

      The OU has been supportive of Clinton which led to the infamous kiss from Ms. Clinton to Rabbi Menachem Genack and the obvious pleasure he expressed from receiving this nishkeh derech chivuv.

      The Satmar Rebbe also is supportive of Clinton, maybe because he know how bad she is for Israel. I am sure Satmar will also get their neshika for seeking the downfall of Israel.

      Rabbonim in the Yeshivish world have consistently supported Cruz and so should all frum yidden.

    • 81. Milhouse wrote:

      K, A person is guilty when he commits a crime, whether or not he is ever caught, let alone whether he’s convicted. The presumption of innocence applies ONLY AT HIS TRIAL. The judge and jury must suspend their judgment and determine whether the prosecution’s case proves him guilty beyond reasonable doubt. This has no bearing on whether he is actually guilty. Even if he is acquitted, because the prosecution’s evidence was not sufficient to exclude reasonable doubt, that doesn’t change his actual guilt.

      Oh, and there is no “Human Rights Code” known to USA law.

    • 83. Chaim H. wrote:

      The Lewandowski case has nothing to do with Ted Cruz.

      This incident took place at a Trump event between Lewandowski and Ms. Fields. Cruz was nowhere in the area, he is not part of this discussion.

      “But but he gave his opinion on the matter”, a Trump supporter trying to pin Cruz to this might say.

      He gave his opinion because he was asked by reporters and he said exactly what I would say based on the video we all saw.

      Have in mind that the issue in that story is not just about the grabbing, it’s MORE about the lies that came out of the Trump camp regarding what did or did not happen.

      Again, Cruz has nothing to do with this. Inserting Cruz into this conversation is a distraction, it’s pure propaganda and a sign of desperation from Trump supporters (who have to be on the defense daily)

    • 84. Milhouse wrote:

      The Lewandowski scandal is relevant because it’s yet another good reason to vote for Cruz. If someone who worked for Cruz had done something like that he would have fired him.

    • 86. Milhouse wrote:

      Another lie. The Corker bill was the only possible way to stop the Iran deal. It required 0bama to submit any deal he made to Congress, and give its opponents two months to try to block it. Without the Corker bill 0bama could have just implemented the deal right away. As it is they came close to the numbers needed to block it (2/3 in each house), but unfortunately fell a few votes short in the senate, because not enough Democrats were willing to stand up to 0bama.

    • 87. To Milhouse wrote:

      You’re lying. Obama can say whatever he wishes and We can say it’s not binding. We have our constitution to back it up. The corker bill (as Levin pointed out, I’m sure you love that Cruz surrogate btw) gave a stamp of approval on Obama’s Iran deal insinuating that it needed 2/3 to render Obama’s treaty worthless when constitutionally it only requires 1/3 senate opposition to render it worthless. And if I’m lying, the Cruz hero Mark Levin is a big fat liar.

    • 88. Milhouse wrote:

      You keep showing your ignorance of the law.

      This was not a treaty, and therefore did not need the senate’s consent. 0bama had the power to make this deal without consulting anybody, and the only way to stop it was to make a law forbidding him from doing so. Since he would veto such a law, it would need 2/3 of each house to override the veto.

      Corker tried to put together 2/3 in both houses to ban the president from making any deal with Iran. But not enough Democrats came on board, so that could not pass. What 0bama agreed to, though, was what did pass, which was to delay any deal for 60 days, to give Congress time to try again to block it. The idea was that once the details were known, maybe there would be 2/3 to block it, and if not then nothing was lost.

      Unfortunately when the time came 0bama put extreme pressure on his Democrats to keep them from voting to block his deal, and the 2/3 was just not there, so after the 60 days were up he implemented it. This left us no better off than we would have been without the Corker bill, but also no worse off.

      In the end the president got his way because everything he promised in the deal is within his powers to do. He didn’t need anyone’s permission. However since it’s not a treaty but just a private deal between Mr 0bama and Iran, it will not be binding on the next president. Cruz has promised that if he becomes president he wll cancel it. Trump has already said he will not cancel it. That alone is a good reason to vote for Cruz.

    • 89. A trump fan wrote:

      So are you smarter than mark levin or was mark levin lying. Listen to this 110 second byte. Unless you wish to watch a much longer clip where he goes into it at greater length.

    • 90. Milhouse wrote:

      Levin is a blowhard. He has no idea what he’s talking about. He’s arguing that the Iran deal is a treaty and therefore needs the consent of 67 senators. That is exactly backwards: to become a treaty it would need the consent of 67 senators, and since it didn’t get that it’s not a treaty.

      He claims that if it were submitted to the senate as a treaty, and got fewer than 67 votes, that would kill it. That’s nonsense, and he knows it. A proposed treaty that gets 66 senate votes is exactly the same as one that gets no senate vote at all. In other words, if the senate had voted on it and defeated it, it would be in exactly the position it is now Not a treaty, just a private deal that 0bama chose to implement because he had the power to do so. The only way to kill it was to take away that power from 0bama, and that needed 2/3 in each house.

      The good news is that since it’s not a treaty the next president can ignore it

  • 92. Nina wrote:

    As an othorthodox Jew. And a Texan, CRUZ is an amazing senator and has been wonderful for us we cannot wait till hes in the white house. Vote for CRUZ. Burnie is anti-Isreal, and Clinton would be a disaster.

  • 93. A trump fan wrote:

    I know the Cruz fans have answers to the wazoo, but I will stick to my ‘girsa dyaankuso’ (what I learned in civics in elementary school) that to be President of the USA you must be American born (unless you are born on a US army base or the like). Hence, the Cruz purists conveniently dismiss their candidate’ slack of ‘purity’ (when convenient), because Cruz was born in Canada. So I will vote for the man who was born and bred American. Mr. Trump.

    • 94. Milhouse wrote:

      How is it nogeia to you whether he is eligible or not? Even if he’s ineligible, it won’t stop him being elected and being a good president. And eligible or not, once the electoral college votes, the vice president counts the votes, and he is inaugurated, he will be legally president. So even if your elementary school teacher was correct and all the legal experts who disagree are wrong, why should it stop you from voting for him?

  • 95. A Jew for cruz wrote:

    It is the utmost responsibility for every jew to vote for Cruz, its very scary to think of what would happen if he were to lose.

    • 96. What would happen... wrote:

      A prez who openly says up front that he would be “neutral” to Israel. Doesn’t sound like a friend or even someone pretending to be friends with Israel.

  • 97. wow! wrote:

    In Elementray school I was told “you can achieve everything if you put your mind to it, even become president”. It’s true! If a Canadian can become president, anyone can!

  • 98. TRUMP2016 wrote:

    Cruz cannot win against Hillary. TRUMP maybe can win Hillary. That is why me, my friends and my family are all voting !!!!!!!!!!TRUMP!!!!!!

  • 99. Trump fan wrote:

    ‘Politicians are all talk no action” Lyin Ted Cruz is a fraud. OnlyTrump!

  • 100. Chaim Hershkop wrote:

    I understand people not wanting to use their real names when it’s a sensitive subject (for example: a Crown Heights issue), but why hide behind a mask to discuss an issue like this, if you truly believe in what you are saying, if you truly believe in your candidate, use your real identity, don’t be a coward!!!

    Dear Trump fan,
    You love Trump because “he says it as it is and is not PC and doesn’t care what anybody thinks” etc…etc…bla bla bla. Yet you hid behind a fake name like a coward, so not Trump like.

    TedCruz 2016

    • 101. Levi wrote:

      Chaim, just have a look how rediculous matters roll off loose setting off impresive lava mines. It is about voting, afterall, (or is it?) so I could understand those who feel a need to vail the booth.

      And some are simply shy. I think that’s ok too, and sometimes its the silent who have the most valuable input.

      BTW if only we had more like you – lots of us here learn from thoughtful, encouraging leaders as yourself. keep it up!

      WeL talk after maariv

  • 102. what really matters wrote:

    Cruz is the best candidate for promotion of the 7 Noahide laws and Shleimus Haaretz. The other candidates promote immorality and want to give away eretz yisroel.

  • 103. @trump fans wrote:

    You have to be delusional to like Trump better than Cruz. And polls and show that Cruz does way better vs Hillary than Trump so you can’t even argue that.
    In other news Cruz is going to win the nomination on the 2nd or 3rd ballot like it or not because he’s just way more organized and it’s not even close.
    I know all the Trumpkins are going to come along now and say Cruz cheated or the RNC are trying to stop Trump but that’s simply not true these are the rules (#bankruptcy rules) and they’ve been like this for a long time. Abraham Lincoln won only after multiple ballots and he wasn’t the frontrunner check it out 1860. Trump is just not in this because he cares rather it’s just a publicity stunt that’s become personal.

    • 104. A trump fan wrote:

      First of all the polls are very suspect because they are run by leftists (primarily) who are known to use manipulative tactics (not to mention if you’re depending on 2nd ballot and trust the polls, then kasich is doing considerably better, so your argument works to promote Kasich, not Cruz).

      Cruz absolutely did steal delegates. In Georgia where trump won a district and they have Cruz the delegates, and numerous other examples. If it’s the “rules” then what if Cruz is nominee and wins vote in 45/50 states and then the electoral college decides to award presidency to Hillary anyways, would you say, well it’s the “rules” that electoral college selects president, so Hillary won fair and square?! (And, oh well, Cruz should have done a better job on the ground at electoral college). I’m sure you would.

      So the great qualities you see in Cruz is using clever tactics and technicalities to negate the will of the people?

    • 105. Milhouse wrote:

      The electoral college absolutely has the right to choose whomever it likes. The constitution says so. Who claims otherwise?

  • 107. Trump wrote:

    Public Disclaimer:

    I have no relation whatsoever with Mr. Trump, despite our common “real” names. Our nomenclature’s resonance is a pure derivative of entropy’s natural rate of coincidence, mamesh by hashgacha pratis. In fact, for the record, my full support stands by Mr Ted Cruz.

    TedCruze 2016!

  • 108. Who Cares? wrote:

    I think the debate will continue on way past both presidents have long expired, as with the alareming realism of a fictional CH Eiruv that doesn’t even exist. Cruz vs Anti Cruz, Trump vs Anti Trump , Chabad vs Niturey Karta, and gosh even pulling Borsalino into the vortex, I don’t recall such political upheaval, hidden aliences, and sucpicius loyalties ever since the invention of the Yellow Flag. Everybody calm down there’s still plenty of time till zman biur chametz go chill down hill take a walk ask yourself mah nishtanah forget the balanaganah do it manyanah peel bananah
    ESS gezunterheit

  • 109. Jew for Cruz wrote:

    That is why I’m voting for Sanders in the primary. As a long time resident of CH there has always been a push by our local askanim to register as a Democrat because that is the dominant party in our local NYC politics. That being the case, and the fact that I can’t and will not be voting in the Republican primary, therefore I’m voting for Sanders to weaken the chances of HiLIARly winning NY’s delegates and hopefully knocking her out of Democratic nomination. Sanders doesn’t stand a chance in a national contest against any republican candidate. I hope everyone else took or will take the same strategy into consideration. Yashar koach.


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