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Letter: Thank You MyShliach for Thinking of Us

While their wives were away attending the Kinus Hashluchos, Shluchim all over the country received a package of goodies at their doorstep, courtesy of MyShliach. One such Shliach, Rabbi Avrohom Brashevitzky of Doral, FL, wrote the following letter of appreciation:

The Gemara in tractate Shabbos states: “one who gives bread (food) to child must notify his mother.” It makes sense that mommies must know what their Kinderlach are eating. Parents always appreciate when something good is done for their child. Inspired by this adage, I feel compelled to write the following note.

Dearest Mommy, last week you went to New York for your first Kinus in a long time. Between having babies (Bli Ayin Hara) and because of your being such a great dedicated mom, you haven’t left us for quite a while. You always are on top of things, making sure we are well fed and taken care of.

We know that you were a little apprehensive; can / will Tatty take care of us well enough? Will the kids eat and go to sleep on time? Tatty reassured you. He promised you that “he’s got it.” You took the bait, you allowed yourself to be convinced!

Mommy, you left on Thursday. The miracle came on Friday! A big box arrived at our door. It was filled to the brim with lots of goodies. The stuff, besides tasting fantastic, was also “good for our health” (at least our psychological health). Understand that most of the ingredients are actually “natural” – after all, flour, sugar, water, and “natural flavors” all come from actual natural sources. No one ever grew a field of wheat in a lab. Sugar does come from the ground. Corn is what they make corn syrup from!

Mommy, we love your cooking! But that box provided us with such a great meal! We even had leftovers for several other meals! We did miss you, but our stomachs (and taste buds) didn’t know the difference! What a great idea the people who sent us the box had. We were well taken care of in your absence.

Thank you MyShliach for the wonderful gift you sent my kids for Shabbos. What a great way to make them feel special about being Dem Rebbin’s Kinder – Shluchim! Keep up the good work and thank all the donors in my name and on behalf of all my children.



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