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Op-Ed: Should Teachers Be Saying ‘Yechi’ with Students?

At a recent Chaddishe auspicious day, celebrated with a children’s rally at 770 with several schools participating, there was a teacher from one of the schools that delivered a captivating story to the assembled children. It was a tale from the days of the Baal Shem Tov.

The teacher described this poor Jew thrown into prison by the poretz for lacking the funds to cover rent. He relayed to the spellbound children; “The yid was in such great despair and so sad, he felt that nobody can help him, so he screamed to Hashem from the depths of his heart, “Yechi Adoneinu… leolam Voed!”

Today, dropping my three year old child off at school, I entered the classroom with my kid, and the children were in the midst of davening. Yechi was a very central part as it was sung with great vigor. I was astounded. He isn’t enrolled in a fringe school, rather one of the mainstream ones that has been around for decades.

Do schools have policies regarding yechi? If not, why don’t they?

Shouldn’t sensitive Hashkafos of this sort be left to the parents to instill in their children the values that they choose for their own children?

Isn’t the main thing to have achdus and maintain proper uniform Chabad ideals and avoid the issues of contention which cause pirud halevavos?

Is it the role of a school that serve a diverse parent body, to be an indoctrination ground for children from the moment they begin to develop?


  • Gut gefregt

    I was shocked when my son came home from pre school singing yechi! This is a topic that is a great debate in chabad and in crown heights and who gives the teachers the right to force it into my pure children?

    Let each school have a policy and you know what you are getting.

    • Yechi

      If you don’t want your kid to say yechi, send him to the ohel school, becouse in oholei Torah and Lubavitcher yeshiva, they all say yechi as the Rebbe wants!

    • no

      no he is saying leave it up to the parents to decide its not the teachers place to say or not.

      so in effect yes he is saying dont say yechi, if the parents want their kids to say yechi they will tell him to say after davening its not the teachers place.

    • Yechi Anachnu

      EVERYONE has the right to voice his opinion you lime to say yechi and he like to say potz ptzutz and all is good in the world that’s the beauty of democracy

    • Right to my own opinion

      Yechi Anachnu wrote:

      EVERYONE has the right to voice his opinion

      WELL…I also have a right to MY opinion, and MY opinion is that YOU don’t have a right to your opinion!

  • No

    Same idea like the Separation of Church and State.

    Some families don’t believe and in order to avoid controversy and divisions, don’t enforce it and if the parents feel that they need their children to have a daily dosage of Yechi, then they should do it at home

  • Yechi

    In my opinion all schools should say yechi, and I the child wants he doesn’t have to answer. Simple.

    • other

      Or perhaps heard of the word indoctrination? Perhaps the Jews for J should infiltrate our hood and proselytize our 3 year olds and just tell your children not to repeat their xtian mumbo jumbo.

    • CH

      As a child from a home that didn’t say Yechi I can tell you that growing up in Oholey Torah was really hard on me thanks to policies like what you mentioned. In a school like OT, a child not saying Yechi can be grounds for bullying and worse!

    • may hashem have mercy on u

      gmar chasima toiva!!!

      just don’t that a blessing to the Rebbe which the Rebbe himself ENCOURAGED is anything but good!!!

      we are in our own Moised even if u want to use the excuse that Fremde ppl might get turned off IT’S OUR SCHOOL WHERE OUR CHILDREN GO SO THERE IS NO-ONE GETTING TURNED OFF…


    When we say “Yechi Hamelech” we give Chayus to the Rebbe. We as his Chassidim, learning in the Rebbe’s school want to do just that.

    • no

      actually the rebbe says IN THAT SAME SICHA that ad mosai not only brings moshiach closer but also ADS CHAYUS TO THE REBBE, so they should be saying ad mosai.

      so please dont miss quote MY rebbe!!

    • Allah

      Yes, the Rebbe said we should say “yechi hamelech” but not the whole other nonsense.

      The Rebbe also said to say tzemach tzemach tzemach and ad mosai. Why don’t we say that?



    • Wow

      This line….

      “yechi has to be the central part of the day because this gives chayus to our father”

      Tells us everything we need to know about the issue. A galach could not have said it better.

  • GET A LIFE!!!

    My friend is married six years and struggling with infertility! Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin is sitting in jail! People are passing away r”l in tagic ways! So many are desperately looking for seemingly hopeless shidduchim! People are suffering from illness you should never know of! People can’t pay rent and put food on their table for this Yom Tov!! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!! Days before Yom Kippur and this is what you’re busy with!!! Get over it! Get a life! Do something productive to help deal with all the above issues!
    Hashem should bless you and your family with a good year!!

    • old timer

      well said. it is about time people stop blaming the “yechi” issue for everything. this commentator has finally given us the right perspective.
      Get a life, do mitzvos, and stop the machlokes.

    • So Who Are You

      and from now YOU do all of the above and this site will report the news and all will be fine


      And what are you doing to make this “terrible” world a better place?

      The subject being discussed above has been on my mine and many others I know.

    • Chaim

      Since so many terrible things are happening, I should never have an opinion about anything else.

    • Education

      And despite all these terrible things we still have to raise our children to be good Jews and Chassidim.

    • get a loaf

      because you have other problems doesn’t mean that my chinuch issues isn’t a problem.

      if i care about my kids chinuch and i disagree with yechi than it is as important as anything in the wide world.

      Gmar tov

  • Anonymous

    You must remove this picture immediately. Don’t you see how horribly similar it is to a horrific salute??

    • DaasTorah

      No, the Rebbe categorically denounced “Yechi” and told the chosiddim to never, ever say it.

  • Valid point

    It’s a issue I struggle with every day. Why the schools introduce kids to politics at such a young age.

    Most of my four year olds class knows that when the rebi says yech I we don’t answer because its not what we do at home.

    Today is a day for introspection and there is nothing wrong with having a conversation about some thing of this nature.

    Of course some people care very strongly that it should be said but look at the streets of crown heights and the lack of respect that the school forces parents to teach children at such a young age.

    From my part there are schools in crown heights opened to push the yechi agenda and anyone who cares so deeply should send their kids there.

    At the minimum, there should be separate classes and parents should be given a choice.

    It’s about time this should be addressed!

  • Milhouse

    “Yechi hamelech” is not controversial. “Admu”r Melech Hamoshiach” is, and the schools should not be doing this unless parents are informed when they enrol their children that this is the school policy.

    But quite beside all that, even in a school with an official policy of saying the full “yechi” nusach, the story of the rally is just bizarre. How is this teacher telling pure naïve children that someone in the Baal Shem Tov’s days said “yechi”?! He knows that’s a lie. And the children will eventually find out that it’s a lie, and then not believe anything else he told them!

    Even in the story it doesn’t make sense; if he’s calling out to Hashem for help, why is he saying “yechi”? He would be saying “Hashem help me!” Or, if he was a talmid of the Baal Shem Tov, he might have cried out “Oy, Rebbe”, or something similar. But why would this be an occasion to ask for chayus for the Baal Shem Tov, let alone to mention that (he hopes) the Baal Shem Tov will be Moshiach?


      If this Besht story happened this year, it would make perfect sense. After all some may believe the Besht is alive and well, so is the poritz and all the others in the story.

    • teenage californian


      are you sayng that there are lubavs that actully doubt the rebbe being moshiach?? from what i understand from sichos/poskim its pretty clear!

    • CH

      LOL reminds me of the coloring pages we used to recieve as kids that showed the Avos etc wearing Yechi Yarmulkas and Yechi signs on their homes

  • So not a yechi-nik

    Even so, I don’t see the point of this right before YK. Rather, it should be discussed before school starts and a policy should be put in place for each school. Take the article down, it’s just causing machloykes.


    Absolutely no yechi. Yechi/misichistim are avoda zora.

    If i want by children brainwashed with yechi i have the option of sending him or her to a meshichist school.
    I send my children to a chabad school, i expect them to bbe chabad.

    • So not a yechi-nik

      I have to agree, you put it clearly. Personally, I think Yechi is not authentic Chabad, but I’m not going to change their minds & they won’t change mine. So what is the point here except to stir up controversy?

  • i have told my son who goes

    to a cghabad school that if someone around him says yechi or uechi hamelech he should ask his teacher to please tell the child that he forgot his medication and nebeach the childs parents are sick

    why cant aguch make a policy and stand by it and if a school doesnt keep it they can be removed from tomchie temimim

    • Shimon Shak

      If you seriously tell your child to say that about other children and their parents YOU sir are the one that needs serious psychiatric and psycholOgical intervention. Teaching children to hate is just WRONG!!

    • Citizen Berel

      That is very smart and I am sure your son will grow up to be a well reasoning Talmid Chochom who weighs his words, because he will learn what from you he will ignore because it’s childish drivel.

      The answer to your question is that the tomcie temimim inc. includes very few of the Chabad schools generally.

      Indeed Tomchei Temimim has outlasted Tomchei Temimim inc.

      The moment aguch takes as hard a line as you on the issue and starts making fun of children or telling their children to make fun of other children is the moment that they cease to be an organization that is taken seriously and they are much smarter than you are smart.

  • revisionist history??

    what upsets me more about the above article is how the teacher says that in the times of the Baal Shem Tov a man in despair was saying yechi.

  • Bobe Maaseh

    How could a Rebbe make up a story that never happened to influence Tinoikes shel beis Rabon.
    The Rebbe was an Ish Emes – A truthful Rebbe, who would never condone something like this especially in public. When we learn the Rebbe’s Sichos then we give him Chayus. Yechi doesn’t give the Rebbe Chayus in Gan Eden.
    A G’mar Tov B’chesed U’Brachamin
    A Guht Yohr

  • Let's not forget

    Im not here to offer an opinion as to wether to say in school or not as there will be many here. I do however wat to point out that Yechi is very special. In 1988 (48 years after the frierdiker Rebbe’s histalkus) the rebbe spoke how saying “Yechi hamelech” adds life to the king, the (frierdiker) Rebbe which subsequently adds life to the to the people. The rebbe allowed us and later, even encouraged us to believe he is moshiach on so many occasions. The sichos, especially from 1991 are full of references of the Rebbe being Moshiach. Anyone who denies that has simply not read the sichos. Again, I’m not here to offer an opinion as to where and when its appropriate, I’m just very bothered by the disgust people have shown and expressed to the concept of Yechi. For over a year we sang it to the Rebbe and the Rebbe was moiser nefesh mamosh (in the words of Reb Zalman Gurare OBM, “MIT di letzte koichois”) to encourage our Yechi. Remember, if you don’t like how and where it said please don’t let result in forgetting the origIns of this holy phrase. Chasima and GMAT chasima tova

  • Just said yechi and i feel better

    Please continue saying yech…it really helps…
    oy yechi ..please rebbe …i need something bad..i said yechi please help!

  • totally agree

    To People that say Yechi they are doing it “to give Chayos to their leader” to those that do not say it they feel that “it is putting a knife in the heart of their Rebbe” and they point out that from when Yechi was started the Rebbe passed away, SMR is sitting in jail, people do not have food on their table etc.

    If you want to say Yechi do it behind your own closed doors, you do not have the right to teach young children something that their parents rightfully feel is the cause and has been the start of all the evil that we have been going through for the past 20 years.

  • Anonymous

    I find it very strange that the exact words of the Rebbe we the “yechiniks” and the “anti’s do not heed. The Rebbe clearly said to say “yechi Hamelech” he never said to say “yechi adoneinu…..” So why are we not saying and emphasizing what the Rebbe told us to say? The yarlmukas and signs should be saying yechi hamelech not the other manmade sayings I just dont get it.

  • Can someone please explain me

    If the Rebbe encouraged Yechi with all his energy, how can someone who considers himself a Lubavitcher say that it’s avoda Zara?! You don’t want to say it, so keep your opinions to yourself! just becouse there are those (namely tzvatim) who make a fool out of yechi, let’s not forget its the Rebbes inyan.

    Please help me understand

  • Yechi is something which Lubavitch accepted

    At the grand lag b’omer parade -which all schools attend, yechi is always recited (and the same by the one father one family).

    • mendel

      that is actually not true. its not supposed to be said, every year the tfatim make a chillul hashem by throwing papers on the ground with yechi and storming the podium. embarrassing the name of lubavitch for all the thousands we have invited into our schuna.

  • For all those against yechi

    Are you also going to tell me that the schools shouldn’t bring someone to talk about the isur of shaving, becouse there are those in crown heights that don’t ‘agree’ with that isur! The schools aren’t for what parents want, it’s for what the Rebbe wants! After all HE founded the school, not you!

    • to number 60

      Are. You insane compare people who dont think that yechie should be plastered and made into a joke or something that you do without know what it means to shaving yo get some brains

  • Moshiach is our life!

    But Mr Anonymous – the writer of the op-Ed is trying to change that.

    Crown please take down such an article, please live up to your name ‘crown heights’ Kan Tziva Hashen Es Habracha.

  • It's a song that is a part of our tradition

    The last time I checked moshiach is still coming and we all pray for it, who moshiach is is only a matter of opinion.

    The words in the yechi song don’t say the rebbes name anywhere and it doesn’t have to refer to the rebbe.

    We all sang yechi to the rebbe and he encouraged it, not encouraged that he was or was not moshiach but encouraged us to sing it because its true to its words and it praises moshiach whomever we believe that to be, that what the parents can teach.

    Nothing wrong with the song, it’s a part of us and who we are

    Easy fast peeps

  • Remove this Picture now

    People all over the world, many Chabad community members and others see this website. I was appalled and confused to see such a strange and disturbing photo, imagine other people. As for the yechi in the classrooms, people need to realize that this so far away from what a child should be learning. It is not the core and emphasis of a Jewish education.

  • Shomrim Six Blood libel


    Not all Meshichistim are Mossrim but all Mossrim are Meshichist!!!

  • when yechi causes machlokes than its not worth it!

    machlokes definitely detracts a lot more chayus than the yechi that caused it!! give it up and leave it to each family to decide. please. its worse when the parents are horrified at the teachers yechi and the child thus loses his respect for the teacher as well.

  • Vote

    The schools should offer a poll. If most parents want it they should say it otherwise they should not. That’s democracy.

  • those poor kids

    probably think the Rebbe is physically sitting in that chair, and must be asking themselves, “everyone can see him, so why can’t I?” Just think what this is doing to these precious kids.

  • this makes me sad

    some of these comments are so disturbing,,,,,chabad schoool, chabad has a rebbe,,,,,,for the comment that said she tells her children that whoever says yechi needs medication,,,,well thats very sad, you see if you are chabad , then you believe our rebbe is moshiach,,, unfortunately there is a young generation of young parents that r really not learned, just shouting what feels right for them. they say yechi because they believe it gives strength to our rebbe, not if the rebbe is alive or dead, that the rebbe is moshiach and it should be declared, if this bothers you then maybe CHABAD is not for you,personally we dont say yechi at home, but we believe in the schools, to brainwash your children on what you r not learned about is just not nice,,,, how about the schools teaching the children the shlchan aruch and thats not followed at home,,,, do you care,,, maybe we should not teach shlchan aruch since we are not sharing the same values??????? please,,,,, ad mosai!!!!!

  • umm

    to number 9:
    its not pear pressure (that would pear sauce), rather its peer pressure.

    to number 31:
    are you for real?!?

  • what's the big deal

    if my kids say it or don’t say it, I’m bringing them up to love the Rebbe and his followers. Some schools do, some schools don’t so much,… there’s no harm in it and we’ve all got bigger fish to fry

  • Dovid

    As I understand in the Lubavitch the Yehi vs Non yehi has been a rather hot button political issue. As the straw man argument would suggest that we are not perceiving the 600 pound gorilla in the room by asking ourselves what the Rebbe MELECH HAMOSHIACH and IM NOT AFRAID TO SAY THAT! Hiskashrus is one of the same so say it yes say it not we pushet need achdus either way.

  • Berl

    I don’t understand your question:

    Beth Rivkah of NY – under the auspices of Merkos and Rabbi Avrohom Shemtov, Chairman of Aguch – says Yechi in all classrooms!

    What do you need better then that?!

  • Oldtimer

    I remember when Yechi was said in the Camp Gan Israel in the fifties and sixties. The only change occurred when the Rebbe Shlita asked to say Yechi HAMELECH in 5748. Then it started with Hamelech Hamoshiach, which the Rebbe noddingly approved. The Rebbe himself referred this saying to the PREVIOUS Rebbe.

    So those who create machlokes and hate to admit that the Rebbe indeed is the Moshiach shebedor, should say to their children that we sing and say Yechi Hamelech to the Previous Rebbe, (and not chas vesholom….)

    And finally, those who do not want to tell their children that the Rebbe IS THE LONG PROMISED MOSHIACH may later find out that their children believe in another (acher) messiah that has been hanged by the Romans some 2000 years ago.

    • Milhouse

      The Rebbe NEVER approved of calling him מלך המשיח. Not once. On the contrary, he explicitly discouraged it. But when he was sick and unable to talk, and people were desperately singing for his recovery, what was he supposed to do? If he could speak, how do you know what he would have said? How do you know he wouldn’t have said “stop singing that”, just as he said on previous occasions when he heard it? But he couldn’t speak, all he could do was wave his hand or not wave it, so what exactly did you expect him to do?

  • policy

    before you enroll your child to a moisad, you should ask what is the policy about saying Yechi, about brainwashing your child abouth the Rebbe being Moshiach ,Yechi through stories ,farbrengens,etc and decide if this is what you want your child to be exposed to , or ask directly the teacher
    If you don’t ask it means that you agree,very simple,
    there is not room to a machlokes
    Not imposed not to say Yechi, to someone who believes it , as you don’t want to be forced to say Yechi
    if you think that is AZ.move to Lakewood

  • emes

    The real problem here is telling a false story-it’s like the case of doing all mitzvos but one- once we pick and choose what to do we make ourselves the false authority of right and wrong. A teacher who deliberately engages in falsehood for a good reason is teaching lies, not Torah or haskafa

  • Anonymous

    My children in Oholei Torah and Beis Rivkah BETTER be saying Yechi and proudly!!!!

    These are great Mosdos!!

    Keep bringing chayus to the King.

  • Issachar Levi

    Yechi should not be sung by any Jew. It besmirches the memory of the Rebbe and all the great work he has done. Singing Yechi equals worshipping a fake god.

  • Onlooker


    The Rebbe has now been turned into a deity – unfortunately, whether they like it or not, they are on par with another religion.

    Instead of the focus being on the Eibishter, it’s on the Rebbe – and even though the davening appears to be to the Eibishter, when it comes to needs, it’s now “Yechi”.

    This has clearly be demonstrated by comments and in the story told to the children.

    If you want normal, wholesome children, mechanchim must cut out the emphasis on the Rebbe as an all powerfull, immortal being: there is only one Hashem Echod and no other.

    Once children are exposed to the mainstream what they see is hypocrisy and confusion – and there are dire consequences.

    Wishing you a G’mar Chasima Tova and a Gut GeBentcht Yahr.

    • To number 30

      It seems the comment numbers keep changing. I was saying thank you to the comment from “Lets not forget”.

  • Shabsai Tzvi

    Saying Yechi for a dead man is pure avodah zara. Unless this apikorses stops, It will ultimately be the downfall of Chabad. We’re headed there very quickly. There are shluchim that are embarrassed to be Lubavitchers because of this apikorses. Please stop indoctrinating our children.

    • Milhouse

      Apikores aveck! What do you mean, saying “yechi” for a dead man is avoda zara, r”l? Don’t you believe that the dead will live again?! What kind of Jew are you? Every normal Jew believes that the dead will live, and prays that it should happen soon, והקיצו ורננו שוכני עפר, והוא בתוכם

      The entire issue is with מלך המשיח. Once a person is no longer living in a physical body, is it still appropriate to expect him to be Moshiach? I think not, but those who disagree are entitled to their opinion, and you certainly have no right to call it avoda zara! Even if they’re wrong, how is it avoda zara? What has the identity of moshiach got to do with avoda zara?

      And what has any of this got to do with Shabsai Tzvi y”sh? Do you imagine that the reason we don’t believe he’s Moshiach is because he’s dead?! Until he died do you think he was?!

    • Rambam

      Actually it is the Rambam who wrote when someone who is B’chezkas Moshiach dies, he is no longer in contention to be Moshiach. If you deny the words of the Rambam, then I will tell you, two days after Yom Kippur, as definined in Rambam Hilchos Teshuva, Apikores Aveck!

  • Tzfati

    If you’re against Yechi sent your child to Public School. They don’t have prayer there too. You child could decide if there is a G-d when he becoms 21.

    • Milhouse

      What idolatry? Where is there a hint of idolatry about this? Do you imagine Moshiach is some kind of god, r”l?!

  • experience

    I don’t agree with teachers teaching the kids to say Yechi BUT It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t affect at all your kids if you teach them not to say it
    If you explain in your house why its not proper to say Yechi .if its not said in your Shabbos table, your kid is going to grow with a strong personality
    IN addition your child is going to be a better learner in nigla , and a normal child with self confidence with a personal though
    Gmar chatima Tova for everyone!!!!

  • RIght idea, wrong person

    Are you sure that when u say it, your not referring to Rush Limbaugh – “G-d’s gift to humanity?”

  • Free choice.

    Why don’t you serve kosher and non-kosher food at your table and let your child decide for himself to eat what he wants.

    Don’t teach him about torah and Mitzvos until his Bar Mitvah.

    You could also let him attend church where they don’t say Yechi.

  • yosef

    You sent your so to school and this is the chinuch he will get! let’s DONT give parents to be mechanech their kids in CH – it’s the worst thing ever!

    • Sanity

      Excuse me?!!

      I do not send my son to elementary school to be indoctrinated. This is not the Soviet Union. I send him to school to learn the curriculum, socialize, be “babysat” and even to gain a Chassidishe avir, but not for a teacher to decide which side of the Yechi issue he/she chooses for my son/daughter and have then indoctrinated as young as age of toddlers. If I wanted a meshichist school, I would send him/ her to Ohr Menachem, BCM or BM, but not to BR, ULY or OT! If the above mentioned schools are committed to brainwashing their pupils, perhaps there should be new schools opened in CH. Or perhaps the Ohel School can open a CH branch.

      Is there any school committed to keeping Yechi out of the classroom? I’d love to know its name if there is.

  • Out of Tears

    As someone who left Lubavitch years ago after the outbreak of the Yechi Lunacy, I have no more tears left to be cried over it. Back then I took my son out of the Lubavitcher yeshiva system due to this craziness – Apikursis in my opinion – and B”H he has grown into a genuine Talmid Chochom. Clearly anything is better than remaining in a classroom where these false beliefs are taught and encouraged.

    Those indulging in this ludicrous fantasy, essentially creating a new X-ianity, have no part in the G-d of Israel and have been openly and shamelessly fighting a war against the Rebbe zt”l, the Torah Kedosha, and everything holy. I pray that they speedily return to the proper path and true faith in complete Teshuva. If they don’t they should be prepared to receive their deserved Din V’Chebon. After all this time and all the warnings that have been given there is no excuse for anyone.

    The sooner this sickness and mental disease is recognized for what it is and measures are taken to correct the situation and remove this Ruach HaTumah from the world the better it will be. Maybe then we will merit to the promised Geula, for which already Kolu Kol HaKitzin.

    Gemar Chasima Tova!

  • To calarifiy...?

    What ur trying to say is-just like now there are schools not saying “boy”/”girl” becuse its the individuale to diside?
    Same here maybe they should NOT teach about KITTEL only on yom kipper? BECUSE my family does it also on pesach! Yechi is a declaration as the REBBE alive or dead as our KING! Its not a “house” minhag its from the lips of OUR rebbe!

  • American meshichists

    It’s amazing how oblivious so many of you are. lubavitch is split – two completely different understandings and experiences of our rebbe. Of course we heared the same sichos and saw the same things and base our entire life on all of the rebbe’s guidance and teachings. The schools will sadly eventually be separated Hopefully very soon. For startes Open your eyes talk to shluchim. yes does who answered the Reebes call

  • Yechi will have to stop if you want moshiach

    It still shocks me every time to see the Yechi culture today. The blatant distortions and ignorning of what the rebbe really tried to communicate. I look back often and see so clearly the roots when yes the obscure and trivial has taken central emphasis.

  • spt

    it is a personal decision and should be done or not done at home with the family. You don’t change a mosad’s ways.

  • to author: you can't escape.

    You’re behind the times. Didn’t you notice how prominent yechi was at the lag b’omer parade this year? Crown Heights says yechi – at least the younger generation. Everyone else has fried out or moved out. I found it interesting that Rabbi Kahanov , originally principal at Cheder Ohr Menachem, is in charge of Oholei Torah’ s yeshiva kayitz where Ohr Menachem and their Tomchei Temimim of Queens Mesivta also rented bunkhouses. So I agree with another responder that you are better off at the Ohel with the followers of the deceased. Because CH believes in a living Moshiach.

  • to #59

    Just to let you know that yechi at the parade is not so simple. The other year my family repeatedly watched the footage of how the microphone was suddenly disconnected right before young Vogel was about to say yechi and we kept rewatching how Rabbi Engel of Cheder Ohr Menachem grabbed another microphone from a different podium to let yechi be heard. We were trying to see in the footage which “klipa” was to blame. So, no it’s not so poshut. You can have permission but when it comes down to it… this year seemed smoother in general BH.


    One Mitzva bring to another Mitzva and one Sin brings to another sin.

    There is no need to get in to old debates. We now have 20 years of Meshichisim/Yechi for evidence.

    We have 20 years of Machlokes, acts of violence (were Jewish blood has been spilled), court cases (Lawsuits) and R”L Mesira (with intention of locking up innocent Jews).

    Arguing about so called “Sichos” of what the Rebbe Zt”l did say or didn’t say id falling into a Meshichist trap. Don’t let them frame the debate.

    Meshichistim have never been about the Rebbe zt”l, it has and always will be about the power and money.
    We have hundreds if not thousands (a generation) of youth ruined. A generations of ignorant, lowlife thugs, who by the way are no different from those who officially went off the way.

    Nothing good has come out of the Meshichist movement.

    For more on this subject visit:

  • Usually neutral

    I’m usually neutral, but to Chaim36: How in the world is saying “yechi”, “pure avoda zara?”???????? I don’t see it. If the teachers and principals see it as important to the children’s chinuch, then they should continue saying it. My daughter goes to a very Mishachist school, but I am neutral.


    This inter-family debate has spilled over to Yeshiva World News. What a great way to start the year, making us all look like idiots, no matter which way we think.

    • lubavitcher

      It’s the 5 ton elephant in the room. Everyone who is sane is concerned by this. Which venue should this be discussed at? This is a Chabad forum and issues affecting Chabad are discussed, but if it’s picked up by other forums, not much you can do. What’s worse is letting the madness fester further unchallenged by healthy debate. That will embarrass Chabad by far more.

  • The yechi business gives keyach to the Misnagdim!

    Whoever doesn’t want their kids to say yechi can send them to Misnagdish or Non Chassidish Yeshivas, as certain discerning Lubavitchers have done in the past.

    The yechi mishugas in Lubavitch gives keyach to the Snags. The Snags are having a field day with things like this!




    it is very very disturbing
    and the story the teacher told is even more disturbing. this will not end well for chabad

  • Real Morah

    How can a man who calls himself “teacher” reinvent classic Chassidishe stories of the Baal Shem Tov to
    proselytize his manic opinions?

    Unless it is a formal School Policy to recite Long Live The King Messiah AKA Yechi Melech Moshiach, then he should NOT be preaching to young children.

    Forgive me for my harsh words but it does indeed sound a little bit like Pre World War 2 when a crazed house painter was coming to power.

    The Rebbe was/is a great Tzaddik and his memory will live on through his teaching and his stories. Not through cult like chanting and fist pumping.

    I mean no disrespect but children should be given the dignity of choice. Let the children decide if they would like to participate in the ardent fist thrusting and chanting.

  • A Simple Eved Hashem

    Absolutely, Onlooker, Hashem Echad!
    The post copied below was beautifully written!

    82. Onlooker wrote:

    The Rebbe has now been turned into a deity – unfortunately, whether they like it or not, they are on par with another religion.

    Instead of the focus being on the Eibishter, it’s on the Rebbe – and even though the davening appears to be to the Eibishter, when it comes to needs, it’s now “Yechi”.

    This has clearly be demonstrated by comments and in the story told to the children.

    If you want normal, wholesome children, mechanchim must cut out the emphasis on the Rebbe as an all powerfull, immortal being: there is only one Hashem Echod and no other.

    Once children are exposed to the mainstream what they see is hypocrisy and confusion – and there are dire consequences.

    Wishing you a G’mar Chasima Tova and a Gut GeBentcht Yahr.

  • TO #47!!

    Serious?!! If this is what you tell your son.YOU ARE THE ONE WHO FORGOT TO TAKE YOUR MEDICATIONS!!!

    Exactly, what are you trying to gain!!!??
    More hatred??!!
    What do you want your child to grow up to be?
    A person who does not know how to accept anyone that has different opinions than him?? Oh-because they forgot to take their medication!

    Wishing you and your child much luck in life!!

  • Don't understand yechi

    The Rebbe said that we have to be beg for Moshiach If people are saying yechi, they are saying Moshiach is already here but we don’t have the geula shlaima. Shouldn’t teachers be teaching their students to beg for Moshiach instead? Ad mosai?!

  • To Serel Maness

    I wrote a letter to the Rebbe and put it in the igros about whether to say yechi. The answer was to have ahavas Yisroel. When insisting that students say yechi,is that ahavas Yisroel? So saying yechi does not bring Moshiach, having ahavas Yisrael does and how many students are taught and encouraged to increase in acts of ahavas yisrael?

  • Worried parent

    As we can conclude from all the comments above is that saying Yechi is a very controversial issue.
    This has to be dealt with in our schools so our children do not suffer the mix messages being said.
    Both sides have real true feelings if this should be said or if not to be said.
    Too much mix messages of our Rabbonim fighting and saying Yechi or not saying Yechi in school only adds to our children’s confusion and can easily turn them off in a negative way down the road.
    Yes. This is a very big issue!!

  • Michoel

    The Yechi/non Yechi is a big issue here in Thornhill, Ontario too.
    I can understand that those who want to say it should be allowed to in their own shuls, but to believe that the Rebbe (z”l) is going to return as moshiach makes no sense. Why not the Baal Shem Tov? Or the Alter Rebbe? And how about the gedolim and Admorim from the rest of klal Yisroel? Why not the GRA? Or the Ben Ish Chai? Or even the Divrei Yoel of Satmar? Even if you believe Moshiach will be resurrected from the Olam HaEmes, why any one Gadol over another?

  • CR

    I have been around CH and Lubavitch one way or another for nearly 30 years. And I am at a point now where I really don’t care anymore. Chassidus has become a tremendous kilkul in recent years. Most people I speak to are only interested in TiSMaCh and later. People are “remembering” things the Rebbe allegedly said or did that were never mentioned at the times in question. Or they are inventing new hashkafos that did not exist when the Rebbe was Be’Ein HaKol. Meanwhile, the “holy rollers” are engaged in criminal activity. The schools churn out graduates who cannot learn or even read Hebrew and Aramaic correctly. And the newly arrived “Sho’alei Pesach” immediately start with a Yechi song-and-dance, like it is a cheap joke or stunt. Frankly, the Sheker VeChazav displayed by the teacher in this story is inexcusable and it is an indictment of his employing school that he is still on the staff!

    Lubavitch has become terminally ill. The current state of affairs is definitely NOT what the Rebbe, ZTL, had in mind for his Chassidim and the world. For those of you fantasizing that the Rebbe is “Chai VeKayam!” I point to the current Matzav and say that you are doing eveything in your power to force him BeS’if HaAdama.

  • lubavitcher

    Sadly, Crown Heights has become full of nuts and if you have a nut allergy, you must go to a Lubavitch school in Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Pittsburgh etc. Sending our children to study out of town aint easy especially when there should be good local moisdos in a community of our size, but unless OT/ULY put their foot down and stomp out yechi, or if a sane moisod chinuch opens in CH, otherwise, out of town seems to be the only option.

  • anonymous

    If someone has a problem with what the teachers are teaching their children, home school them! Like this, you will know what they are learning… Do you really know ALL that they are learning in school- from the teachers and ESPECIALLY other kids?

    And as for the social aspect, it really depends on the child- that has nothing to do with being in a school environment. (There are those people who are just not social like you might be, even though they went to school their whole upbringing.) Your kids could still play with the other kids in the neighborhood…

  • dots

    Create a line from them as you wish. See what you want to see. If you want to see booming expansion you can find it. If you want to see implosion, you can see it. Make your reality.

  • Me va Me

    That there is even a debate over saying this imbecilic statement, shows the vast krumkeit of much (almost all?) of Chabad nowadayz. G.od save their souls.

  • shocked

    I haven’t read any of the above comments; but was shocked to see this on Yeshivaworld!! The following Op-ed appeared on At a recent Chaddishe auspicious day – …. Firstly, we should think if what we say and do would the Rebbe be happy! The Rebbe was not adverse to Yechi and we should not be. Secondly, if we would prefer to do things our way … then do it… but not publicly to make a Chilul Chabad. WE ARE NOT DOING OURSELVES ANY FAVOURS AND MAKING IT HARDER FOR THE REBBE’S SHLUCHIM!!!

  • Yankel

    I am not a lubavitcher but have numerous lubavitch relatives. In addition, the nearest shul to my home is lubavitch and I daven there fairly often. What I see in the shul are some extremely ehrliche yidden who’s main purpose in life is to be an eved Hashem and I have tremendous respect for them. I believe there is more that unites the lubavitch world with the rest of frum Jewry than divides us.

    I came across this thread on theyeshivaworld and found the discussion fascinating.

    As an outsider I cannot get my head around the whole meshichist thing and believe it is fundamentally flawed and just plain wrong. Nothing to do with yiddishkeit. No good has EVER come from declaring someone the Moshiach. What is the purpose of it? Why do we need it? We are required to await the moshiach but why obsess over who he is?

    I would just like to mention 2 points though:
    1. Why do Lubavitch hang up all their dirty washing in public? The net is full of forums of this sort of discussion which frankly should be kept to within the community.
    2. I find it insulting the way Lubavitchers refer to any non lubavitcher as a “Snag”. Remember, there are more non lubavitchers than lubavitchers out there.

  • Education!!!!

    As an outsider looking in, I think your largest problem is not your obvious avoda zara, but your lack of basic first grade English skills.
    You guys have bigger things to worry about.



  • no one should be saying yechi

    of course teachers shouldn’t be saying yechi with their students. just like no one should be saying yechi. it contradicts the rebbe’s teachings and all claims that the rebbe supported this type of thinking are false. yechiniks tend to be unstable people and they clearly have their own agenda which isn’t y’futzu mayanos chutza and that is an unfortunate problem.