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Op-Ed: An Average Crown Heights Voter’s Thoughts on Today’s Election

by Z.B.

Today is primary day in New York City. Each party will be picking their candidates for the general election, which will be held November 5th.

Some of my friends have been asking me, whom I think they should support in the Democratic primaries. I thought it would be nice to share my view on the primary election from the perspective of an average voter in Crown Heights.

The following is whom I, as just an average voter in Crown Heights, will be supporting in today’s primary, and why I think you should support them as well:

Mayor: Bill Thompson

Bill Thompson is probably the friendliest candidate (in the Democratic field) to the Jewish community.

Compared to his counterparts, he is a political moderate, and would therefore think twice before hurting New Yorkers with extremely progressive, job killing policies.

From all the Democrats on the field, Bill Thompson by far is most fit to be mayor. Therefore I will be supporting Bill Thompson for Mayor of NYC (D) nomination.

Comptroller: Scott Stringer

Why support Scott Stringer? Very simple: We cannot allow his opponent, Eliot Spitzer, to win.

You probably know that Eliot was forced to resign over a prostitution scandal, but what a lot of people don’t is this: Before Eliot became governor, he was infamous for prosecuting people for prostitution. These people were thrown into prison for the very same crimes he committed as governor…. Yep, he is probably the biggest hypocrite to ever live in the governor’s mansion.

Allowing him to win would be worse then embarrassing! Therefore I will be supporting Scott Stringer for Comptroller (D) nomination.

City Council: Ede Fox

Ede Fox is not my ideal candidate, but there’s one area where she stands out: She has a plan to ease the cost of tuition. Unlike other similar political promises, this one sounds like it might be realistic.

Ede is not just making empty promises; she has a plan on how we can attain government support, and yet at the same time she seems to have a good grasp of reality and what it would take to gain the political support for such a plan.

I believe Ede is our best chance at solving the tuition crisis. Therefore I support Ede Fox for the City Council (D) nomination.

Brooklyn DA: Ken Thompson

Ken Thompson is not the most ideal candidate. But his opponent, Charles Hynes, has done a terrible job when it came to prosecuting and publicizing child abusers. When he faced political heat for his abuse of power, he blamed us, the entire Jewish community, for his own immoral behavior. He called us the Mafia, the worst Mafia, the most complex Mafia. How can Charles Hynes blame his own immoral behavior on us?!

As if his handling of child abuse cases weren’t enough, he has ruined countless lives by his gross mishandling of many other cases.

Unlike the other races I’ve mentioned; this race will literally affect people’s lives. Therefore, I support Ken Thompson for Brooklyn DA (D) nomination.

No matter who you support in today’s primary, make sure to come out and vote. Exercise your rights! Allow your voice to be heard! And most of all, have fun voting for your favorite candidates.


  • 2. When you vote wrote:

    Think about which candidate would actually do the best job, not which candidate is the most “moral”.

    When you hire a painter, you hire the guy who can do the best job. You don’t look at the guy’s past history and what his moral dispositions are.

    • 3. ??? wrote:

      You would vote for some reprobate like Weiner? You think morality isn’t a relevant character trait for someone to lead a city or a country (think Bill “Oval Office” Clinton)? No wonder this city & the country are going down the tubes fast.

    • 4. Milhouse wrote:

      You would never hire a painter for your house, no matter how good he is, if he’s a known thief. Not unless you were going to stand over him and watch the entire time.

  • 5. My voting experience today wrote:

    St. Marks polling station – very unpleasant. The machine was broken (the poll worker claimed it was because it was damaged by Hurrican Sandy. SERIOUSLY????)

    I had to use the scanner machine, which had its own issues – the buttons are not sensitive enough & until I managed to hit the right spot, nothing was happening. The poll worker who was “helping” me figure it out told me at the end of the process to put my scanned ballot in the manilla folder “for privacy.” PRIVACY???? She had watched every move I made, including casting my vote.

    Yes, I complained. If you have any issues at your polling site, call the MANHATTAN number (don’t bother speaking to the Brooklyn office, you will get a call center in India type who is incompetent as well as incomprehensible.) The # to complain is 212 487 5300. A supervisor actually called me back, he couldn’t believe I had told the lady I spoke to initially the Sandy excuse! You MUST get the names of the poll workers who are the problem, if that applies.

    Good luck – voting is a privilege as well as a right & I could have left & lost my opportunity, but I stayed. My vote DOES count….I hope. But here in Crown Heights, I’m not so sure: I think there is an inordinate amount of incompetence & corruption.

    • 6. it wont count wrote:

      the votes here dont count, the machine breaks they take your paper and slip it into a box never to be counted

  • 7. Nice article wrote:

    I was surprised to see a young lady near my polling site handing out “vote for Spitzer” flyers. I can’t believe any woman would vote for him (or his buddy Weiner) the way they disrespect women.

    As for Hynes, he should have been put out to pasture years ago. He prosecuted the Shomrim Six (thank G-d he got nowhere) & he is easily “persuaded” to move in certain directions. Ken Thompson is a no brainer, Hynes must go.

  • 8. Anybody but Thompson for Mayor wrote:

    He’s a racist. Yes, Blacks can be racists & he demonstrated that in his remarks after the Trayvon Martin case. Democrats, I suggest Bill de Blasio, Republicans, John Catsamatides.

    • 9. Milhouse wrote:

      Are you joking? De Blasio is practically a communist. And on stop-and-frisk he’s the most radical of all the candidates. Of the lot, Thompson is the closest to a mentch. His remarks on the Martin/Zimmerman affair were unfortunate, but that was understandable pandering in a case that was completely irrelevant to New York. Better he should pander on such irrelevancies, and not on stop-and-frisk, which actually does matter here, and on which he has the closest thing to a reasonable position.

  • 14. simple guy wrote:

    i dont get it out of the 4 people you are voting for 3 of them because you dont like the other guy?

    and on 2 of them the DA and mayor watch what you wish for these people were bug fans of trayvon martin vd”l

    • 15. Milhouse wrote:

      Who cares what they say about a dead thug in Florida, so long as they prosecute the live thugs here.

  • 16. Very well written Op-Ed wrote:

    Not sure whom to vote for?

    Some say “They are all no good”, so why vote?

    The point is not to vote for “The Tzadik”, since none are tzadikim and they all have their faults.

    The point is – belive it or not – to “Vote for the Rasha”.

    BUT make sure to vote for the SMALLER _Rasha, i.e. the lesser of the eval’s.

    Meoyvai Techakmeini
    All Molesters, and all the Askanim who cover up for Molesters, they all support Hynes.

    That’s all you need to know, when deciding whom to “vote OUT”.

    You can’t get rid of Haynes, by sitting home and not voting for anyone at all.

    The only way to get rid of Hynes is by voting for anyone who has the best chance to displace Hynes and that’s Thompson.

    Is anyone “sad” to see Bloomberg’s dictatorship go, finally, B.H.?

    Whomever Bloomberg supports, has similar views to Bloomberg, so if you “love” all the Tzoros Bloomberg brought to the city, all his excessive tickets, all his excessive bike lanes, where they interfere with vehicle traffic, all his street-lane changing rules, like the ones that cause the crash on Kingston and E.P. and all his anti-metzitza-bepeh rules and all his excessive controlling of every aspect of your life, even controlling what kind of soda you drink and how much he will permit you to drink?

    Now you know, that whichever candidates, Bloomberg supports, will bring you some more of the same B.S. which we got from Bloomberg’s dictatorship, until now.

    MeyOyvay Techakmeiny

  • 17. CHAIM wrote:

    When the voting place was changed from 706 E.P. to the S. Marks school (at President & Brooklyn)it was agreed that all religious symbols would be removed from the room in which the voting takes place. This agreement was kept for the first few years. But for the last years a “tzailem” (cross)has remained hanging in the room. When I spoke to Mr. Lynch the Superviser he was very disrespectful to me & said that it would not be removed. There may even be a halachik problem with going in there.
    I would like to urge everyone to call the Board of Elections at 212 487-5300 (press “0′ at the menue)& put in a complaint. They get big $ for rent & should not get away with it at least for future elections.
    G’mar Chasima Tova

  • 19. neighbor wrote:

    Bill Thompson was not on the list at the sight, It had a different Thompson( President and Brooklyn Ave) I wanted to vote for him but could not find him on the list

    • 20. Bill - William wrote:

      “Bill” is the nickname for “William”.
      “William Thompson” was on the ballot.


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