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Op-Ed: From One Shomrim Volunteer to Another

It was with mixed emotions that I heard the news. Five of my fellow Shomrim members had been officially cleared as NOT guilty, while you were cleared of all 16 charges, except one charge of third-degree assault.

I wasn’t the only one who was shocked. All who were present in the courtroom were, as well. The judge literally jumped out of his seat when he learned that even with all of the lies and conspiring theories, they had found one proof of assault beyond a reasonable doubt.

I would think that after weeks of trial, of not being able to tend to your family and not being able to work, you would go take the night off. But you didn’t. Mere hours after the verdict I heard you on the Shomrim radio, as if nothing had happened, dispatching a call for Shomrim assistance. Hearing your warm voice, so full of love and dedication to what you are best known for, was truly uplifting.

I would like to thank you for being an inspiration to me, my family, and to the entire Crown Heights community. While there will be those who pounce on your “alleged” verdict with glee and excitement that “they got you!” I know that you will not be broken and will continue doing what you do best.

When I woke up today, I was hoping that at the end of today we would be halfway through this case, the second being the civil case of $150 million, yet now I end the day knowing that we are only one-third of the way through.

While you may feel down about the outcome of the case, just remember how many donations came from Crown Heights residents. From what I hear, hundreds of our neighbors whom we run to when they need our assistance have generously donated to ensure your innocence. They support you.

It is my hope that you continue to pull through, showing the same strength you’ve shown until now. And this should serve as a lesson to speculators to not be quick in their judgment of others.

Your Shomrim Brother


  • 1. CH resident wrote:

    such a beautiful letter. my heart goes to shomrim members family.

    our community has to strenghen @ this time and unify.
    tehillim must be said and appeal has to be made to change verdict ASAP.

    how can we sleep @ night whe one of our brothers are falsely accused?

    moshiach now!

  • 2. non ch er wrote:

    The feeling I get is that their is a strong connection between you members somthing like this letter just backs these feelings up.

    Very impressed

  • 5. A lesson wrote:

    “And this should serve as a lesson to speculators to not be quick in their judgment of others.”

    I hope this also refers to the jury.

  • 8. antimesira wrote:

    While there will be those who pounce on your “alleged” verdict with glee and excitement that “they got you!”

    On them it is said…
    …“Anshei Domim Umirma Lo Yechtzu Yemaihem…
    ”bloodthirsty and treacherous men shall not live out half their days”.

    These are the people who did this messira, so of course their going to say, who cares what mossrim have to say.

    What we need now is some accountability. I want to know who was the guy all the way on top pushing this.

    Who took 6 of our own, community members- Anash, Fathers, Sons, Husbands, brothers, uncles, neighbors and friends and feed them to the dogs?

    My brothers and sister, there is still a long way for the Shomrim Six or better yet a long way for the Crown Heights community to go, WE still have to pay our lawyers, deal with the lawsuit and the day to day messira.

    Whomever can help in anyway, make yourselves available.

  • 10. Shomrim Member wrote:

    To all my Shomrim brothers, we will stand tall, we will stand together, and we WILL come out on top!!!!! G-man we got your back.

  • 11. Better a friend who is close than a .... wrote:

    Better a friend who is close than a brother far away. i am humble how you guys behave here. no celebration for 5 vindicated shomrim who are not happy that one got a small minor violation.
    i wish you guys the best only the best. and since we all see your dedication to our community and to each other you will be the first to greet the real moshiach soon.
    don’t worry about other sites who call themself chabad or jihad thy all the same if thy do have the funny jewish leters on top of the site or yarmulke or just on the side
    all are the same terorist and whoever support this sites is a terorist .
    so dont expect them to be happy for jews who are happy.
    we the jewish sons of abraham issac and jacob will win every one of them and leave them far far behind.

  • 13. supporter wrote:

    Nothing will stop Shomrim from protecting us, not even false imprisonment & all the lies the “witnesses” spewed.

    Fellow residents, if you haven’t sent in a donation, do so NOW. If you have…send more! The legal bills are huge & these guys will be in debt over this for ever.

    G-d willing, the judge will set aside the guilty verdict or there will be a successful appeal. The strain must be very hard, however.

    A freilichen Chanukah…let’s see another Neis Gadol!

  • 14. still a kid wrote:

    Gadi always made sure i had a seat on the bus back in the days.
    And today my kids just can’t wait to go on Gadis bus.

    Gadi always stuck up for the little guy.

    The only people who didn’t and don’t like Gadi and everything he stands for are the bullies. Do we really care what the bully thinks?

    Keep doing what your doing and you’ll be ok.
    As you are here for us, we are here for you.

  • 15. Mossrim go out! wrote:

    how can we sleep @ night when our own brothers are falsely accusing other brothers?
    How did we let this happen in the first place, what are we going to do about it?

  • 16. another Shomrim admirer wrote:

    If you wanted to ever see what real Achdus was and is you should have seen the Shomrim Six in court.

    One Shomrim member said it best…
    “I am not helping people because I am in Shomrim. I am in Shomrim because I like to help people”.

    Baroch Hashem The Shomrim Six did not give up on each other, they stuck together through the worse of time, I know they will always stick up for the larger Jewish community, at all cost.

    Thanks you Shomrim!
    Thank you Gadi and Aron Hershkop for putting and keeping this wonderful team of good doers together. We love you, keep up the good work!

  • 17. baruch hashem wrote:

    may you continue to protect the shcuna from ALL threats. may it be domestic or foreign.

  • 18. NoToMesirah wrote:

    I hope that now, Shomrim will indeed sue the moisrim for damages, but at the same time I hope that the other patrol is disbanded and that its more stable volunteers are integrated into Shomrim so that CH can deal with both crime and the police in a united and professional manner.

    Finally, I am sure that the last charge will not hold up on appeal (and that the one charged will indeed have his “day in court” against the moisrim).

  • 19. a Shomrim Sister :) wrote:

    Beautiful letter:

    The Achdus that the ShomrimSix displayed, as well as the achdus from all the members who came to support Shomrim was and is and always will be their indestructible force.

    I’m a sister, A SHOIMERES, and am proud to be in the Shomrim family.

    And as someone mentioned, “G-man, everyone is rooting for you”


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