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Op-Ed: I Was There… Then and Now

by A Crown Heights Mother

The last time I was in Criminal Court was after the 1991 Crown Heights Riots, when I watched Lemerick Nelson walk free. I haven’t been interested in watching another criminal trial since. However, yesterday I went to show support once more for Jews, this time six of them.

Going to Court is an interesting experience. All I can say is, you don’t want to be a defendant. It must be a really terrifying feeling. However, the “Shomrim Six” (great title!) ARE on trial and we have to support them. I know that they are facing harsh punishment and loss of their freedom if they are found guilty and we can’t sit back, do nothing, and let that happen. We have to show our support. They’re not strangers. In our small community they’re our friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers. We HAVE to care and the way we can show that is two-fold.

Every family should give SOMETHING towards their legal fees. Some families can give more, others not so much, but everyone has an achryus to give. In the end, these young men come out to help us as soon as they’re called and they don’t ask to see the color of our money, or whether we wear yellow pins, or anything else. When push comes to shove, they show up to help all of us.

If you can, come to Court. It’s actually quite interesting and there are some humorous moments as well. The main reason to go, though, is to show the defendants they aren’t alone. I saw today that they noticed us scattered around the courtroom and I heard them thank attendees for coming. While some of us said Tehilllim others followed every word avidly.

This is the point. I went simply to show Achdus and support. It doesn’t matter which members of which security patrol are sitting behind their defense lawyers. What matters is we show the attorneys, jury, and the judge that Chassidim really are Ein Mishpacha. I would have gone to Court and made a donation to the fund if the defendants were members of the other patrol. These are my own, and I care about my own.

The issue is six young Lubavitchers are facing jail. You don’t know what goes through the jury’s heads but at least if you go you can help the defendants by showing the jury we care about them; they are always there for us. Now it’s our turn to be there for them.

At the end of the day, private security patrols are on trial. Who knows what the consequences could be? Who knows if this could be the beginning of the end for Shomrim, Hatzalah, Chaverim and all private organizations that look out for us. Please remember that when you consider making a donation or going to Court. Please remember why these organizations were started in the first place.

The jury knows we’re there. They know we care about these young men and even though they didn’t seem to be looking at us, I was looking at them. I wondered what they’re thinking and I can only guess how hard it must be for twelve strangers to decide whether or not six strangers will go to jail.

Donations can be made online at or by phone [after 6:00pm] (718) 774-3333 or by mail to: Shomrim Defense Fund 537 East New York Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11225.


  • 2. lev shobur wrote:

    While this case is going on…

    On the other side of the country Rubahsking is being tried for what we call a libel. And we scream and shout how bad the prosecution is for picking on Jews etc etc..

    Right here right now in the midst of our community and with the help of the Vadd hakall, and with money from the so called leadership, 6 of our yungerlite are being prosecuted for what is no less then a blood libel. Only this time it is by so called frum people.

    Over $50.000 was spent by these people who are mastering to help pay for the witnesses, by flying in over 6 people from Israel and by paying layers to make sure the DA prosecutes this case.

    Can you imagine?? People go on mesiras nefesh not to maser and you have the likes of Chanina, Svei, etc etc not only endorse it, but help pay for it??

    Are not ashamed??? You may be happy now that it is people you don’t like that are being persecuted, but do you think it stops here?

    Enough is enough. Look at us…what are we doing?

  • 3. Menachem wrote:

    yes, agreed, well said. The real problem behind the scenes is this cholera Heubner. Get him out of the picture and you restore the calm.

  • 5. Well said wrote:

    Yasher Koach! We are all really Ein Mishpacha and just like I show up in court, so should every able bodies person. But, if one can not, sending a donation shows that you care, no matter what the dollar amount is.

  • 7. what will we do wrote:

    in lubavitch where all the ELTERE CHASIDIM lived there was messira and pepole where KILLED for it, by our ELTERE CHASIDIM, and now? pepole are not only not opposing it they are SUPPORTING it.

    THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 8. Where and When? wrote:

    Where: Trial commences in 320 Jay Street, which is the Brooklyn Supreme Court in downtown Brooklyn, on the second floor in Part 2.
    The best train to take is the number 3 or 4 train to Borough Hall. Check out the Google map links.

    When: (For the remainder of this week)
    Thursday November 12th.
    Court starts 10am [Lunch brake at 1pm till 2:15], court goes till around 5pm.

    Friday: 10am till about 2pm

    Hope to see you there!
    It’s just a 10 minute train ride and if you can’t be there much at-least come for an hour or two, it makes a difference.

  • 9. Very concerned wrote:

    If i were Huebner, i would be shamed of myslef, and make sure to hire security everywhere he goes. By teh way the halacha is that moiser should be take care of and thats talking about jews not goyim, in the old country or even in boro park or williamsburg a guy like that wouldnt be alive or at least not walking.
    So people lets wake up and smell the coffee and realize that this man is an evil person who massered on other jews and should not be able to get away with this.

  • 10. My opinion from Israel wrote:

    It is a disgrace that anyone involved in the prosecution of the shomrim consider themselves Lubavitcher/chassidim. What is the logic behind putting another yid in jail? Think into yourself – are these people a danger to society? Do they need rehabilitation?
    SOME OF THEM HAVE BEEN DRIVING THE COMMUNITY’S LITTLE GIRLS TO AND FROM SCHOOL DAILY!! Obviously, if they were a danger to society and had to be behind bars, they wouldn’t have been allowed to drive the Bais Rivkah school bus.

    Moreover, are there no poor families in Crown Heights that could benefit from the money that is being needlessly spent on legal fees?

    If there is no one in Crown Heights that could put a stop to this awful SINAS CHINAM, maybe IT SHOULD BE THE TOP PRIORITY at the KINUS HASHLUCHIM. Who needs outreach if we don’t have the inner core standing straight?

    Remember: The Bais Hamikdosh was destroyed because of sinas chinam. The Rebbe’s last mivtzah was mitzah moshiach – not mivtzah tznius. If we really want to live according to the directives of the Rebbe and bring Moshiach closer, it is time to put an end to the rampant sinas chinam in Crown Heights.

  • 11. huebner nazi wrote:

    i was in court and the name huebner is said again and again

    his name is all over this case he is the mosser

  • 12. nee wrote:

    While agreed that we need to support these boys, I think it is improper to say that it is our achrayus and obligation to contribute financially. The community should support these boys and their families in whatever way they are able to. Even showing support by your presence in court is meaningful.

    Webby, I also think you should have edited the article before publishing. The letter seems more like a rant, not very will organized or thought out. I think it could have been written better to solicit greater support.

    Notwithstanding, wishing you success and an outpouring of communal support in every way.

  • 13. Yosef wrote:

    Sorry to say this but what is happening here shakes the perceived security that ppl in the frum community think they have.

    I so hope that they go free and I would die inside if Ben or any other good ppl would go to jail.

    Before the youth make a mass Exodus away from Torah and mitzvos I would advise the frum parents to really take a stand, donate money, do what ever it is. If things don’t go right in the trial, the young generation will see this and run.

  • 15. another mother wrote:

    to nee:

    The latter is fine, at least this woman took some times and wrote her feeling down.
    It is what it is. I really enjoyed reading it and in fact I will be going to court tomorrow.

    What makes it great is the fact that its real.

  • 16. support wrote:

    i went to court too. the truth is, it is very interesting and captivating….until you remember that we are talking about frum yidden who are trying to put other frum yidden in jail.

    The guy who flew in from Colombia introduced himself as “A RAbbi, my mission is to spread goodness and kindness throughout the world.”

    Is he so blind???? at the end of the day, what is he going to get out of this?? certainly not a good shidduch

    and this heubner guy, although i’ve never met him, i’m sure he has children….why is he doing this??? for the sake of his children there’s so much to lose.

    anyways, will probably go to court again

  • 17. the yellow pin guys wrote:

    I wonder if these yellow pin guys plan on storming 770 during the Hachnosos Sefer Torah at the Kinus. Chances are they will come in and start beating people up. I hope it will be videotaped in case they do. If there’s one thing we can learn from this case, its that we have to be very vigilant and careful around the pin guys- they are elements of danger to society.

  • 19. WHY.... wrote:



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