Whooping Cough Cases Spike in Orthodox Jewish Neighborhoods

A wave of whooping cough has hit the Orthodox Jewish Brooklyn neighborhoods of Crown Heights, Williamsburg and Borough Park, city health officials said Monday.

From The NY Post:

A total of 109 cases of pertussis, or whooping cough, were reported over the past year in the three neighborhoods, with an increase in cases over the past four months, the Health Department said.

Five infants were hospitalized and one came down with pneumonia.

Most years, there are 200 cases of whooping cough reported in the entire city.

Toddlers and infants make up the majority of cases. About half were not vaccinated at all or didn’t get the full set of shots, authorities said in an alert to medical providers.

Only 3 percent of the 37 mothers of infants with whooping cough received the recommended tetanus-diptheria-acellularr pertussis vaccination during pregnancy, the alert said.

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  • 1. ch resident wrote:

    Am i missing something? obviously if the vaccines r there to protect your children and they r considered safe, why r there so many mothers that wont vaccinate there children? If all vaccinate then the desease will be eradicated

    • 2. Milhouse wrote:

      Because there are some evil cynical con men who have convinced many gullible parents that vaccinations are harmful, and that they should not vaccinate their children, or should delay vaccination for some time, leaving their children vulnerable to terrible diseases.

      In particular one evil evil man, Andrew Wakefield, invented a story that the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine causes autism. He did this knowing full well that it wasn’t true, and he made up cases to “prove” it, all so that he could make money as an “expert witnesses” when parents of autistic children would sue the vaccine manufacturers. He is responsible for the return of measles, which for a while had completely disappeared from developed countries.

      Wakefield lost his medical license, but his lie lives on, and many celebrities and even some rabbonim have been convinced by it and propogate it. This is retzicha mamash.

  • 3. no NY Post articles wrote:

    do us a favor don’t link articles to NY Post. Theyre anti-semetic

  • 4. #2 NYPO wrote:

    What does the paper have to do with the facts?There are lots of people who do not believe in vaccinations and their “beliefs” cause them to behave in this manner resulting in these “spikes”.Anyone ever take a biochemistry course or do research or talk to medical staff before deciding all this based on your “beliefs”????

  • 6. Mordechai Lightstone wrote:

    The machla of poisoning children in our community by refusing to follow halacha and common sense by vaccinating our children needs to end.

    People of Crown Heights, listen to the Rebbe and to all that is holy and VACCINATE YOUR CHILDREN!

  • 7. Moved to CA wrote:

    Passed law outlawing religious exemptions.
    Keep their kids home.
    Many Drs refusing patients who don’t inoculate..
    NY. Wake up.


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