Weekly Letter: Engaged in Torah

We share a letter of the Rebbe written on Isru Chag, Shavuos, with its timely message of being “engaged in Torah.”

By the Grace of G-d 

Isru Chag Shovuos, 5725

Brooklyn, N.Y.


Worcester, Mass.

Greeting and Blessing:

Your letter reached me with some delay and I regret that my acknowledgment was further unavoidably delayed.

I was pleased to note how well the Matza Shemurah was received and that it contributed to the celebration of Pesach.

Having just celebrated the Festival of Mattan Torah, the subject matter is still very pertinent and timely, inasmuch as Mattan Torah was the culmination of Yetziat Mitzraim, as the Torah clearly indicates (Ex. 3:12). Moreover, our Sages of the Mishnah declared that “He is truly free who is engaged in the Torah.” The emphasis here is on the expression engaged being used rather than “studying.” As my father-in-law of saintly memory explained, a student may not necessarily be personally committed to the subject of his study. On the other hand, being engaged in the Torah implies a personal commitment , in the way a businessman is engaged in business, which commands his attention throughout the day and very often also at night, to the extent that it may affect his daily routine of eating and sleeping , etc. this is then what our Sages meant when they used the expression “Osek b’Torah.

With blessing,

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