Rep. Clarke Signs Slanderous Anti-Israel Letter

20 members of Congress send a letter to President Obama requesting “the protection of Palestinian children from Israeli abuses.” One of the signatories was the Congresswoman who represents Crown Heights in the U.S. Capitol, Rep. Yvette Clarke. It was not the first time she took action against Israel.

From Salon: 

Twenty Congress members have called on President Obama to take action to protect the rights of Palestinian children.

The lawmakers sent the president a letter on June 20, urging him to appoint a “special envoy for Palestinian youth” in order to monitor the Israeli government’s violation of Palestinian children’s human rights.

The letter (embedded below), notes that Palestinian children are “growing up under military occupation with very few opportunities to improve their lives.”

The letter describes the occupation as “an unimaginably difficult and at times hopeless environment,” where children “live under the constant fear of arrest detention and violence at the hands of the Israeli military.”

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This is not the first time Rep. Clarke has taken action against Israel.

In 2009, she voted against House Resolution 867, which condemned the biased “Goldstone report” on Israel’s conduct in Gaza.

In 2010, she signed a letter which was sent to President Barak Obama urging him to put diplomatic pressure on Israel to resolve the Gaza blockade.

In 2015, she supported President Obama’s deal with Iran, which will enable the Islamic regime to continue pursuing nuclear weapons.

In the past, Clarke has reached out to her Jewish constituents in Crown Heights attempting to paint herself as having Israel’s best interests at heart. But her actions certainly speak louder than her words.


  • 1. Chaim Raitport wrote:

    Is this the person we chose instead of Mendy Raitport. If so then I guess we deserve her.

  • 2. wwms wrote:

    if we would learn to get along with each other within our own community, we would possibly have avoided this machla. She is two faced at best.

  • 3. Mike wrote:

    She doesn’t mean it. She’s just throwing a bone to the massive Palestinian vote in this district.

  • 5. You're surprised?????? wrote:

    I’m only surprised you all still listen to the idiots who tell you who to vote for. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me; fool me over and over again – I’m nothing more than a brainless sheep.

    Go back to your grazing & stop listening to these “leaders.” They are working for themselves, not for us.

  • 6. Sruly Clapman wrote:

    I am baffled by this Woman’s outrageous comments actions and inaction’s.

    We as a community have to work tirelessly in order to ensure that her political career is over. She knows so much better and only keeps failing us as a community because she knows we don’t talk up. No more idiocy, No more excuses No more Clarke!

    We Must and will stand up.

  • 7. Larry wrote:

    Everyone always wants to be politically correct what do you expect from a beheyma and all of the people who were sitting next to her

  • 10. Call her office wrote:

    Call her office at 202 225 6231 and express your displeasure. Be respectful. It counts and it’s helps.

  • 11. Slavin wrote:

    The person who does the least for the CH community is Eli Slavin. He’s Clarke’s liaison to the Jewish community and he has done and accomplished nothing but try to stave off criticism for his boss.

  • 12. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    So what else is new???#10 why bother to call, they will not listen to you but give you the old line about yes we care and we will consider. You wonder why Trump and Sanders did so well–no more need to be said. In this fall election throw those out of office who do not represent us but follow the line of political correctness and left wing liberalism from 1600 Penn ave on down. then the message will be gotten. If she is reelected expect more of the same!!!!!!

  • 13. citizen wrote:

    eli slavin, a self appointed nobody, all he is worried about is having his picture on line all the time,
    him and chanina that no one elected kiss her a…… make nice and have more pictures,
    in other communities they would be thrown down all the stairs,
    wake up people she is a jew hater, but shw will use them, and they are happy to have another picture,

  • 15. whats new wrote:

    Maybe devorai halberstam and the crownheights community council can call a meeting outside the museum with dov hikind and other random official to make excuses why clarke had to sign that letter blah blah blah ………..

  • 17. TO Chaim raitport wrote:

    No. mendy was ruining for state assembly, she’s a congresswoman.

    But its still our fault, because she knows that hardly anyone in the community votes. so she doesn’t take our concerns seriously.
    I always say when there is a problem we all go and vent on the comments section, but when its time for voting,which is the only action that can have a serious affect and force the politicians to take us seriously, there’s hardly anyone there.

  • 19. Grateful We Left wrote:

    Put your votes where they count.
    Clean up Crown Heights and elect community leaders who follow the Rebbe completely.
    Decide on a rav that everyone listens to or
    Get Out!

  • 20. now its the time wrote:

    to look for someone a whole lot better, she has shown her true colors, we need her like a hole in the head after all the work these leaders have tried

  • 22. Devorah Halberstam wrote:

    Devorah Halberstam should not be mentioned in an article with these loser, self appointed, publicity seeking nobodies. She is the only person who uses her clout, expertise and unparalleled ahavas yisroel to advocate and fight for all Jews without any personal agenda or need for recognition.
    Hashem should bless her with many more healthy, happy years to continue her important work.

  • 23. YMSP wrote:

    This is a wake up call that we need Hashem’s protection and that we need to start acting like Hashem’s nation of people and the Rebbe’s chasidim. No more pritzus glorification nights by reinventers of Judaism in their own image, to start with.

  • 24. Jewish dude wrote:

    Why does she not speak out about the every day assaults on Jewish people in crowhnheights. Jews get robbed stabbed shot at and hurt in crowhnheights nobody talks about that.

  • 25. Reuven Lipkind wrote:

    I am proud to serve with State Senator Jesse Hamilton the only one to openly oppose the Iran deal that the President pushed for I feel at least someone feels that Jewish lives matter. Hurray for JESSE!


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