Ten More Hostages Turned Over to The Red Cross As Ceasefire Holds For Now


The release of the fifth group of Hamas hostages began this evening (Tuesday) and the ten hostages who are scheduled to be released tonight are in the process of being handed over to the Red Cross. They will return to Israel later tonight.

The return of the hostages was reportedly delayed when crowds surrounded the Red Cross vehicles in Gaza.

The hostages being freed tonight include nine women and a 17-year-old girl. The families of the hostages have been notified and are on their way to the hospitals to be reunited with their loved ones.

The 10 Israeli hostages released from Hamas captivity tonight: Ditza Heiman, Tamar Metzger, Noralin Babadila Agojo, Ada Sagi, Meirav Tal, Rimon Kirsht, Ofelia Roitman, Gabriela Leimberg and her daughter Mia, and Clara Marman.

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