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Garbage Truck Goes Up in Flames on Empire Blvd.

A garbage truck from Yankels Rubbish went up in flames late Monday night while collecting commercial trash on Empire Boulevard. Police shut down the thoroughfare while the FDNY doused the blaze.

The fire broke out in the rear of the truck at around 12:30am just after it collected trash from the Empire Kosher supermarket on Empire Boulevard between Kingston and Brooklyn Avenues.

The driver and workers got out of the truck and called 911 and fire fighters had the fire under control within minutes.

There were no reported injuries and the cause of the blaze remains unclear.

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  • 3. morris wrote:

    Hey Guido! Learn to speak Italian.
    La familia is Spanish.
    I think you mean La famiglia

  • 5. Mendel Fitzhume wrote:

    After a thorough investigation it was determined that the fire was accidental in nature; the cause was the result of a decaying egg salad sandwich in the trash hopper. The toxic gases from the decaying process created a flammable gas cloud which subsequently ignited. Thankfully no one was injured in the process.


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