Photos: Chof Av Farbrengen in 770

In honor of Chof Av, the day of the Yohrtzeit of Reb Levi Yitzchok – the Rebbes father, a Farbrengen was held in 770 with many in participation.

Photos by Menachem Mendel Tzikashvili


  • 1. The mountains wrote:

    Don’t ppl go to the mountains anymore, sure 770 is 90% empty, but why stay in Bklyn, if it’s so much nicer in the mountains, fresh air, greenery, it’s great !!!

  • 3. To : out of towner #2 wrote:

    Yes, the reason for that is most ppl go away for the summer, here we have the mountains, plus ppl go to different places, but majority of Shabbosim during the summer families go away, mostly the Catskill mountains in addition to other places, during the week the men are in Bklyn bec of work, Shabbos they go away, where are u from please ?


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