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Bochurim from Minnesota, California and Toronto Farbreng!

Farbrenging late into the night were Bochurim from Minnesota, California and Toronto all of whom gathered in the home of Reb Benny Wolf and together with their Mashpim they sat and Farbrenged for hours in honor of Yud Shvat.

More pictures in the Extended Article!


  • 2. 40 years in the hood wrote:

    bearka ..its nice to see u back in c,h, .but when r you going to put the speakers on the tanks 4 2moro ?after davening when the old chasidem go to the ohel, we have 2 go on tank # 21 , will they be ready ?

  • 3. Rebbetzin N wrote:

    So where was Zalman Shimon, I see the rest of the chevra, but I dont see him? Looks like the LB boys had a great time,, Levi H. Levi G. Mendel S. Of course, if Mendel Tevel was not farbrenging it could never be the same!

  • 6. Proud cousins wrote:

    The Wolf’s are true shluchim in the heart of the Rebbes Shchuna!!!!

  • 8. WOLF FAN! wrote:

    shkoach to the best hachnosas orchim in crown heights!!!!
    wish i was there!!!
    ps. someone should have told them to hop off the counters :)

  • 9. mendel wrote:

    Nice to see you Zal! – Mendy & Eliyahu when did you guys go OOT – nice to see you all!

  • 16. jerry springer (yeh it-s me) wrote:

    shlomo goldin, good to see you, after all these years your still making me proud !!!

  • 20. tante in sunny weather wrote:

    the most incredible and special girl that’s in the backround, is the one who prepared this farbrengen. And all the other hundreds and thousands farbrengens and massive hachnossas orchim that this family hosts daily and round the clock. And the farbrengens that ZAL lets his mother know about exactly 30 seconds before they start. And I will take this opportunity to praise this extraordinary family!!!!!Their HACHNOSSAS ORCHIM for family, friends, strangers and everyone and anyone is above and beyond .

  • 23. toronto bachur wrote:

    hi s.wagner m.cohen s.groden m.lazar m.zaltzman a.bernstein
    s.lisben e.brafman b.gruvich and all torontonis

  • 26. California wrote:

    Shlomo!! MUch Nachas being shepped by me!! Keep up
    the wonderful work. Other Shlomo says hi.


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