Crown Heights History: 1323 President Street

This series on The History of Crown Heights has been compiled by Instagram account @historyofcrownheights, run by a born and raised Crown Heightser, and shows some of the ongoing research taking place.

Loiuse Cohen
Cost: $35,000
Architect: J Sarsfield Kennedy

Louis Cohen built this magnificent mansion on a 160 by 125 feet lot. It was intended to accommodate his 9 children and household servants, although having servants was considered outdated after World War I. Despite the changing times, the presence of 9 children made full-time help a practical choice.

The legacy of Louis Cohen extends beyond his home. He founded the Brooklyn Jewish Center, and the first meeting took place within these very walls.

Following the sale of his house in 1930 did the neighboring house on the right and the building on the left were constructed.

Interestingly, the New York Times mentioned the sale, which was unusual as the publication rarely covered Brooklyn real estate.

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