Taxi and Limo Commission Responds to Anti Semitic Slur

The commissioner for the New York Taxi and Limo Commission has published a response to an anti-Semitic verbal attack that occurred in Crown Heights last week. The incident is under investigation.


Acting TLC Commissioner Bill Heinzen responded to an anti-Semitic incident that occurred in Crown Heights last week involving a livery cab.

As previously reported on, the incident occurred on Thursday morning, as a Crown Heights resident was biking on Schenectady Ave between St Marks Ave and Prospect Pl. The driver of a black Toyota livery cab, had been driving on Schenectady Ave and refused to move over while passing the cyclist, forcing him to stop.

The livery driver then stopped, according to the victim, rolled down his window and began a verbal exchange. When told that he should have left room for the cyclist, the livery driver called the victim a “Filthy Jew” and proceeded to speed away.

The Mayors office, as well as the office of the TLC commissioner reached out to the victim, and an investigation was begun.

Acting TLC Commissioner Bill Heinzen released the following statement: “We have been in contact with the victim, and have already begun the process of confirming the driver’s identity and investigating the circumstances, so that we may take all the steps necessary to hold this individual fully accountable for his intolerable actions.”

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