Teachers Invigorated at Yearly Farbrengen

If farbrenging on Yud-Tes Kislev is critical for any chossid, all the more so for a mechanech upon whom 25 children depend for spiritual enthusiasm. That is why Igud Hamechanchim arranges each year a central Yud-Tes Kislev farbrengen for mechanchim.

Over 100 Crown Heights teachers gathered in the Kolel hall on Tuesday evening for an invigorating farbrengen with Rabbi Michoel Golomb, mashpia in 770, and Rabbi Aharon Ginsburg, shliach in Borough Park and dean of the Gan Yisroel schools.

A lavish seduah was served and the teachers farbrenged late into the night. Teachers left invigorated and in their hands another dose of inspiration: a booklet by Rabbi Nachman Yosef Twersky on “What is Chassidishe Chinuch.”

“It was amazing,” said one fourth grade rebbi, “the sense of achdus among the teachers was beautiful. Senior, veteran teachers blended and conversed with fresh beginners. The feeling was that we’re all doing the same thing: making the next generation of chassidim.”

photos by Shmuel Amit

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