Homeless Shelter Can Fully Open, Judge Rules

After a rowdy court hearing that lasted more than two hours Monday afternoon, a Brooklyn judge ruled that city officials can begin moving more homeless families into a controversial new 132-family shelter at the corner of Rogers Avenue and Crown Street, roughly one block away from Bais Rivkah.

from the Patch:

This will be the third homeless shelter to open within a one-mile radius in the Crown Heights and Prospects Heights area this year — part of an unprecedented citywide plan, revealed by NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio in late February, to stem the city’s growing homelessness epidemic by opening 90 new shelters.

Crown Heights residents had argued in court that — contrary to the mayor’s promise to spread new shelters evenly across the city — their neighborhood was being asked to shoulder more than its fair share.

Indeed, three of the first five shelters announced by the mayor were located in their immediate area: A women’s shelter at 174 Prospect Place, a shelter for senior men at 1173 Bergen St. and a family shelter at 267 Rogers Ave.

As of Monday afternoon, all three are open for business.

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  • 1. The kangeroo wrote:

    As long as Rabbi Gurary approves their tznius they are welcome to the community.

  • 3. I have an idea wrote:

    Maybe Beis Rivkah should strike to protest the opening of the shelter?

  • 4. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    #3) Better yet, as soon as they look cross eyed at the students in Bais Rivkah, call 911 Why was not the possible safety of school children an important issue at tha hearin


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