Bakery owner Levi Gombo serving customers. Illustration Photo.

Gombo’s Bakery to Reopen Purim

After being shuttered for two weeks, Gombo’s Bakery on Kingston Avenue will reopen on Purim, bakery owner Levi Gombo tells

Gombo’s Bakery, a popular bake shop on Kingston Avenue, was suddenly closed on a Friday morning some two weeks ago. Sources then told us that a dispute over control of this property – which has long been the subject of contention – is at the heart of the issue, with Gombo’s being third party that was caught in the middle.

Thanks to the generosity of another Kingston Avenue business, Gombo’s was able to sell off his baked goods of the day.

For just over two weeks the store had been closed while the parties came to an agreement.

On Friday Levi Gombo told “Boruch Hashem everything is resolved and we will reopen on Purim.” Adding that they will be baking their famous hamentashen, stretch challas, and other baked goods all night long starting Motzai Shabbos.

“There will be great sales, music and simcha,” Gombo said. “Everyone is invited!”


  • Avi hipster

    Wow what a miracle like I taught that yesterday we fasted and today we see already miracles

    • cholentmitkugel

      We see Poppy seeds apricot and prune. And Monday no more. It’s more of a shame.

  • I want you all to know

    although Levi gombos is not from crownheights there isn’t a time that he’s not involved in donating goods or money to anyone that comes to him he supports all the yeshivahs evryone raffle chinnese auction etc etc. thank you Levi for being part of our community

    • Anonymous

      He donated Moore than people know B”h he was able to reopen. It was a case of Greed strikes again with him being the monkey in the middle unfortunately