Gombo’s Bakery Shuttered on Erev Shabbos

Customers seeking to buy Challahs for Shabbos were shocked to discover that the popular Gombo’s Bakery on Kingston Avenue was closed, and a “Marshal’s Legal Possession” notice was posted on the front door.

Open in Crown Heights since 2009, Gombo’s has become famous for their Challas, cakes and doughnuts, all of which are baked on premises, and is a frequent Erev Shabbos destination for many residents.

However, this Friday prospective customers were greeted with a closed door and a marshal’s notice posted instead.

With Friday’s weather unseasonably warm and sunny, neighboring business Sweet Expressions ‘took Gombo’s in’ to their courtyard, where they were able to offer Challahs and cakes that were already baked for sale.

CrownHeights.info reached out to Gombo’s owner Levi Gombo, who would only say “we are open in the yard of Sweet Expressions near Union Street for now, and hope to have this resolved in the very near future, and we will keep you updated.”

Sources have indicated to us that a dispute over control of this property – which has long been the subject of contention – is at the heart of the issue, with Gombo’s being third party that is caught in the middle.

Sands Point Associates LLC, the entity which evicted Gombo’s, did not return our request for comment.



  • 1. ch'er wrote:

    jealousy politics & ungodly hatred one must know there is a supreme judge that is supreme to all. be happy what Hashem gives you and stop the BS.

    Pray harder on Rosh Hashana & Yom Kipper dont screw another Jew for your lack of confidence in G-d.

  • 2. moishe pupik wrote:

    I heard the Marshal did not like the Trump donuts that Gambo’s made,hence the seizure of bakery.

  • 3. Unfortunate situation wrote:

    The owner of the property making some bad decisions, and greedy people taking advantage of his weaknesses and hardships, rather than acting as we are instructed by the Torah “כי ימוך אחיך ומטה ידו עמך, והחזקת בו”!

  • 4. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    This could go on way after past Pesach. It is unfortunate that the whole legal notice with the claims and possible claims were not posted so that the readers could understand what has occurred
    #1) Your joke is unwarented considering that Gumbo’s could, in the end run, be the loser and thus the community as well if the so-called owner has his way; i. e, if the owner wins in court, he can evict Gumbos and rent it to another party or do something else with the property or restore the status quo.

  • 5. Yankel wrote:

    To comment number 3 that saved the landlord from loosing the building so learn before you jabber

  • 6. We Need Moshiach Now wrote:

    We got evicted from the Beis HaMikdash because of this type of conduct. Sad!

  • 7. Gombo thank you wrote:

    thank you Gombo for giving your old doughnuts to 770 everyday for anyone to take for free

    i wish you success

  • 10. No other G-ds ... except MONEY wrote:

    Money is the new avoda zara.
    My son recently renewed his lease with and the landlord was harassed by other homeowners on the block. Their complaint? ‘what right do you have to rent for so cheap? You are making it harder for up to jack up what we charge”
    So here you have a mentch being attacked for being a mentch and renting at an affordable rate!!

    • 11. not surprised wrote:

      money is not a new avodah Zarah even in Crown Heights it has been a prominent one & a popelar one for many years by many

  • 13. crown hightser wrote:

    you did it again!
    keep on making a good Name for your self and your family. i’m sure you sleep good at night.

    • 14. cholentmitkugel wrote:

      Ahhh…to be married to a baker. Baskets of fresh seeded rolls on the table, finest cheeses and smoked salmon. All washed down with a Kingston Ave. Kawfee…

  • 15. moishe pupik wrote:

    All the comments indicate that you people did not eat enough dougnuts.Had you done so your comments would be less caustic

  • 16. berl wrote:

    To yankel from comment number 5
    Having watched and helped in this case for many years I dont know where you think that someone saved the landlord.
    Some greedy ppl mislead the landlord and ate the ones causing trouble here.
    They are evidentlyvthe ones fprcing gumbo’s out as well.
    I hope this is resolved for gumbo as well as for the landlord

  • 19. an insider wrote:

    for someone who knows the inside story, I can just say that the creep thats behind this is the same person that is behind alot of broken marriages and other illegal goings on he introduced to this neighborhood. I do not envy him when he will need to give a din vecheshbon to the one whom you can’t bribe and smear with money.

  • 20. Empty Store wrote:

    But the important thing is that for now the store stays empty. Someone please explain this one to me.

  • 21. Mr. Gold wrote:

    Very sad. The donuts here were the bomb. The coffee was Tov me’od too. The guy with the Hat ran did a great job managing this place. I don’t see him for a couple of days; then I go to the bakery and I see a Marshal’s notice on the glass. The neighberhood definitely took a loss. Oy vey what a day!

  • 22. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    It was for that person a good time to put the financial vice grip on–Is not Purim an exceptional time for business like bakeries and so forth?

  • 25. Stripes wrote:

    We felt stricken when we stopped by in July – we come all the way from Iowa to buy from Gombos what we can’t find in the Midwest. We just kept staring at the window as though we were going to see signs of life or find a positive sounding sign in the window. Many people walked by but nobody seemed to know what was going on. Does anyone know if there has been any progress in this matter? This has become one of those moments you fantasize about – where the community rallies around the victim, finds a way to re-open elsewhere with the help of the community – everybody wins …… If Gombos is never to open again can anyone point us in the right direction of a bakery that is similar? What a terrible thing to happen for the owner and the community. That men should treat others in such away fills me with such sadness and more than a bit of hopelessness.


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