Opponents of Rezoning Cause Melee at CB-9 Meeting

The monthly meeting of Community Board 9 at Medgar Evers College in Crown Heights turned hostile Tuesday night, when critics of a controversial plan to rezone Empire Blvd. showed up en masse and loudly demanded that the board rescind its request for a study of the move.

From DNA Info:

Dozens of members of the local anti-developer group, Movement to Protect the People, filled an auditorium for Community Board 9’s full board meeting and demanded the board yank its yes vote in favor of exploring rezoning in the area. Things got so confusing and hostile that there were multiple calls for NYPD officers to calm the crowd

“Rescind! Rescind! Rescind! Everything should stop!” Geoffrey A. Davis, Crown Heights’s newly elected district leader, shouted at the hearing at Medgar Evers College, shortly before officers from the 71st Precinct were called into the room in one of many such interventions by police to the three-hour meeting.

Opponents of rezoning fear it might open the door for developers to swoop in and build high-rise residential towers, while supporters hope rezoning would better protect residents from overdevelopment and pave the way for adding affordable housing to the neighborhood.

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  • 1. residents wrote:

    “Afffordable housing”???? Sure
    For the hipsters from park slope.my friends, wake up and smell the coffee. Our neighberhood is being given.away by other chasidim and sadly our own

  • 2. justice for Yeshiva families! wrote:

    I agree “residents,” I also oppose “rezoning.” Some one has to put a stop to the oppression of poor and elderly and other disadvantaged residents of Crown Heights.

  • 4. SAVE OUR COMMUNITY wrote:

    rezoning would be nice if we definitely knew it would benefit our community but as some one who has been around, rezoning means hurray for the boropark n satmar investors who will build tiny studios that do damage physically and spiritually for our kids and this neighborhood. hey, as long as their own people are protected they come here and do what they want. how many times have i seen our ”new ” neighbers acting inapropriate in public areas. They have no bushah. we must put a stop to this. g-d forbid all we need is for one bar to open up here and they claim the neighborhood.

  • 5. Sholom Yehudah Greenberg wrote:

    Developers either Lubavitchers or associated entities are not interested in anything except the bottom line, which means profits.
    The fact that ordinary working Anash are priced out of the market is of no interest to them.

  • 6. CHLEAKS.COM wrote:

    Dovie Sperlin (Chanina Sperlin Brother) is the developer who bought the properties on Empire Blvd.

    Just saying.

  • 7. Affordable housing - projects ? wrote:

    It will be fancy housing for all the fancy open minded people, look what is going around the prospect park from our side …..but it’s not a family type people ….it’s hard to see all ” fancy” girls & guys that are renting here all apartments that avarage Jewish young family living outskirts or l e a v I n g the place …..it’s very tough rent competition for any Jewish married couple …. And all other that are living more poor then us will do more crime to us and our property …….
    Must do some funds to establish her eating community

  • 8. Making matters worse... wrote:

    What about yidden that won’t rent to yidden? This makes matters worse; less supply for yidden = even higher prices.

  • 9. that's life wrote:

    if crown heights is too expensive…move!

    not sure why everyone is so bitter about people buying property and wanting to make money. Personally, I moved out of Crown Heights when it got too expensive…it isn’t the only place in the world to live!

    If you would own property, or when you sell your homes, you would also want top dollar…not sure why anyone would claim otherwise.

  • 11. I saw the plan wrote:

    I saw the plan they presented at the community board meeting. it is not at all designed to house chabad couples and or families.

  • 13. Homes for less then $200K wrote:

    you should consider moving to Cincinnati, Ohio. we have a growing Chabad community with low or no tuition, a growing Yeshiva and a new Zal, move before the cost of homes go up.

  • 14. Shmuel wrote:

    #13. Homes for less then $200K, It takes money to move. I’m stuck in the economic blackhole and cultural wasteland that is Oklahoma. I’ve been unemployed for the last seven years and number among the 93 million Americans, who are no longer in the labor force, because just about every factory and job has moved to China (et al). One can’t simply pull-up stakes and move across country. $200K? Who has that kind of money these days? Who has a job? ::::shaking my head::::

  • 15. justice for Yeshiva families! wrote:

    To “that’s life” and other’s that share his wicked attitude to the poor of our community by asking them to move out: shame on you! You have the attitude of S’dom, may Heaven save us!!!!!!

  • 16. Homes for less then $200K in Cincinnati wrote:

    A Mortgage of $200K over 30 years is less then the RENT you pay for a 3 bedroom apartment in Crown Heights.

    • 17. Shmuel wrote:

      Yes, I understand housing is cheaper in Ohio, but so is the cost of living, which translates into lower pay, even for those who are able to walk into a similar job.

      And if one lives in the Midwest, it’s next to impossible to move to either coast, even for those who are able to sell their home (assuming they own it), because selling an 80K 3 bedroom home in Oklahoma won’t give you enough money to buy a 2 bedroom MOBILE home in California (nevermind the rental fee for the lot).

      In short, it takes $$$$ to move from either coast to the Midwest, because you’ll be earning less once you’re in the Midwest, and it takes even more $$$$ to move from the Midwest to a Jewish community on either coast. That’s why I call Oklahoma (and the Midwest in general) an economic black hole – once you cross the event horizon … forget about escaping. :(


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