Buy A… Vote for Shea Yarmulka?

Is it an election gimmick? Or a farce? A new website was just brought to our attention which is featuring Rabbi Shea Hecht’s signature red Yarmulka offered up for sale. The site,, writes that it will be selling 999 limited edition yarmulkas on a first come first serve basis.

According to the site they have already sold 59 yarmulkas, and the proceeds will go to help pay for education, food and rent for families that are in need.

According to Hecht he has no idea who made the site.


  • 1. I LOVE IT- Vote for Shea and NEW wrote:

    I am voting for Shea! Whoever made this website it doesn’t matter, it is for a good cause and people need help.

    The point is, I love shea hecht and the site and all the people who want to really help our community, Zaki Tamir Aaron Vogel Yossi Hackner Avraham Benaroch

  • 4. David slunim wrote:

    Im gona buy a yarmukah for shea, and a new hat for poltrak

    i acually buaght 2 bc my brother in chicago is gona love it

  • 5. red is sheas signiture wrote:

    The person who made it lives in 770 empire

    He didn’t protect his whois info

  • 6. what a riot! wrote:

    My daughter wanted to buy a red yarmulkah for my grandson today & I said he’d look like Shea. If I’d have known I’d have bought one of these. Do they come in Kids sizes?

  • 9. Lucky Charms wrote:

    In the name of achdus, why don’t they make a sheamaka with yechi on it?

  • 10. Kolel Yungerman wrote:

    Go Shea! You can change this community for the better!

  • 13. Can-t lose wrote:

    If all the related Hechts bought one they would sell 10,000 and if they all vote for him he couldn’t lose.

  • 14. Enough is enough wrote:

    Another addition to the circus that already exists. Its perfectly healthy to joke around have a good laugh but not @ the community’s expense.

  • 16. a practical resident wrote:

    It’s time the Community Council has someone who truly helps and cares in office. Shea really is needed and must be elected!!!
    Shea comes from a family raised to help anyone in need regardless of their friendship or status.
    In fact there have been times that the Hechts assisted families/people in need .. the very same people who hurt them and fought them – yet in the spirit of a true chossid “Hecht” is there to help!
    This is how they were raised and it is in their blood. You can only win with Shea in that office. It’s about time we vote smart. It’s about time we are not shamed by those representing us. When a fool walks into an office and he is supposed to be our leader what exactly does this do for us?
    That is why it is imperative that Shea get elected. We need intelligent, capable and devoted representation!!!

  • 19. Empire resident wrote:

    I’m probably going to vote for Shea (because the poltorak gang are like the Chicago Thug politics), but his attitude is ostentatious. By his vaad hakol meeting he made as if the whole world was begging him to run and someone came in with a ski mask over their face and said that he had collected all the signatures necessary because of his desperate desire for Shea to run. He said he still doesn’t know who to thank for collecting the signatures. Get off your high broomstick and appeal to serve the community with humility.

    Having said that, he is from the better ones of the [pitiful] list of candidates and deserves to be elected. I wish Nuti Shemtov would run. He has humility and tons of ahavas yisroel.

  • 21. SECURITY wrote:


  • 22. sam wrote:

    actually the form it does post through https
    before you accuse someone please check the html source code

  • 23. security wrote:

    I did check the form and it is not https so maybe you should check it out…


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