UPDATED 10:20PM: Chaos In 770 After Attempt Made To Close The Tunnel Under 770

by CrownHeights.info

Chaos is reigning in 770 after the powers that be attempted to seal the tunnel under 770, leading to widespread vandalism inside the building.

The incident began this afternoon as the powers that be arranged for cement trucks to come to 770 and begin filling in the tunnel. Based on Union Street, the trucks began pumping the cement to the tunnel, but were forced to stop as the bochurim began disconnecting the hosing and vandalizing the trucks. The chaos spread from there.

The police were called to the scene to protect the work, so the bochurim took their vandalism inside and began ripping off the walls of downstairs 770, exposing the tunnel and showing the extent of the illegal and dangerous work done.

This story is developing and will be updated as information becomes available.

Update 10:20pm: At present, the scene outside 770 remains active and chaotic with news vans arriving to cover the story. Inside the Shul of 770 has been cleared of all non-emergency personnel and efforts are underway to repair some of the damage done.

As of now, the 770 downstairs shul will remain closed and off limits until an announcement is made otherwise by the Shul.

Update 7:16pm: Arrests continue inside 770 as NYPD officers continue to pull Bochurim from inside the tunnel.

Update 7:10pm: At this time, the doors to 770 have been locked by the police and ESU is on scene inside with many zip tie handcuffs. The tunnels other exits have allegedly been sealed by 770 workers. The situation continues to evolve.

Update 6:45pm: Reports indicate ten people arrested after a scuffle with the NYPD took place inside 770. Rumor claims that a Bochur attempted to pepper spray an officer.

Update 5:27pm: LIVE action in 770 can be seen here on 770LIVE. (UPDATE: Feed is down)


  • It's the Rebbe's shul!

    As an out of towner, I always make it a point to stop and daven by 770.
    It’s the Rebbe’s shul. Period. It should be treated it that way.

    • Yisrael

      Can someone respectfully explain why these young men have chosen to do this? Is it just to expand 770 or does this relate to Mochiach?

  • Random guy

    Thank you very very much to crown heights info for being the first major news site to post this very important news story let’s see if ******* and ******* says a word about it

  • Random guy

    Please keep posting updates no matter how much pushback you get!!! The public needs to know the reality of what happens in 770!!!!

    • Jo

      The reality is that every 10-20 years, new generation of ter**rists are using power to gain control over parts of 770. We see here the last generation, while the previous generations are now called Moisrim

  • Unbelievable

    Such a huge Chilel Hashem. Every one of those Bochurim fighting with the police should have their visas cancelled.

    • howie f.

      Looks like they have a lot in common with Hamas:

      1. religious/vile ethnocentric ideology
      2.passionate about tunnels

  • Shlomo Zarchi

    Maybe NOW they will finally stop accepting Kvutza from Tsfas. So sad that it had to come to this.

    • Yungerman

      The hanhallah of the Yeshiva in Tzefas would NEVER encourage such behavior. And this is not the time to vent your political nonsense!

    • Shloma Zarchi

      By accepting this group year after year, they are by default tolerating this behavior.

    • Yehuda Meyer Robbins

      BH it won’t break bc the supports are still there and it will IyH be filled. And we will IyH expand 770 the right way

  • Moshiach Now!

    It is stated that before the coming of moshiach, “Chutzpah Yazbee” that their will be an uptick in Chutpah. Now we find this happenign inside 770 beis moshiach, this is a clear sign that moshiach, who has the name peretz fo breaking through the walls of golus will redeem us Now!

    • a former tamim

      what you are saying is a very unhealthy denial of very present problems plaguing lubavitch, in the vacuum of no leadership “bgashmius”.

      Look in the mirror. Stop using “Dor haShvi’i mivtzoim on friday’s” to white wash and ignore all the leitzanus , chaos , and disgrace that this has become.

      These are not normal problems other from communities suffer from!!!!

    • Real chossid

      It gives them no right to do such thing. Just like our bodies belongs to us we have to take care of it

    • pashute yid

      Stupid comment like these and the many more defending this inexcusable, disgraceful, chilul Hashem , and clear hezek to kodshim are why people think lubavitch is a joke.

      R’Mendel Futerfas, R’Itche D’Masmid and back to the early chabad chassidim like R’Hillel Paritcher or R’Shmuel Munkes didn’t look like this !!!

      Reality check people! when is someone going to condemn this for what it is!

  • Schemuel

    Everyone on these pictures appears to be under 30. Sadly they are an orphaned generation who never merited to meet the Lubavitcher Rebbe like my generation & I merited to.
    But clearly this is the beginning of the end of Chabad after what happened today, basically nothing short of January 6th all over again.

    • AH

      “The beginning of the end of Chabad”?! יסכר פי דוברי שקר. Chabad will continue to exist until Moshiach comes and beyond!

  • Chabad HQ

    We regret the incident at our headquarters, where some young men damaged the building. This was a mistake that does not represent our values. We are repairing the damage and restoring the harmony among our factions. We invite you to visit us at our global outreach network and learn more about our work and teachings. Thank you.

    • John

      Doesn’t represent your values, yet went on for how many years inside your building under your watch? Don’t like to us. You don’t pay taxes and take advantage of our system. This abuse of the system is coming to an end soon!

    • Someone in the know

      Global Chabad is great but what does it say about Chabad as a whole when the cradle of Chabad (CH) is sacked like the two temples except this time by your own people I’m embarrassed to say I’m Chabad after seeing this

      as global Chabad I hope someone starts taking responsibility for the things happening in CH your own home the Rebbe’s A’H home

      saying this is the coming of moshiach is insanity

  • I know

    Outsider question.. picking up this story today; but why was there a faux wall with a connecting tunnel to the Mikvah (allegedly) to begin with?

    I’m sure I’m missing something, but this wasn’t hidden well – other than a connecting stone (as marked on the 770 EP main entrance wall) Foundation Stone/Well of Souls homage.. can someone provide clarity, respectfully please?

  • heat broken, wake up people!!!

    lubavitch/ crown heights has become so much of a free for all for a long time. it’s become so common place, the whatever leadership has gone into denial/ is afraid to call it what it is.

    do you think the old Lubavitcher chassidim looked like this?

    You can’t blame this on “factions” lubavitch never had factions – it was a real chassidus.

    today what are you ?!

  • someone who cares

    do we blame youth that are on drugs? do we talk to them this way or do we say that , we did mistakes by raising them, and now we need to approach them with love and care? so why here is it different? why are we putting the blame on them and not on ourselves?

  • What

    My one question is why nobody even tried to stop some kids from ripping apart 770 when they were just starting? There were so many people in the shul? How did they manage to rip up the entire wall without anybody stopping them at all until the police came?

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately a big busha for our community and also 770 became a efker no one cares is terrible it should be mo monitored and check with people enter to .

  • Leorw

    Beyond disappointed. Like our current world, they seem to have fallen into chaos. Thank you head quarters on the statement and restating our values. I disagree with the word “mistake”; they made bad choices (yes plural, it’s carried on for an extended period of time). I suspect that those arrested will have their Visa’s revoked because one cannot have a criminal record in the USA. Moshiach now!

  • John

    Kick these men out of the US IMMEDIATELY if they are not US citizens. There’s no possible way you can look at this and say, ya they’re doing something good in the name of helping others…. You’re not doing your people any favors right now solidifying stereotypes with this vile behavior.

  • Marcelo Cukierman

    Are those our future rabbis? I am very concerned. Their rabbis and Rosh Yeshivot need to take strong action.

    • Long time resident of CH

      You will find tunnels at the Ohel. When techiyas hameisim will take place Medrash says that those buried Chutz L’Aretz will travel via underground tunnels until they reach the Holy Land and are resurrected.

  • MC

    Shaping of the bochurim Narrative has been building for days prior to this; from displaying their presence at the Shul to being the immediate scapegoat here.
    Control & silence has been going on long enough, in the name of innocence – be strong and with God.

  • Satmar HQ

    chabad just got a real bad name. and now we see what happens to old bucherim sitting on their smartphone in 770 the whole day and doing nothing.

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