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Bochur Mugged for his Laptop on Eastern Pkwy

Crown Heights, Brooklyn – “I need to feed my kids” is what a mugger told his victim when he snatched the laptop out of the hands of a Bochur on Eastern Parkway. The incident took place yesterday, Tuesday, at around 3:00pm between New York and Brooklyn.

The Bochur was sitting on a bench on Eastern Pkwy when a tall male black described to be in his mid 20’s pulled the laptop from the lap of the Bochur while pushing him down, the perp was accompanied by what was described as a 10 year old youth, as the perp pulled the laptop for the grasp of the Bochur he said “I need to feed my kids”.

More in the Extended Article.

The perp then ran towards Brooklyn then turned onto St. Johns Pl. to Kingston with the laptop in his hands, which is where the Bochur caught up with the perp, who picked up a rock and said “Do you want me to put you to sleep?” while holding the rock over his head.

The Bochur called Shomrim frantic, and immediately had numerous members along with bystanders who came to aid, and began searching for the perp but to no avail. Police were called and a police report has been made.

This incident is particularly disturbing due to the fact that this took place in broad daylight and many people were on the streets, the incident goes along with the brazen mugging of an iPod from a jogger about a month ago.

Residents need to be extra cautious not to bring attention to expensive personal electronics such as using the white earphones for your iPod and not to sit on a park bench with a laptop where any passing mugger or thief can easily steal such items.

Always remember in case of an emergency to call 911 and Shomrim at (718) 774-3333 24/7 AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! THIS WILL INCREASE THE CHANCES OF APPREHENDING THE PERPS!


  • 1. clarmen wrote:

    no kiding
    if i saw a shvartze with a laptop i would not think twice before snaching it

  • 2. puzzled wrote:

    When will people learn???

    Glad he’s OK, but for goodness sake, have some sense. This is a crime-ridden area & the criminals have absolutely no fear. Daylight, midnight, no difference.

    Don’t show you’ve got stuff…if you need fresh air, put your goodies away!!

    BTW, how long before the police arrived? Or have we at last recognized that they are a waste of time, & we leave it to Shomrim as first responders?

  • 3. Shmuck wrote:

    Yeh teach your 10 year old to steal. What a shmuck. If he so much needs money to feed his kids.. GET A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop living off welfare and section 8! Sick sick people in this world.

  • 5. ske wrote:

    If the shvartze isnt armed and dosnt look harmful, follow him!!!

    I dont understand at what point you lost the perp with his 10 y.o. son.

  • 6. Shvartzas = losers wrote:

    Nebach!! What a loser! There is s\t called jobs ppl!!!Go out and get one like the guy who owned the laptop!! Condolences to the guy who got his laptop stolen.. I hope you had insurance!

  • 7. SURPRISED wrote:

    I was in front of Oholei Torah at hte time,& saw a Lubab running after a shvartze(this can only mean one thing)But to my surprise everbody just watched this poor jewish boy & noone tried to run with him or help him for that matter!!!!I wa s with babies otherwise I would have stated running or at least scream forhelp!!

  • 8. very concerned resident wrote:

    which precinct did it happen in? 71st precinct or the 77th precinct?

  • 9. report all crimes wrote:

    we need to call police as unhelpful as they are, all crimes have to be reported in order for funding, complaints, to have any affect any crime not reported is as if it does not acour.

    how about shomrim patrols on eastern parkway where pepole are walking? perhaps giving some walkers radios?

  • 10. Not Puzzled wrote:

    Re Puzzled:

    I dont understand how you can say this? How are people supposed to know not to have a Laptop outdoors? This never happened before! Now its easy to say that, maybe you should say you cant wear a $300.00 pair of Sun glasses now, ha…!!!!

  • 11. to puzzled: wrote:

    it could be he was sitting there because ,you are able to catch the internet there!

  • 12. The Hobo Whisperer wrote:

    That’s a great example he sets for his children.Of course, we’ll keep wondering why the crime doesn’t stop when his kid robs somebody else in 8 years.

  • 13. A Very concerned C.H. Mother. wrote:

    The Bachur should not have gone after him!


    These animals are dangerous! Call from your phone but don’t be a Sorry hero.

    Thank you. Teach that point o your children.

  • 14. Bored on empire wrote:

    I was there, and saw the whole thing. I grabbed my ohone, and had Shomrim’s number as the firts on mu calling list =- Everyone in C should have these numbers Shomrin, hatzolah etc, ready for use, it takes seconds but may even save a life

  • 15. new wrote:


    some loptops have tracking devices and the police will track him

  • 16. I hate living here-id move if I could wrote:

    I am really sorry for this Bochur, but I agree with the poster above me, when will people learn?
    I literally cringe when I see CH residents walk around with expensive cell phones, Ipods and laptops out in the open for anyone to grab. I also freak out when I see people exchange large sums of money in the street and I see that often!!
    Keep your stuff hidden! They are watching you! Turn your rings around, or dont wear jewelry! I am sorry that this is what it has come to, but it has? And who is that casual about a $1000 dollar machine to sit on Eastern Parkway with it???
    Use your head! Go inside and work there!

  • 17. Boruch ben Tzvi HaKohaine Hoffinger wrote:

    If possible carry a camera cell-phone or even a toy, realistic one, yell: ”I’ve got your photo!”

  • 19. Crime wrote:

    If you ever see a shvartze running even if he is not being chased after you should always chase him because most times he is a criminal, and I hope the police will start patrolling our streets more because we are sick of all this crime!

  • 20. To Crime wrote:

    You should call Shomrim also (718) 774-3333

    “If you ever see a shvartze running even if he is not being chased after you should always chase him because most times he is a criminal”

  • 21. witness wrote:

    I had also witnessed the scene, starting from the chase. They crossed the parkway in middle of traffic, almost getting hit. I immediately called Shomrim, but unfortunately they were too quick. I wish I was able to help, but I was with my niece and there was traffic on the parkway which held me back. I hope everyone learns a lesson from this, and hopefuly such a thing will never happen again.

  • 22. south african wrote:

    i think alot of this crime is due to the fact that people in this community still dont want to admit that crown heights IS dangerous!! coming from south africa, we unfortunately grow up having crime at the back of our minds,and being aware at all times!we dont walk with jewellery,(turning your rings around doesnt help,who are you kidding,the thieves know almost every married lady has a diamond ring!hide it in your pocket,or dont wear it) we lock our cars, we dont draw attention to our things…. and if everyone would live like that, the thieves would get the message and leave us alone!hopefully!im not saying dont live, im saying just be aware of your surroundings!

  • 23. ?? wrote:

    “”Re Puzzled:

    I dont understand how you can say this? How are people supposed to know not to have a Laptop outdoors? This never happened before! Now its easy to say that, maybe you should say you cant wear a $300.00 pair of Sun glasses now, ha…!!!!


    I really hope you arent serious. People dont have common sense? Its like sitting there with $1000 in bills on your lap on Eastern Parkway. Would you do that? Probably not. So why is a laptop ok?

  • 24. NO POINT TO ALL THIS wrote:


  • 26. freaks wrote:

    for all those ppl that need to give critisism about everything let me just explain this to you. the dude lives on eastern pkwy and was sitting on the bench directly in front of his house. he didnt jst go out to ‘show off what he’s got’ after chasing the perp, the bochur had a conversation with the crook while the guy held a rock threateningto kill him. the bochur took the time to analyze everythink about the mugger, his eye color, clothig etc. after a few minutes of that the bochur ran onto a jewish skewl bus that he saw… and then went to the police station. lucky for him,hes an artist. he drew the crook and the police matched the perp to a man with a full criminal record!

  • 28. Leah wrote:

    okay I guess I’ll set the story straight…Since I was the one sitting next to him using my laptop also….We get internet on Eastern Parkway since we both dont have it inside our houses…and as we were sitting there in broad daylight the stupid shvartza came and took the laptop right off of the bochur’s lap….his kid took off the other way and the bochur ran through traffic for about 4 blocks after him….until he threatened to kill him with a rock..Luckily both of us went to the precinct and were able to identify the idiot….There is no reason why anyone should be afraid to use a laptop 20 feet away from their house! Instead of calling the bochur stupid….try to help change the area….Moshiach Now!

  • 29. proactive wrote:

    1) everyone should carry pepper spray.
    2) teach martial arts to all your kids.
    3) show up at the thursday night meetings with the 71st to speak out against the police incompetence.

  • 30. Sad state of existence wrote:

    I don’t live in Crown Heights so maybe it is chutzpa for me to comment, but….
    Why should law abiding people have to fear walking in the streets with jewelry showing or using laptops, ipods etc. It is the criminals who should be afraid to commit crimes. I cannot understand why the residents of CH are not actively protesting outside the police precincts and the Community Council. If criminals feel that they can commit crimes without fear then it will just escalate.

  • 31. he who must not be named wrote:

    hey everyone i am the buchur that got robbed and for all of you who are so concerned about me just letting you know that insurance is covering everything, he will not get a job he will be forced to do it again but next time he will get cought.

  • 32. shocked! wrote:

    wow …!! crazy!! the poor bochur i hope he gets his lap top back! he must be so upset -lap tops are expencive!!!
    well all we need now it moshiach!
    and i hope they get rid of those muggers!!!! im shocked -it happened in daylight??!!!
    well BH nothing happ to the bochur!

  • 33. berger wrote:

    this ish is absourd we shoud start teaching lessons no one mess with us in our neighborhood if we catch em we sould beat the hell out of them

  • 34. he who must not be named wrote:

    i second that!!! i wanted to use the laptop outside my house it was a nice day, but oh ya he was scared, he came from the othe direction but took it and ran back to the black neigberhood he knew he didnt hav
    a chance if he was runnung on eastern pkwy

  • 35. Ma-aseh B-poiel. wrote:

    What should I do if somebody demands my money?

    I think I should disable him by KICKING him in the Beitzim, then start running off while calling Shomrim.

    Is that the way to do it?

  • 36. berger wrote:

    the way is stop being scared in our hood! they aint scared in their hood why should we?

  • 37. unbelievable wrote:

    To Leah…

    Something doesn’t sound right, you were sitting next to the bochur & HIS laptop was taken, not yours? And you just sat there calmly? And you don’t sound too angry, you call the criminal stupid and idiot. And if he was identified, where is he & where’s the laptop?

    I think what you said isn’t true.

    PS…So you sit on EP all day & night surfing the net? Get Wi-Fi or cable or DSL or something so you can surf in safety. Separately. Not together. Male in his house. Female in hers.

    So you won’t be so neighborly.

  • 38. BROURIA HOFFINGER wrote:

    What we have is a society where the government protects itself and the citizens are left helpless, how?
    If it were a cop or judge, etc. sitting on a bench, and the same incident happened, they can produce a gun and arrest or scare the perp—he’s gone!
    With our very weak laws (Obviously the criminals don’t fear the law as they would a gun; which they should-7 Noahide Laws)the average citizen is the korbon (Sacrifice), while our ‘government’ protects itself. What fools we are!
    ”One nation, under G-d, indivisible, with liberty and justice for SOME.“
    The pig (U.S.A) sticks out its paws and says: ”I’m kosher!”


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