Shomrim Patrol Nabs Midnight Car Burglar

CROWN HEIGHTS [CHI] — Frustrated and fed up that the Crown Heights neighborhood has been crime’s ‘punching bag’ this past week, the Shomrim Patrol put out a number of additional patrols to cover the neighborhood. Last night it paid off with the apprehension and arrest of a car burglar.

Since the High Holidays Shomrim volunteers have maintained a patrolling vehicle with two men every single night between the hours of 8:00pm and 10:00pm. Over the past week it has been stepped up to as many as three or four cars a night.

Last night, Motzoai Shabbos, three cars were out on the street. At approximately 11:00pm they spotted an African-American man who was behaving suspiciously. After following the suspect for nearly an hour, Shomrim volunteers witnessed him breaking into a minivan on Montgomery Street and Troy Avenue.

Police were immediately called and Shomrim continued following the thief from a distance, careful to keep an eye on him. The man had reached Eastern Parkway and Utica Avenue, where he attempted to sell some of the items he had taken from the car – the most expensive being a GPS device.

Unsuccessful in making the sale, the man noticed he was being followed and began fleeing towards Rochester Avenue. Shomrim volunteers did not lose their cool and headed the thief off at the end of the block, which he never reached.

One razor eyed volunteer – with the aid of a local resident – spotted the man hiding in the front yard of one of the homes behind some bushes.

By now an army of cops had flooded the area and once the man attempted to flee again he was apprehended – but not before making it into the back yard of a building. The man was arrested and some of the property from the car was recovered in his possession.


  • 8:00pm to 10:00pm?

    if not for shomrim this guy would never be caught bu we need more hours of patrol and more people

    we need 5 cars of patrol until 6am every night

  • Kiddish Hashem

    Ladies (and men), please make sure your van or cars are kept clean and neat on the inside,so when your car is on camera, it makes a Kiddish Hashem.!

  • Now What?!!!!

    What will happen now? Will he be released tomorrow?

    What can we do to make sure this guy sets an example for everyone else who tries it again?

    Can we get posters of this guy all over CH and start a wall of Shame?

    Now the chance

  • shimon

    great job boys. now catch those beating on our boys and girls!

    $100 to you when you brake some knee caps.

  • TO #2

    Your response is truly insensitive.

    Don’t you realize that the mess in the car is from the perp’s pilferage and ransacking of the car’s glove compartment?

    I would love to start a collection of impulsive and insensitive comments, and use it to prove the necessity of thinking before you post!

  • leah


  • to number 4

    thats gr8 , break bones is that the solution? i realy think u should think 10 times bfore your write somemthing like that!

  • A yeshiva bochur

    To #2 that is the biggest pile of steaming poo Ive. Crawl back into your little hole and learn a maimar or something. You disgust me.

  • Good Work, Shomrim

    Thank you for helping keep our community safe.

    Now we have to get the rapist and the muggers.

  • mind boggles on how some people think

    to #2 really?! really? is this your concern? you really need to get your priorities straight.

  • PBA President Pat Lynch

    Please Stop this behavior ,you make my men look lazy, they have tickets to write.

  • Take a chill pill people

    Number 2 was just making a joke! Regardless of whether you find it funny or not, no malicious intent or actual criticism was intended.

    Like they say, take a chill pill!