‘Sunday Dollars’ Resume Amid Month-Long Terror Campaign

Wrapped in a Talis, a group of Tzfatis smashed through the front door of 770 yesterday to reenact the distribution of dollars, which the Rebbe would do every Sunday between 1986 and 1992. This incident caps month-long terror campaign in which the Rebbe’s Library was broken into, a Gabbai was beaten up and Tishrei guests were threatened not to visit the Ohel.

This shameful practice of reenacting the distribution of dollar in front of the Rebbe’s Room in 770 has not been seen in over 10 months. It last occurred during the month of Kislev; a group of about 700 Tzeirei Hashluchim was visiting the Rebbe’s room, when the zealots tried to prevent them from passing and a massive brawl ensued.

Following that incident, a decision was made by Aguch to put an end to this absurd practice. Guards were hired and police were involved, which ultimately lead to the distribution being relocated to ‘downstairs 770.’

On Sunday, a group of Tzfatis gathered in front of 770’s main door and, with gleeful smiles on their faces, covered themselves with a Talis and proceeded to break the door open.

The ringleader of the group was a Tzfati by the name of Yosef Yitzchok Tzinamon from Israel, who has been involved in many other incidents, namely the previous dollar distribution which took place last year.

The individual distributing the dollars was identified as Schneur Nemerovsky from Nachlas Har Chabad, Israel.

The man holding the Talis was identified as Mordechai Sibony. Mendy Hurvits from Israel, Levi Klein from Manchester, UK and Yosef Yitzchok Tzinamon were underneath the Talis and broke the door together. Carrying in the ‘mizbeach’ Chaim Grossbaum from Minnesota and Yosef Yitzchak Meifi from Nachleh, Israel.

Rabbi Chaim Boruch Halberstam, who – to his credit – has been keeping the ‘upstairs’ of 770 relatively calm, told CrownHeights.info: “they restarted the distribution of dollars only to show the new generation of fanatics who are visiting from Israel that they can do whatever they please.”

Copies of the surveillance video have been given to the police, and an investigation has been opened.

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Video of the Break In:

Video of the distribution:

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Guests Threatened

There has been much excitement over the establishment of a proper program for the thousands of visitors, who traveled from all over the world to spend Tishrei in the Rebbe’s atmosphere. Organized by a group of responsible individuals, they have been providing a respectful place for the guests to sleep and eat, alongside Shiurim, Farbrengens and meaningful programming.

This year the program was expanded to include a proper learning schedule for girls, including Farbrenges and Shiurim of their own. This drew the ire of Eshel and its leader Mendy Hendel, leading to one-way skirmishes.

In the past, guests who registered with Eshel where warned that they are not to attended any programming other their own, and they were prohibited from visiting the Ohel – all verbally. This year the Eshel administration got even more bold, enlisting the help of the ‘neighborhood Rabbonim’ to forbid the attendance of ‘any other programming’.

Signs warning that those who disregard their rules will forfeit their deposit money and will be removed from their apartments  were posted in the Eshel dining room and in their dormitories.


Ohel Bus Signs

Throughout the months of Elul and Tishrei, it has been arranged that there be transportation by bus to the Ohel for those who wish to visit. Signs informing the guests of this have been placed around 770, only to be vandalized, sprayed with graffiti and torn down.

One such sign was hung from a window in the conference room above the women’s section of 770, and could not be vandalized due to its high placement.

But this did not stop a pair of enterprising Tzfatis, who at 7:00am last Monday scaled the building with the aid of a table and bench (after a previous attempt failed), ripped down the sign and left with it – all of which was captured on camera.

Video of the Sign Theft:




Gabbi Beaten Up on Rosh Hashana

Seats on Rosh Hashana in 770 were in high demand, with little to no availability, so a group of Tzfati Bochurim decided to set up their own bench in one of the isles, blocking the passageway and creating a hazard.

Gabbi Rabbi Yosef Losh approached the group and asked them to stop what they were doing and remove the bench, which they refused to do.  Rabbi Losh went and got a few members of 770’s cleaning crew, who removed the bench themselves.

The Tzfatis reacted to this by beating up Rabbi Losh – throwing him to the ground while kicking and punching him.

After Yomtov, Rabbi Losh approached Rabbi Yaakov Schwei and R. Yosef Braun to complain. He demanded that the perpetrators publically apologize to him on the Bimah of 770.

Those involved in the beating were summoned to their offices, but they all steadfastly denied being involved in the incident. R. Braun suggested that the Tzfatis simply apologize to Rabbi Losh there in the office.

Rabbi Losh told CrownHeights.info: “I thought that they showed up to the Din Torah to just settle it, that what happened, happened. Once they denied hitting me I informed them that it is now between them and g-d and I do not forgive them.”

Holy Books in the Garbage

A week before Rosh Hashana, 20 new sets of the latest print of the Alter Rebbe’s Shulchan Aruch were donated to 770, and were placed on the Seforim shelves. By morning, all of the sets had vanished.

The Gabboim reached out to Aguch and requested a copy of the surveillance videos, in order to determine what had happened to the new sets. The video revealed a group of Tzfatis dumping the new volumes into large trash bags and taking them  across the street to 749 Eastern Parkway.

The video was then taken to Rabbi Yaakov Schwei and R. Yosef Braun, who summoned those involved and instructed them to return the Shulchan Aruchs.

Some of the sets were returned, but others were not since they had already been collected by the Dept. of Sanitation’s garbage trucks. Braun ordered them to pay the cost of replacing the sets that were lost.

The group of Tzfatis demanded that their names and the surveillance video not be publicized, so an agreement – in which they promised to not do such things again and not be involved in ‘terror’ – was drafted. All but one signed, and after much convincing he finally signed as well.

CrownHeights.info learned that these Bochurim took issue with the new prints of the Shluchan Aruch because they refer to the Rebbe with ‘Zecher Tzaddik Livrocho,’ and therefore sought to destroy them.

It is currently being looked into whether they were involved in any of the other incidents.

Becoming Bolder

CrownHeights.info has refrained from publishing the actions of this minute group of rabble-rousers, and in fact since last year nothing has been written, all in the hope that the Hanhala of the Yeshiva take decisive actions against these individuals who reside in their dorms.

But with their actions becoming more and more bold, our silence might be interpreted as some form of condonation of their activities.

We cannot remain silent as the Rebbe’s holy Shul is overrun by those who mock him, go against everything he stood for, and lash out violently against those who stand in their way.


  • 4. seforim in garbage trucks??! wrote:

    How do we continue to allow these criminals and hoodlums to come to our community and shul?

  • 5. declasse' intelelctual wrote:

    First, strop crying and stop whinning about these incidents. And, most of all, as a responsible voice in the Crown Heights community you should not have stopped reporting these incidents–your silence only condones and gives supports to this gross HillulHaShem and insults to everything the Rebbe stood for and advocated.
    If these incidents were not stopped when they should have been, it was your duty to report it to the community and to demand that corrective action be taken by the responsible leaders. Now it seems, anything goes.
    It is now past the preliminary stage; Criminal charges need to be filled, those other members need to be expelled and sent back to whence they came from, and those in charge and responsible must be held accountable even if criminal charges are filled naming them as accessories after the fact.
    The Rebbe and his emissaries spent years, hard work and made huge sacrifices to spread the Rebbe’s message of Yiddishkeit and Ahavas Israel. Now these “Non-persons” have destroyed all that as it goes viral as anybody can see the disgraceful action on u-tube.
    I hate to say it, if these “non-persons” are not addressed, something might occur which will really forshame the name of the Rebbe and what he stood for.

    • 6. Thank you CrownHeights.info wrote:

      100% Thank you so much for standing up to the “pressure” and being the only voice, and only person to finally take a stand.

  • 7. nu wrote:

    Perhaps its time we simply demolish 770 and build much needed housing or something.

    without 770 the meshichists and especially tzfatim will have nothing to keep them together and they will surely disappear.

    its just a building. Bobov doesn’t keep their old shul. Satmar doesn’t hallow their old shul. Why should we make avodah zorah out of 770, we have the Ohel.

    • 9. Milhouse wrote:

      Chas vesholom! Just learn at least one of the many sichos in which the Rebbe spoke about the importance of 770, quoting the gemoro:
      ואהי להם למקדש מעט אמר רבי יצחק אלו בתי כנסיות ובתי מדרשות שבבבל ור”א אמר זה בית רבינו שבבבל

    • 10. 770 is special wrote:

      to #8 Logician, BECAUSE it is so holy, filled with the teffilos and torah of 10’s of thousands of Jews, that the KLIPPAH has attached itself to 770!
      I love 770, but these people are IDOLATORS pure and simple. They are not here legally. Stop harboring the criminals and get them OUT. And if you can’t get rid of them, I’m 100% behind mothballing 770, until the Geula REALLY arrives.
      These people are SICK. And I’m shocked Aishel is backing them. Guess where I’m NOT giving my tzedakah anymore! Feh

  • 12. question wrote:

    Can’t kicking such a heavy door down compromise the integrity of the structure?

  • 13. I(nfighting Is A Hilul Lubavitch wrote:

    There appears to be many very different camps within Lubavitch today. From extreme anti-Meshichists, to moderate anti–Meshichists, from extreme Meshichists to moderate Meshichists, to a few in-between.

    Though it is admirable of Meshichists that believe fully that their Rebbe is present in their lives, and nothing changed after Gimmel Tammuz. But the extremists appear to have lost the message that the Rebbe instilled in us all of the goodness and kindness, which is clearly the Lubavitch way in everything.

    On the other hand, the blatent hatred of certain extreme anti-Meshichists towards the very notion of most Meshichists is equally worrisome, and not beholding of a true Lubavitcher.

    If we review the history of Lubavitch, and are honest to ourselves, clearly the believes of many Meshichists is in line with that history, the Rebbe’s own words about Messiach, and the teaching of our Torah. This can not be denied.

    Hopefully, as time marches on, the middle camps will emerge to become the largest, and infighting will be a thing of the past.

    • 14. CHLEAKS.COM wrote:

      “There appears to be many very different camps within Lubavitch today. From extreme anti-Meshichists, to moderate anti–Meshichists, from extreme Meshichists to moderate Meshichists, to a few in-between.”

      1) There is one camp in Chabad Lubavitch and that is the camp that follows in the way of the Lubavitcher Rebbe Zt”l.
      If you’re in the ‘Meshichist’ camp then your a Meshichist, NOT a Chabad Chossid.

      Not going to the Ohel (the Rebbe zt”l) is not just another opinion and/or view and/or “belief” C”V. If you’re NOT going to the Ohel then you are NOT Chabad!!!

      [These stupid naive people, they think they are being the Chachomim (wise ones) by thinking THEY are CHOOSING not to go to the Rebbe ob”m when the realty is the Rebbe does not want them anywhere near him.]

      2) There’s no such a thing as a “moderate Meshichists”, if you’re a Meshichist your already extreme. A Meshichist is extremely sick in the head, extremely violent, Ignorant and destructive.

      The names [above] of those involved in the acts of violence and destruction proves that it’s not only the Israeli/Tzfati Meshichistim who are involved in this Jihad, but it’s also what you would call the “moderate Meshichists”. I am yet to see any Meshichist condom these acts, so far we have excuses and justifications for this.

      The Meshichist Mossrim who testified in the Shomrim Six blood libel got their Aliya to the Torah in the main shul of 770 the Shabbos before they got married. They got these Aliyas to the Torah from the 770 “Gabboyim”. Enough said.

      3) “extreme anti-Meshichists, to moderate anti–Meshichists”?.

      a) The fact that you start your descriptions of the “different camps within Lubavitch today” with the so called “anti-Meshichist”, tells me that you yourself are a Meshichist, as the rest of your comment proves.

      b) Please define this so called “anti-Meshichist”…so far what I understand from your comment it that an “anti-Meshichist” is someone who has and voices a strong opinion against Meshichistim, if that is so, then I don’t know how you can compare a extreme Meshichist who DOES acts of violence, vandalism and Mesirah to someone who simply has an opinion (no matter how “extreme” they may be)?

      c) If only we had (starting from the conception of the Meshichist movement after the Rebbes passing in 5754) “extreme anti-Meshichistim”. Had we had more brave and devoted Chabadniks who would not stand to see the Rebbes faces being dumped in the toileted time and time again, then the Meshichist moment would have fell apart from the start.

      It is only after the Shomrim Six blood libel (four years ago) that more and more people are [finally] ‘voicing’ their strong OPIONIONS against those who have been dumping the Rebbes face in the toileted for 20 years now.

      My opinion is that it’s not enough to just voice our opinion, we must take strong action against violence, vandalism and Mesira. The time for talking with Mossrim is over (and really should have never happened in the first place), now we must destroy the Mossrim.

      and this takes me to…

      d) The “moderate anti–Meshichists”.
      There is no such a thing. The “moderate anti–Meshichists” is a Meshichist and you can keep him as your own.
      Read what I wrote here about this: http://whoisshmira.wordpress.com/2013/01/15/chabad-vs-meshichist-faction-1994-to-current/

    • 15. Chaim wrote:

      For the record: You’re absolutely wrong. There is no infighting in Lubavitch -at least not in a public way-, what we do have is an outside group called Meshichistim which has been trying to hijack Lubavitch for the past 20 Years.

      This outside group has used tools like properganda, violence and mesira to force it’s way into Chabad.

      I will agree there is a chillul lubavitch but not for the false reason you gave.

      The chillul lubavitch is when we chabad chassidim stand by silently when this outside group of meshichistim mock, disgrace and destroy our righteous Rebbe ob”m.

    • 16. Anonymous wrote:

      Forget your philosophys
      The issue is terrorism, and terrorism must stop, else we are all doomed.

  • 17. Nobody wrote:

    So which Rov told you you could publish this?

    If you are just doing what you want, I guess you aren’t really different than them, you just have a Yeitzer Hara for different things.

  • 18. Violance wrote:

    Let’s predict future terror attacks by this radicals.
    I will say it now and hope I am wrong.
    One day terrorists radicals from this group will use guns and rockets to terrorize others.

  • 19. send them home now wrote:

    stand up for the rebbes honor
    if rabbis schwei and braun cant control them l;et them leave with them

  • 20. "Yechi uber alles" wrote:

    The “yellow pin gang” at work, I’m sure they think the Rebbe has much nachas from them…

    That reminds me of the know story of the chosid who asks the misngaid what Hashem would do to destroy the world, who answers that He would make a big fire.and burn everything up, and the chosid responds that “you and your god can burn”…

    Well, these “Yechi uber alles” bachurim, their indoctrinators and their Rebbe can also burn! A Rebbe that dervies nachas from such behavior is something other than our Rebbe, a false Rebbe, just as the misnagid’s god is a false god, R”L.

  • 21. Stay away wrote:

    The true fact is everyone and don’t be fooled.
    These flags so called chassdim are
    Enemies of our rebbe they never knew.

    They continue to disgrace his name
    In Israel and elsewhere.

    הבדלו מתוך העדה הזאת. Have no dealings with them.
    I don’t give them the time of day if they ask.

  • 23. Cajun Chosid wrote:

    It is about time to smoke these ***** out.

    It is not mesira to rat on them. Revoke the visas and drop them off at JFK and send their tushes back to the Holy Land.

    What a mockery of the Rebbe’s shul and schuna.

    Appeasement only brings more terror.

    It is time to decide whether those in charge are with these terror causing bochurim or with the Rebbe???

    What will it be?

  • 24. CHLEAKS.COM wrote:

    The Administration of Central Yeshiva Tomchei Timimim Lubavitz of the U.S.A. (located in 770 Eastern Parkway) don’t care about these acts of violence, vandalism and the Shomrim Six Mesira because they are making millions off these thugs (by way of government grants and tuition). They also take kickbacks from those who are working (with student visas provided by the Yeshiva).

    Until I stop the money flow (as I successfully did with the corrupt CHJCC), these thugs will keep on coming to Crown Heights with Visas from the Yeshiva.

    What is the Yeshiva “Concerned” about?
    [Drum rolls please—-Joke of the Day!]
    ‘Cell phone and Internet’

    Stop the money…Stop the violence!!!

  • 25. CHLEAKS.COM wrote:

    “The video was then taken to Rabbi Yaakov Schwei and R. Yosef Braun”…

    BIG mistake going to the B.S.
    1) it’s a waste of time. The B.S. and these thugs are the same entity.

    2) it’s a waste of time (again) and counter productive.

    What needs to be done?

    “Do not stand idly by while your brother’s blood is at stake.”

    Dear Chabad Tomim:

    Why are you crying and complaining if you’re not willing to take action? What do you wish to gain by publishing (by way of various web-sites and emails) these Meshichist acts of violence?

    If you’re not willing and able to do what’s actually needed [and effective] to stop the violence, then stop wasting our time with your whining and complaining.

    If you’re not going to file a police report, you are enabling and giving strength to the Meshichistim to continue in acts of violence. Start taking control, stop crying and whining and do something about it (המעשה הוא העיקר- Taking action is the main thing). You are giving the Meshichistim a victory every time you give them a free pass.

    There is a general rule…
    If a police report has not been filed, then the crime did not take place.

    Anash of Crown Heights have absolutely no interest (irrelevant) as to the goings and comings of 770 Eastern Parkway. Anash of Crown Heights have abandoned 770 many years ago. Meshichist violence and craziness is the reason they left, they certainty don’t want to hear about it. (Read more about this HERE).

    If your goal is just to whine, complain and be a victim, we have no interest in what you have to say.

    We are all very much aware of who and what the Meshichistim are or aren’t, at this point we don’t need any more convincing.

    However, if you want to take action to stop this once and for all, there are plenty in Crown heights who would assist and support you in this endeavor. However, one cannot help someone whose not willing to help himself.

    If you are or have been a victim of Meshichist violence and/or vandalism and you didn’t file a police report – You have blood on your hands. You are giving the Meshichisatim a free pass to continue in their acts of violence., it’s all on you.

    Today they [“just”] broke your iphone, tomorrow they will brake you or your friends bones, sending you to the hospital.

    If you were a victim of Meshichist violence and/or vandalism and you didn’t file a police report, then when that next act of violence does happen, don’t act so surprise (you deserve it).

    A Crown Heights Resident

  • 27. Min Hashomayim wrote:

    If aguch will follow up with the library arrest and have these criminals arrested as well it will send a message that Lubavitch is not a balagan, the Rebbe is in charge of Lubavitch, Lubavitch is not a place for terror.

  • 28. Cajun Chosid wrote:

    instead of putting these guys in jail or some prison time the deal should be you go back home to Israel or else you are arrested .

  • 29. len wrote:

    so so sad.
    How can this ever be stopped?

    just btw it is impossible to see who actually broke the door as there a bunch of ppl under the talis.

    • 30. dovid wrote:

      The moderate crown heights mishechistim (b’frat the gaboim) don’t realize that they own part of this chilul hashem. The tzfatim are only taking the craziness to the next level.

  • 31. Go CH.info!! wrote:

    Good for you for finally publishing these horrific Terror attacks from these enemies of Lubavitch and the Rebbe!
    Just remember that these terrorists cary very little power without ALL of those who support them or help them out in any way at all. Everyone who has ANYTHING to do with them is responsible to!
    Enough is Enough!
    Yitamu Chatoim Chulu!

  • 32. To 7 wrote:

    Are you serious!!!!
    You know how many sichos talk about the kedusha of 770!!!
    I’m on you’re side about the tzvatim but that idea is out of the picture.

  • 33. declasse' intelelctual wrote:

    #10, get real–just remember to allow wrong doing or evil to go unchecked is to invite the destruction of your world.
    #16, you know what would stop them, haul some of them and the people responsible for them, by their pardon me, down to court and throw them into jail with no key–then the message would skink in very deep.

  • 34. Fed Up wrote:

    This is ridiculous, these bums know as the “Tzfatis” should be arrested! Vandalism and graffiti should not be tolerated under any circumstances.

  • 35. hurting wrote:

    I find this very hard and very upsetting to read, as this action is totally horrifying. However, I feel that it is totally uncessary to single out the people involved, as it is just loshon hora and possibly motzi shem ra, as it is not clear who actually acted.
    In fact I don’t see why this article has to be posted at all, it is just causing bad feeling within Lubavitch.

  • 36. To #7 wrote:

    It seems to me that you are writing to make the regulars or so called “anti” look back.

  • 38. Unbeleivable wrote:

    How can a community be held to such extreme nonsense by a few individuals who really should be institutionalized in facilities for the mentally deranged?
    It is a very poor reflection on the rabbonim and mashpiyim who are supposed to be the leaders and guides to the masses.
    People, old and young, have spend much money to bask in the holy atmosphere of what the Rebbe established only to be insulted by the behavior of those few who shouldn’t have been given visas to enter the US in the first place!
    One would have thought the lesson would have been learnt from the previous years!!
    Nishtoh mit vement tzu reiden !!!????

  • 40. BCH wrote:

    Outrages!!! The 770 hanhola that enables these animals to get student visas is responsible! I hope AGUCH reports the perps to the police and then to Immigration – that should cancel their visas and have them deported from the US (and blacklisted for good). How can this be tolerated?

  • 41. go chaim grossbaum wrote:

    how can u imbarress other yiddin like this?!?!?!?!!??!!? what would the rebbe say?!!?!?

    • 42. imbarress other yiddin??? wrote:

      What would the Rebbe would say?!?
      What is wrong with you???
      I highly doubt the Rebbe would condone the actions of the tzfatim for one second! But I’m also sure he wouldn’t publish it on CHinfo either.

      Ask these “imbarress’d” fools. They seem to be in direct communication with the Rebbe – or with what ever strange voice they hear in their heads.
      They should be totally embarrassed, publicly humiliated and dragged screaming and kicking into the psych ward ASAP! You may want to go along and have your brain examined too.
      This madness must be stopped.

  • 44. dovid wrote:

    Did anyone tell them that the shtender is in the wrong position. They can’t even get the reenactment correct ( unless of course the Rebbe told them that he wants to be set up differently).

  • 45. insane wrote:

    ch.info should be ashamed of themselves for posting such a ridiculous article….. to #7 you have no brains…
    to #30 i agree with you…..

  • 46. antimesira wrote:

    Thank you CH.INFO for posting the truth.

    However,please post the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth (without any politically correct filters ).

    For example, you refure to these thugs as Tzfatim whepln in realty they are Meshichistim. As your article clearly states above they are not all of Tzfat.

    These thugs belong to the meshicihst camp an thus are meshichistim.

  • 47. Out of Tears wrote:

    The mishichistim and those who refuse to condemn them are of course disgusting and despicable, and desperately need to be either incarcerated as criminals or locked up in a mental institution where they can get medication and treatment.

    Just wondering, if the Rebbe zt”l is alive as they say, why isn’t HE distributing the dollars? Who the BLANK are these absolute impostors? Who appointed them? Why would anyone take anything from these terrorists and think they were getting it from the Rebbe?

    How has this absurd behavior been tolerated for so long? But I have been saying that for 20 years already… Ad Mosai!

  • 48. who are all these people? wrote:

    are they pretending that there is someone standing there on the other side of the shtender? this is soooo bizarre. are these normal working people? i am so confused.

  • 49. moishie wrote:

    When children have no father at home there is no disipline they run wild like most shvaztas.

    CH community has no father sad but true.

  • 50. if any shliach condones this behavior they need to be stopped wrote:

    look at florida there are people like anati who scream yechi and have yellow flags but next to his trucking company he doesnt allow any meshechist behavior

    In nmb there a meshechist faction
    in coral springs as well

    this behavior must be stopped once and for all

    why cant aguch publish a letter that says oipenly that if a shliach behaves like a meshichist he cannot be called a shliach as he disgraces the rebbe kavona

  • 51. to all wrote:

    I know that i shouldnt be writing this comment. Really I do. By submitting this, i know that i am officially lowering myself. To a very low level– the level of all the above idiots.

    A few things. Quite a few actually…
    1) yes in fact there is a group of people who are mishichists (not moderate minimal.. medium–I feel no need to get defensive or fancy here). These people believe that the Rebbe is alive bigashmius as well as beruchnius and that he is the Moshiach of the generation. As a side point you would think that the above would not need clarification but clearly it does. the world has a very confused picture of what a mishichst is so here it is… spelled out in BOLD. That said,
    2) There is another group of people called tzfatim. And i think that on that one, there is no explanation needed.
    To think that someone out there thinks that I would never condemn a person who is an irrevocable violent and wrongly messed uply passionate person for something that only denotes false ideas and messed up things.. their way of letting out their insanity in a retardedly destructive (in every sense) way, is offensive. AND NOT TRUE.
    But what is also NOT TRUE is that i identify myself in any way with any one of these people.
    Now for a TRUE fact: Chabad, 770.. lubavitch is not OVER. Perhaps in your mind it is but in my mind its not because in my mind, these tzfatim are nothing more than.. u guessed it, tzfatim. And if in your mind, they in fact ARE more than tzfatim, you are giving them power they so rightfully do not deserve.
    You are handing them the key to 1. 770 2. your Rebbe and 3. Chabad Lubavitch
    “the Rebbe’s holy Shul is overrun by those who mock him, go against everything he stood for, and lash out violently against those who stand in their way.” is simply exaggerated for the point of drama and falsehood. Dont add more problems to those you already have. you dont need it
    Another thing, and saying this feels like an already failed attempt because deep down I know it will never come true. But yes, am yisreal chai. we are all one nation we are all the rebbe’s children.
    To the people who say the Rebbe would never have wanted this. To the people who say the Revve would never have wanted that. I dont know, honestly i dont I am not the Rebbe and I dont have Ruach Hakodesh I never considered myself to be the Rebbe’s personal prophet. But what i do know that the Rebbe would not have wanted is the unnececary hatred and shame of what the above article and comments and really just the insane politics and meannes and crazyness. i can PROMISE you, the Rebbe doesnt want or need that (and i can voutch for that even without being the Rebbe’s prophet). Please please please… you can look at this and ignore it or you can do what you know the Rebbe WOULD have wanted- what you know is right.

  • 54. Comical and very sad!!! wrote:

    These people are seriously delusional !! So sad to see grown men going along with this and noch bringing their kids along to join in with this sad circus. Brain washed is not the word!!!

    • 56. Milhouse wrote:

      So what are you saying? They should let them in?! Do you also invite burglars into your house at night, so they can steal?! You’re as crazy and as evil as they are.

  • 58. 770 בית רבינו שבבבל wrote:

    dont change our rebbe’s words
    the rebbe is still with us
    the ohel is not a shul
    & not בית רבינו שבבבל
    only 770 evreabady gose to 770
    & davends there
    ליובאוויטש איז איין משפחה

  • 59. How to fight terrorism wrote:

    The way to fight this type of terrorism is the same way you fight worldwide terrorism: you go to the top.

    What most of you don’t realize is, these thugs are the Garzen B’yad Hachotzev. They are low level hitmen of a very sophisticated and well-funded terror network.

    Wake up! There are masterminds at the top that stand to benefit from these thugs.

    Mendel Hendel is the Osama Bin Laden equivalent of the Tzfati terror network. Take him out first, and that will be a start.

    Other notable mentions:

    -Sholom Ber Drizin funds Hendel
    -Mr. Gluckowsky arranges Visas for the terrorists
    -The Hanholo of 770 are cowards, and are terrified to speak up, including Shlomo Zarchi

    Go after these people, not the low level thugs. The little guys will disappear automatically.

    I wonder if it would be K’dai to get Rudy Giulliani to run 770 for a little while.

    • 60. Anonymous wrote:

      AT&T CHINFO!!!!

  • 61. DOVID wrote:


  • 62. Dovid HaMelech wrote:

    10. For forty years I quarreled with that generation; and I said, “They are a people of erring hearts, they do not know My ways.” 11. So I vowed in My anger that they would not enter My resting place.
    (Tehillim Chapter 95)

  • 63. Oy vey wrote:

    I didn’t leave Lubavitch because of people like the tzfatis…I left because none of the higher ups did anything to stop them!

  • 64. what time they do it wrote:

    If I got every. week collect for my family I’ll always a extra$200 something a yr

  • 65. declasse' intelelctual wrote:

    #30–you only encourage these people to do their evil deeds. Their abhorid practice needs to be exposed and whether you like it or not they have to be held accountable for their ill-deeds–even if it means jail time. What are you going to do, hide your head in a bucket of sand–the problem will only get worse and out of hand. Repercussions are being felt still from the child abuse issues all over the community because it was not a thing to talk about. Evil only exits because we allow evil to exist. As far as your concern about loshon hora is concerned, it is a far worse avrah not to say anything and not to do anything about these intolerable outrages. And, my feelings haved been offended wshen I see these people doing this and not being held accountable because we do not want to upset someone in Lubavitch.

  • 66. What would the Rebbe say? wrote:

    It is not unheard of that the Rebbe would decree that certain fanatics be banned from the shores of the unite states…

  • 67. SoCal Shliach wrote:

    A fish starts rotting from the head.

    The irresponsible self serving people, and I use that description (people) very lightly, primarily the roshei yeshivos and rahbonim, are the only ones responsible.
    These nuts (see video – of the genre ) are merely tools and pawns of the above mentioned.
    What can be done?
    In crown heights and Israel? Absoloutly nothing Everybody knows the circus and shanda 770 has become. I’m surprised anybody normal even walks in. I cringe everytime I bring my kids to see it.
    What can be done?
    Very much.
    1) the above mentioned rabbis and roshei yeshiva. Need and crave 2 things. ( or at least one )
    They need money for their misfits and more importantly they crave kovod.
    So. 1) don’t give any money to any Moises that is associated with yechi. Don’t give hakdoshohs don’t give their meshulochim no one nothing. And tell them why. They will get the message very clearly and painfully. ( I have done it personally and in my community. Believe me it works. Stop accepting the Chabad yungerman who comes for yeshiva or tzfas or a publishing house that prints yechie. Don’t allow any Baal haBOSS to give a hakdosho. Eric. ( the English chayeinu is a beautiful avenue for hakdishos. I have no connection to it)
    Second and more effective. Let these leaders know in their face what you think of them. Let these so called rabonim know you think he is the lowest piece of garbage in Lubavitch. Same with the hanholo of 779 who signs the affidavits.
    I did it and boy was he surprised. I told him clearly he is the cause of the name of iyr rebbe and Chabad being laughed at the world over. I didn’t allow the gabbai to give him an Aliya. Believe me it worked. He came and asked for an appt. and almost started crying that he made a mistake. I told him that yet ears a few things that tshuveh doesn’t help.
    Trust me it works.
    In CH? Nothing.
    Outside? They are garbage.
    Try it

  • 68. Take stock wrote:

    Why can’t meshiachistim be mentschen?
    Why are they so deranged? Is it in the food they eat, the water they drink?
    Why are they still permitted to be in 770 and indeed in CH?
    Where are the psychiatrists and psychologists?
    They should be so busy with these “vildeh idiotn”.
    They are an insult not just to Chabad-Lubavitch, but to humanity in general.

  • 69. Infighting Is A Hilul Lubavitch - to #13 wrote:

    b) Please define this so called “anti-Meshichist”…so far what I understand from your comment it that an “anti-Meshichist” is someone who has and voices a strong opinion against Meshichistim, if that is so, then I don’t know how you can compare a extreme Meshichist who DOES acts of violence, vandalism and Mesirah to someone who simply has an opinion (no matter how “extreme” they may be)?

    In my view, most Lubavitcher are neither Meshichists or anti-Meshichists. They are frum Jew, that follow Chabad customs, and whose feelings are aligned to the teachings of Chabad Chassidus. They love the Rebbeim, and in particular are attached to the Rebbe. They dislike the infighting, are turned off with the meshugas of many Meshichists, and with the insane hatred of the anti-Meshichists.

    What is a anti-Meshichist? He or she is one whose sechel dominates their thinking even where explicit teachings in the Torah, the Gemora, Chazal etc. contradict that sechel.

    Meshichists ignore the big picture. The Rebbe wants to prepare the world for Messiach. Most Meshichists choose to destroy everything for some meemooshdik customs, like dollars distribution etc.

    There is a big picture, and a little picture. Most anti-Meshichists and Meshichists prefer the little picture. Most shuchim and similar minded Lubavitchers are interested in the big picture.

    • 70. CHLEAKS.COM wrote:

      You’re propagandizing the same stupidity from your first comment, only this time you repeat the same thing in a more organized fashion. Nevertheless, you still don’t make sense.

      You are still attempting to compare a group of people* who have an [strong or in your words an ‘extreme’] opinion. (that you chose to call HATE…I will address this so called HATE on my web-site after Yom-Tov). This opinion no matter how strong or extreme does not hurt anybody and diffidently doesn’t cause any Chillul Hashem nor any Chillul Lubavitch.
      To a group that has been involved in acts of violence, vandalism and Mesira R”L.

      Somehow you are attempting to make a צד השווה (comparison) between two “groups” of people, when in realty they are universes apart.

      * ‘A group of people’: I wonder if you can give me any names of any individuals, or show me any videos, photos of documents to back up your claim of extremism (?). With 20 years of Meshichistim, I can name names (as the article above does), I can show you video of violence and vandalism and I can show you Mesirah.

      All in all your “response” is nothing more then a repeat of your initial comments and your just Hacking a Chanik. take your foot out of your mouth and shut up. All you do is justify and excuse acts of violence and Mesira. Great “Thinkers” like you can go dance with the Meshichistim.

  • 71. cant believe wrote:

    theses tzfatim are like arabs kill theyre own brothers
    let them stay in isreal and fight with the arabs
    they think the same way anyways

  • 72. moris wrote:

    i am a shaliach and dont bring anymore bale batim to 770 becouse of this meshugoim
    wakeup iden send this people out of usa back to israel

  • 73. A girl from Tzfas wrote:


    My friends brother was once portrayed as having done something wrong and the story given here was totally different from what really happened. I don’t know what to believe or not to believe but STOP CALLING THEM TZFATIS!

    I live in Tzfas and the way the term ‘Tzfatis’ is being used makes whomever is called that sound like a… I don’t want to say.

    • 76. 613 wrote:

      ווייל נאך ג’ תמוז ביסטו נישט א שליח פון די רבי נאר חב”ד

    • 77. Milhouse wrote:

      אדרבה, דוקא צוליב דעם וואס ער איז יא א שליח פונ׳ם רבי׳ן, דערפאר קען ער נישט ברענגן פרעמדע צו 770, דער איינציגער ארט וואו עס זעט אויס אז דער רבי איז *טויט און באגראבן*, אדער אפילו אז ער האט קיינמאל נישט געלעבט, אז ער איז עפעס א מיטאלאגישער פיגור ר״ל.

  • 78. concerned wrote:

    A couple of clarifications are in order :
    A) tzfatim as a rule do not go for dollars. Yeshiva of tzar forbids it. It is the people who are even more rightwing who go. Of then 95% are innocent and simple who love the rebbe and Lubavitch and are convinced by certain mashpias (maybe call it brainwashed) who also love the rebbe but are misguided based on their (admittedly skewed but its their understanding) understanding of the rebbe sichos. By all means argue, but they don’t (think) they are making it up. THEY CERTAINLY DON’T HAVE AN AGENDA OF RUINING LUBAVITCH!
    B) on a practical level the story is simply wrong. The
    ones holding the talis were doing nothing more than that. Holding the talis. Why? They were standing there and the ringleader waved them over. The rumors in 770 that morning was that they had a key. So when their colleague called them to help they didn’t even imagine it was a break in. They thought maybe he doesn’t want to know who has a key?

    • 79. CHLEAKS.COM wrote:

      In Response to B of your comment:

      How do you know this?

      Are you so sure, that if asked, would you be able to testify in a court of law all these “facts”?

      You end with a question mark, you yourself are not sure, so why do you start your comment with “A couple of clarifications are in order”, when you are not clear about the facts?

    • 80. Milhouse wrote:

      If they had managed to get hold of a key, it would still have been breaking and entering, just as if I enter your house with a key that I somehow got hold of. Mere possession of a key to a building doesn’t give one the right to enter. So they were knowingly participating in a break-in, they just didn’t know how literal that would be. But the damage to the door is the least part of the crime, so this excuse won’t wash.

  • 81. There is a boss wrote:

    for all those in leadership that thinks its best to let things be don’t forget there is a boss and one day your ticket will be called!

  • 82. MaidofCH wrote:

    I was warned by someone (through his uncle, a shaliach) that the yeshivas in Israel were attracting a lot of schizophrenics. Judging by the delusional behavior here, I would have to agree.

  • 84. moshe wrote:

    i believe this came to an unbearable level.
    therefore im going to post something i would never do.
    is to post names whom are responsible for this garbage.
    #1 Mendy Hendel
    #2 S.B Drizin (funding these nuts)
    #3 rabbi Wilshansky from tzfas
    #4 the Rabbonim of CH (rabbi B ) for doing nothing and encouraging them.
    #5 Brod from 1414 who gives these thugs i20’s
    #6 everyone who does nothing to these guys and lets these lowlifes get away with defacing lubavitch and degrading the kovod of our rebbe.

  • 86. if any shliach condones this behavior they need to be stopped wrote:

    i would like to see a letter signed by shluchim worldwide that this meshichist behavior is not the way the rebbe wanted it
    it drives people away from lubavitch

    please please please let my children come to a normal 770 not the hijacked one

  • 87. yossi & berel, CH wrote:

    “CrownHeights.info has refrained from publishing the actions of this minute group of rabble-rousers, ”

    It’s not a minute group
    Again we know why this is happening
    Because after the Rebbes histalkus, we used the euphemism of “gimmel tammuz” giving these nut jobs the strength to make believe.
    Call a spade a spade.Tzfas is the BIGGEST Chabad yeshiva, and though most boys there are decent human beings they are being fed dangerous nonsense.

  • 88. sp wrote:

    make sure their names are registered with police somehow (if they get registered from a complaint) so that they cannot come back in the US.

  • 89. Serious questions wrote:

    What is everyone so afraid of?
    Why aren’t these thugs reported and deported?
    Why are they given I-20 student visas to come here at all?
    Why is Mendel Hendel not arrested for incitement and suborning violence?

    Finally……what is wrong with our so-called leaders (I don’t mean Chanina.) Where is Aguch? Hiding in their sukkahs?

  • 90. Disappointed & disgusted wrote:

    To # 63 Right on what matters is what the Rebbe would say # 12 is also very good but the problem here is part of what some are saying & the rest are ignoring #1 most important we have only 2 Rabbonim in The Bais Din Harav Osdoba & Harav Schwei. Braun is not a rav has no Smicha & has no respect for actual Rabbonim He refused to got to a din Torah to answer legitimate questions posed bY Rav Odoba & Forced a civil court case this in itself promotes hatred & disrespect.Furthermore why are these Bochurim & any yungeleit who help them still here??? After the first incident they should be immediately sent back! no questions asked.The gabboyim are also part of the problem by allowing these individuals to do what they want Being A ” meshichist means that one lives with The Rebbe’s words properly. The Rebbe is Chai Vekayam does that mean one should not go to the ohel if they want? No. How many times did we see The Rebbe tell someone to go to the ohel? The Rebbe himself went despite the fact that The Rebbe said countless times the Friedike Rebbe is alive etc? It is no Stirah! The ” anti’s who hate & use violence are just as bad as those on the so called right.If someone wants to give away free money who cares? but don’t call them the Rebbe’s dollars & don’t insist on giving them out wherever you please.Terroroism & hate on either side is a Chilul Hashem A Chilul Lubavitch & not what The Rebbe wants believe & act which ever way you want but don’t hurt others & shove your extremism down anyone’s throat. I say Yechi but that doesn’t mean that I have to hate Rav Krinsky The Rebbe trusted & relied upon him for many years as He did the other members of the Mazkirus Such as Leibel Groner & Binyomin Klein, Rav Chadakov etc. Enough is Enough we all need to come together for Yechi against Yechi etc. & end the terrorism the infighting! Let freedom ring!

  • 92. TRUTH wrote:


  • 93. CHLEAKS.COM wrote:

    I HATE the following….

    I HATE acts of Violence!!!

    I HATE acts of vandalism!!!

    I HATE Mesira and the Mossrim that carry them out!!!

    I HATE people who knowingly and purposely lie to the masses and twist the Lubavitcher Rebbes zt”l words and completely dumb down and ruin generations.

    I HATE to see people taking the Lubavichers Rebbes zt”l face and dumping it in the toilet time and time again.

    I HATE all those who justify and excuse the above behaviors.

    And therefore I HATE Meshichistim!!!

    • 94. What? wrote:

      The only thing I got out of your comment was the realization that you have no idea what a meshichist is. Maybe learn something for once in your life and you will stop with the hate. I agree that what has been happening over tishrei has been utterly disgusting and in inexcusable, but don’t start stereotyping meshichistim. And if you need, I can recommend a psychiatrist to listen to you vent, as I’m not sure too many people on here want to listen to your venting.
      The people that broke into our Rebbes shul and committed all of these atrocities should definitely be held accountable to the full extent of the law.

    • 95. In other words... wrote:

      ….you hate (some) Jews.

      You believe that you’re going to help/change/stop them that way??? Through hate?!

      You’re not obligated in Ahavas Yisroel, apparently????

      Grow up!

  • 97. Is it the Rebbe's fault? wrote:

    To 60:

    Maybe you left Lubavitch because, as one Chasidisha acquaintance put it,”I don’t understand why the Rebbe did not do enouigh to stop the Meshichist movement.”

    Other critics say like this,”The Rebbe made this Golem. He kept talking about Moshiach so much that it’s no surprise that such a movement developed.”

    The Meshichists claim that although the Rebbe first spoke against claiming that he was Moshiach, later on the Rebbe said things which support it.

    • 98. Milhouse wrote:

      So what should he have done? Not spoken about the most important thing in the world?! Talk about all sorts of less important things, but keep quiet about the coming geulah, just because of the possibility that some people might go crazy, and he might not be able to correct them?!

      Or what should he have said? That he was definitely not Moshiach?! That would have been a lie. While he was alive it was perfectly possible that he would be the Moshiach, and it was perfectly reasonable to expect that that might happen. It’s only now that this has become less likely, and now he’s not around to say so.

      I’m sure the Rebbe didn’t expect to pass away before the geulah, for the simple reason that he expected the geulah every day. So he expected that one way or the other he would be around to correct any crazies. If he did turn out to be the Moshiach, then everything would be wonderful. And if someone else turned out to be the Moshiach, then he would acknowledge that person and all the chassidim would go along with it. Can you imagine that the Rebbe would say “ploni ben ploni” is the Moshiach, and some chossid would have the chutzpah to contradict him?! It was impossible.

      So tell me, what else should he have done. No hindsight, stick only to what could have reasonably been anticipated by a yehudi maamin (i.e. not someone who doesn’t really believe in Moshiach in the first place, and therefore plans for him not to ever come).

  • 101. ed moshai wrote:

    i respecthe evrebady!!!!!!! and if they thienk its rong its rong if the anti thiek thet the rebbe is not moshiach so his not for them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    most probely somone like pg wouled put a sigen thet the rebbe is dead moshiachsistim will come and take it down !!!
    if the tfatim put a siget thet the rebbe is moshiach the anti will take it down !!!
    rebbe sicha
    the rebbe saied if there will be at list 10 thet will take apon himself to do mitzvot help somwone and be nutral (not tzvati not an anti) moshiach will come !

    we want moshiach now dont lisethen to tzvatim or anti we want to see the rebbe agien
    i am nuatral:
    long live our master our titcher king moshiach for ever and ever

    the rebbe is not with as fisekley

    • 103. Milhouse wrote:

      If, against all the odds, the Rebbe does turn out to be the Moshiach, how do you know he’ll want to spend his first day back among the living giving out dollars? Don’t you think he’ll have more important things to do, like become king of EY, establishing religious rule, taking command of the IDF and waging a successful war, building the BHMK, and then airlifting all the Jews of chu”l home? Where do you imagine dollars is on that list of priorities?

  • 104. Infighting Is A Hilul Lubavitch - to #67 wrote:

    Clearly, these group of Lubavitchers who call themselves “anti-Meshichists” seem to be well intentioned, though I feel that there are no words of Torah, Gemora, or Chazal etc., that back up their views. None, except the shmuesim of some sonei Lubavitch rosh yesshivas. I don’t consider their words from Chazal.

    Likewise, there are many many very well meaning Lubavitchers who consider themselves Meshichists. They are not crazies or meshugoyim, extremists like others who thank G-d re in the minority.

    Then there are the silent middles who are somewhat confused to live in a time that we don’t see our Rebbe as before. I believe that they are growing in size, and the camps are boruch Hashem shrinking.

    I look forward to read your response, as I am open-minded and welcome different points of view. But I have never heard a convincing viewpoint of anti-Meshichists. Even Rabbi Manis Friedman – who is major intellectual force behind the anti-Meshichists – has never formed a solid argument behind being an anti-Meshichist. Rabbi Yoel Kahan is also silent on the topic. So, what can you add? :)

    All one can hear that is valid that there are real crazies and violent extremists among the worst of the Meshichists. But what positive things can be described about the views of the anti-Meshichists?

    Chazal describes tzaddikim as always being alive, even after they descend into the grave. Sdei Chemed says the greatest way Moshiach can come is from the grave. Chasom Sofer says that Moshiach will come in miraculous way ie from the deceased.

    These are solid Torahs which none oppose.

    • 105. Misconception wrote:

      “Anti-Meshichist” is a non-existent entity. It was merely the default name given in the early 90’s by the radical Meshichist group to any Lubavitcher that opposed openly proclaiming the Rebbe as Moshiach.

      “Anti-Meshichist” is the mainstream Chabad today, which does not believe that the Rebbe wanted his Chassidim to go around proclaiming him as Moshiach. It is the mainstream of Chabad which believes that being a Meshichist is insanity of the highest order.

      It’s ok to personally believe that the Rebbe is Moshiach, it’s NOT ok to publicize that or make that part of the Chabad mission in this world.

  • 106. Just Saying wrote:

    I am a CH resident and have not been to 770 for years now during Tishrei (even after i barely go) because of the way things are there now.

  • 107. NoYechi770InJerusalem wrote:

    # 49 FYI,Anati is NOT part of the Chabad House in Fort Lauderdale he broke away years ago because the shaliach would not let him & his friends do yechi in the shul.
    He opened up shop across the street from the real Chabad House & calls his zoo Moschiach Center 770

  • 112. you're right wrote:

    On another site run by the tzfatim they wrote a ‘response’. I wrote as a comment which of course they didn’t publish the following:
    “The Tzfatis ARE a bunch of uncivilized beasts. Their reign of terror is well known. The vast majority of Chabad HATE tzfatim and their embarrassing of our Rebbe and Chabad. The part about badatz and gaboim being the only ones who matter is a lie. What if badatz and gaboim decide to remove the yechi sign? There would be an unprecedented reign of terror, yes from the tzfatim!!!”.

  • 113. to CHleaks.com wrote:

    ” if you’re a Meshichist your already extreme. A Meshichist is extremely sick in the head, extremely violent, Ignorant and destructive.”

    It is 100% clear that you are prejudiced that anyone who says the word “yechi” is “extremely sick in the head, extremely violent, Ignorant and destructive”

    i do not trust a single word you say anymore.

    • 115. You should be ashamed of yourself!! wrote:


      No matter what these Bochurim supposedly did or didn’t do, you have absolutely NO right to call them nazis!! The nazis Y”M (they should burn slowly in a Geheinom just for them) killed Jews for pleasure and blind hatred. Comparing these Yiden to the animals of WW2 is even worse then what these Bochurim supposedly did!

  • 116. levi wrote:

    1. dont you dareeeeeeeeeeeeeeee say they are nazis even though they are veryyy annoying and comment number7 is desguuuuuuusting im shocked at how he could say that SHOCKED!!!
    i am so upset

    from a twelve year old

    gold coast australia

  • 117. geza wrote:

    and thank you so much crown h.info for showing these …………………….faces with names vechulu

  • 118. yechi sign wrote:

    By the way they did you guys a Faver the sign about the ohel had yechi at the bottom

  • 119. baal teshuvah wrote:

    what do you mean ”you guys” every chabad chossid knows that yechi is a busha for the rebbes name and by you showing that theres keiloo a second opinion thats just utter stupidity

    • 120. what!!!!!!!! wrote:

      the rebe incouraged it for a year i dont agree with what they do but……….

  • 121. geza wrote:

    being that im from nevel i think that i would know just abit better then you tsugekumeners yuklach and someone might think that you guys have a point like
    ”its not nice ”? ”its not right ? etc. whel let me tell you that its not just my shita [for those who dont understand shita means opinion ] back to my point but its FACT !!!!!!!!!!!! thank you !

    from the vaad hageza mnevel

  • 122. Efraim wrote:

    we have to expand 770 with the yechi sighns to union street now that the houses are in jewish hands like david chase told the rebbe i belive we will get the houses and after they didnt build to union st the rebbe was upset and said mhot up genart an alte menshen

  • 124. geza wrote:

    since when was yechi ivolved in what david chase told the rebbe ? this is just a clear example of the lifelessness uselessness of these people who go and say stories as if they know what there talking about how getting your facts strait and then come back and rite on a public forum like that

  • 125. Truth wrote:

    Yosef Yitzchok Tzinamon never learned in Tzfat. He learned in a different Yeshiva.


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