Sunday Dollars Escalate, Study and Prayers Disrupted

770 descended into chaos this morning after a group of fanatical zealots disrupted learning and Davening in the ‘big zal’. This incident has forced us to break from our editorial embargo on the weekly ‘Sunday Dollars’ phenomenon after shocking video revealed the calloused disregard for holy Seforim, and careless disruption of learning torah – all for the sake of receiving a dollar from the Rebbe.

This Sunday morning the first sader of the day was violently disrupted. Groups of Chavrusas were forced out of the large Zal in the upstairs of 770 after the buildings front door had been locked.

Angry that they could not get into the room where the Rebbe would usually distribute dollars for charity on Sunday afternoons, the group of Tzfatim reacted with violence – forcing those learning or Davening out of the Shul.

Spotted in cell phone video was Tzachi Cohen, a well known rabble-rouser who has been in Kvutzeh for many years, gathering up Seforim from the tables where Bochurim were learning and callously throwing them aside, even pulling away a Bochurs Gemarah by force, then proceeding to overturn tables and benches.

Their apparent purpose was to get to the door in the corner of the room which lead to the lobby in order to give out dollars. Once they succeeded in forcing open the door and gaining access the joyus cries of ‘Didan Notzach’ was heard from the hoard.

Attempting to put an end to the dollars is Rabbi Chaim Boruch Halberstam, who is the caretaker for the upstairs of 770. Halberstam attempted to bar the group by locking the front entrance to 770, and the door leading from the hallway.

A few weeks ago, under the threat of doors being locked, the group preempted this by jamming the locks with bits of broken keys and crazy glue. In video from that incident Betzalel Kirenberg and another who has been identified only by his surname – Ribak are captured making thinly-veiled threats on Halberstam and his family. The pair as seen taunting him saying “your family is healthy?” to which Halberstam responded “yes they are, and they will continue to be.”

In the past was the only news website to shine a spotlight on this abhorrent practice and readers reacted in outrage, calling for the powers-that-be to put an end to the charade. Those powers reacted in deafening silence.

After seeing that no constructive outcome had resulted from the coverage, editors chose to ignore it entirely. Even when the gang had assaulted Reb C.B. Halberstam and disrupted a tour of the Yaldei Hashluchim, who were visiting the Rebbes Room during the Kinus Hashluchim, we still chose to ignored it in the hopes that it would pass.

But after today’s incident showed that there is no low to which this group would not descend to, perhaps this time someone will step forward and put an end to this. And in the words of the Rebbe “send those troublemakers back to Bnei Brak”.

Dovi Weiss
Levi Yitzchak Halperin
Menachem Mendel Kadosh
Tzachi Cohen

Video made by bystanders of today’s incident:

Threatening Reb Chaim Boruch Halberstam:

The Rebbe telling Rabbi Dovid Raskin that violence cannot be tolerated:


  • 4. Yoss - not scared of these punks. wrote:

    These idiots can’t just do what they please and disrupt classes… and surely cannot throw around seforim. Shame on them and their crowd. If Halberstam doesn’t step in, Hashem will anyhow clean these creeps up in an unhealthy fashion. Do not worry. Step back and see the power of the Righteous Lord.

  • 5. concernd wrote:

    psychosis. these people are mutations. they cannot believe that they really respect the Rebbe and want to do his directives for HKBH.

  • 6. Ilum Shmo wrote:

    Yasher Koach Rabbi Halberstam.

    What impressed me was your comment after your life was threatened. Your God is indeed more powerful than anyone.

  • 7. Imrey elokim wrote:

    its simple: Lets sit and learn there, and if anyone starts up then just spray pepper spray in their face. It is an act of self defense.

  • 8. WHY BOTHER???? wrote:

    You think these sick & evil morons care? You think Braun cares? Create a Task Force of Willy-trained “first responders” who will take care of the problems & get rid of the vermin that infest 770. It’s the only way because they don’t understand any other behavior.

  • 9. Anti militia wrote:

    I hate this city.
    I hate the people who live in it.
    I hate the people who run it.
    I hate the Chilil Hashem it causes.

    The real shidduch crises is when I try to find a wife who will leave this place with me.

  • 10. question!!! wrote:

    the article says that they pushed to receive dollars from the Rebbe… is this possible?

    End of first paragraph:
    770 descended into chaos this morning after a group of fanatical zealots disrupted learning and Davening in the ‘big zal’. This incident has forced us to break from our editorial embargo on the weekly ‘Sunday Dollars’ phenomenon after shocking video revealed the calloused disregard for holy Seforim, and careless disruption of learning torah – all for the sake of receiving a dollar from the Rebbe.

  • 11. stunned wrote:

    I don’t know what’s worst, these lunatics or the people sitting around like lame ducks watching them….
    Any “Pinchases” around…. Common they’re outnumbered.
    Makes me sick.

  • 12. Menachem wrote:

    I liked the end of the first video when the last guy got 2 dollars, not just 1 like everybody else.

  • 14. oich mir a chochom! wrote:

    to nr 11: why don’t you come and risk your life (literally)? easy to sit at computer and type a comment wondering where are the pinchases. these guys are terrorists and will not stop at anything. it’s not so simple….

  • 15. Control With Guns wrote:

    This makes me sick to my stomach. Makes me want to stand up with my ar-15 and police the peace. Anyone with me?

  • 16. Nechama wrote:

    The issue is that nobody knows who to contact to put an end to this. If would post names and numbers for people to call, put pressure on, and complain to, that would be an accomplishment and something constructive.

  • 17. Disgusted wrote:

    המחניף לרשע סוף שנופל בידו
    First we “ignore”, saying no big deal, then we end up with this.
    This is the story of the last 20 years – and we wonder why things continue to deteriorate.
    Nothing goes away by themself. We have only ourselves to blame.

  • 18. Sruly C wrote:

    On the one hand you can say ignore them, they are mentally disturbed people that are just acting crazy.
    On the other hand, they are using their retardation, do make a mock out of the Labvitcher Rebbe, it’s a tough call.
    However, one thing is certain,it’s come a time to get rid of the Dibs from 770, they should sleep, and learn, and live in their terrorist headquarters 749!!!!!!

  • 20. I mean business! wrote:

    Benny, you have the power. If our “leaders” are not ready to take action then how about you step up to the plate! Arrange a community wide show of support. Call all able-bodied men to come to 770 next Sunday at whatever time they do these “dollars” and let them even try to mess. I can’t wait to see their a@$ delivered to them on a platter. Let’s see what they’ll do when they’re outnumbered 10-1…

    Benny, no more waiting for our so called leaders. It’s time; the community is disgusted by this behavior and are ready to stand up for the Rebbes honor even if our leaders won’t.

    We are waiting for your instructions!

  • 21. Cherem for Chelmites wrote:

    all for the sake of receiving a dollar from the Rebbe. – this should be in quotes, or at least dollar from the Rebbe should be!

    These nuts belong in R-building while they await deportation. Their mashpiim back home belong in cherem for teaching them this nonsense.

  • 22. STAND UP- NEXT SUNDAY ! wrote:

    Next Sunday who ever cares about this neighborhood, 770, and the rebbe should come and stand up to these guys. enough is enough

  • 23. Deceptive Headline wrote:

    The headline says ‘Shocking Video’, I don’t think anybody is shocked.

  • 24. Send in the women! wrote:

    #14, It’s not so simple because all the men in 770 are cowards. Weak & pathetic.

  • 25. Yitzchak Mordechai wrote:

    I spoke with Rabbi Brod earlier this week abt dovi kubechik, he said there is no proof bec no 1 saw him do it, n he said bec its comin from a certain website, thats how he refered 2 CH info, well even though todays story is also on ur website, but its also on utube, with this video he can’t deny it n 770 has 2 do somethin kick these … out like the Rebbe said “let them go back 2 Bnei Brak” indeed they can’t behave they get shipped 1 way ticket back 2 BNEI BRAK. that’s it my friends u guys did a gr8 job now the yeshiva 770 can’t deny this @ all :)

  • 26. Tzachi Cohen wrote:

    The Rebbe doesn’t want me to do acts of violence, so-called in his name. I’m a Rasha Gamur.

  • 27. Rabbi Aizik Schwei wrote:

    Rabbi Braun is next they will throw him out also !!!! wait and see !!!

  • 28. Pildosh wrote:

    Maybe Rabbi Groner should speak to the bochur who plays him at the table (preparing the dollars. Maybe he could tell that he is masig his gevul and taking away his zechus.

    Maybe the kid will back off.

  • 29. To No. 24 wrote:

    Brod is lying to you and you are stupid enough to believe him.
    Kubechik does not even deny what he did, he begged to be forgiven by writing Krinsky a letter of apology. In the end Rabbi Zarchi says he cancelled Kubichek’s I – 20, but the thug is still running free until someone will contact the authorities about his illegall stay. It’s unbelievable what a liar Brod is and how anyone still believes him. Kubechik admits he did it, and he is the one who identified himself when Krinsky asked him his name!

  • 30. Tzeirei Hashluchim wrote:

    When I was in Tzeirei in Tzefat we shared a building, Mikva & Lunchroom with these animals, there were about 30 of us under 16. All you gotta do is stand up to them once or twice and they’ll quietly back down. Right now they think their bigger, tougher stronger then everyone here because no one stood up to them. Lets just gather there, show were more people, bigger & stronger and soon enough they’ll be gone.

  • 31. To # thirteen wrote:

    So Tzachi admits he’ll burn, he can still stop it if he wants.
    Tzachi you can still save yourself!
    Chevrah, next Sunday there will be no trouble!

  • 32. To # 26 - Tzachi Cohen wrote:

    Than go do Teshuvah! Hashem forgives all sinners if they repent sincerely!

  • 33. To the editors at wrote:

    You need to enlighten readers about the bigger picture.

    Every terror group has a leader.
    Every terror group has a source of funding.
    Every terror group has political connections.

    These guys are not acting on their own, they are being covered for by people that have money and connections.

    You need to uncover who THOSE people are, and let your readers know.

    If Sholom Ber Drizin and Mendel Hendel are behind this, then you ought to let your readers know.

  • 35. CHLEAKS.COM wrote:

    Follow the money!

    The Yeshiva makes money off these guys.

    The Yeshiva does “business” with Mendel Hendel.

    Destroy the money flow and this stops.

    The Yeshiva is an enabler to these acts of terror and Mesirah.

    They won’t act until their loss out balances their gain.

  • 36. no lubavitcher, but talmid of the Rebbe wrote:

    What a Chillul HaShem and a Chillul of the good Name of the Rebbe, …, how mad can one/ can it get? besmirching the holy Torah for playing like receiving a dollar from the Rebbe. The Rebbe is for sure disgusted by this behaviour, it defies any description. When will Lubavitch finally wake up and follow to act like the Rebbe lived his life with the Torah, toiling night and day, with full bitul. It’s such a shame to see how less the teachings and the example of the Rebbe are understood and practiced. Stop this childish behaviour and start to toil on yourself!!! Stop this misconception of Chassidus!! sit down and learn!!! How low have you fallen, that you play sth. out, instead of clinging to the truth?!! how self deceptive can it get? get usefull for the world and for other people!!! stop to worship your own deah and yourself!!! get real and get a life!

  • 37. a bunch of pawns wrote:

    They are pawns of the cabbal of arch godless terrorist who include. Mendel Hendel, Wilschansky and their puppet “rabbi” Braun….

  • 38. Wow wrote:

    Who are these guys??? Are they frum? Or just hooked up in tzefas for fun.? I assure you they are not Chabad from when they were born. Nor are they now.

  • 39. Yitzchok c jerusalem! wrote:

    Enough is enough already! Time to confront these thugs and show them whos community this really is! Anyone who cares about the Rebbe will stand up to them. Revoke their visas and block them from coming from israel in the first place. Finished! End of story!

  • 40. sb wrote:

    please someone comment who is giving these guys dollars?, whos the leader of tbhis clan? who in 770 supports these crazies…please post names and numbers…do these guys have 1-20’s? whom issues them? please state the individual name of the person whom issues the i-20’s,,,,let the public know and let the public have all that info for fare game…

  • 41. Yitzchok c jerusalem! wrote:

    Enough is enough already! Time to confront these thugs and show them whos community this really is! Anyone who cares about the Rebbe will stand up to them. Revoke their visas and block them from coming from israel in the first place. Finished! End of story!

  • 42. mordechai reuven wrote:

    2 # 34 in this case 4 the sake of other bachurim & the CH community I think 2 go 2 the city police n give over the name is totally fine, don’t ask Rabbi Schwei, u know wat he is gona say. If we all go 2 the police give their names, the police go dwn 2 770 w/o mentionin who turned them in, then ur fine bec we can’t walk in2 770 with police bec that will start a war, give them pics, 1 issue they could run away. No 1 in
    770 will turn them. I would tell R. Schwei “in all due respect I don’t think mesira comes b4 the saftey of Bachurim Learnin & the community, I’m sorry” tell it 2 him c wat he says, last year Tishrei wen these moron jerks came they were beating ppl up stealing beds, don’t know from where, & wat do u think R Schwei said u can’t give over the names, well the gehenom with that, let’s get rid of them, & 4get the Bais Din

  • 44. Cajun Chosied wrote:

    Institute the Bush doctrine in CH and smoke ’em out.
    If you feed one of these guys you are just as guilty.

    It is time to clean house.
    Revoke the visas and call ICE and send them hope. It is a simple as that. This isn’t mesira. They are ruining it for everyone else.

    Send one or two back to Israel and you will see how fast this stops and if it doesn’t; keep sending them till they all are gone. Use video surveillance if you have too but send these guys back.

  • 45. sad wrote:

    crazy animals like these in 770 give chabad a bad name and give meshichistin a bad name. b/c you know as well as i do that there are NORMAL talmedei chachamim who hold the rebbe is moshiach. people like these crazies are loony-toony and need to be sent to rabbi dr. twerski for psychiatric help.

  • 46. moshe wrote:

    i want to know whom gave these luatics a i-20 …he is just as responsible as they are….i want to know, please someone leave a comment whom gives these animals a 1-20 i want that individual responsible…these guy need to go back where they came from….who take acharious, I live in this community im appalled what these guys do…its a huge chilul hashem brabbim..

  • 47. Moshiach wrote:

    Hey there. The only thing you achieve by pointing out on others people foults is unresonable haitress. You hate them, you hate everybody around you, you hate the Rebbe MHM, you hate themselves, because you do what was dictated by someone to you to do. I am sure you will not going to publised my comment, but its not a comment, its a prayer for you, lost ones. Shame on you. May Hashem has a rochmonos on you all, sending more knolegde what is right and what is wrong. When someones sees foults the others meaning it was for yourself. Where is your chassidishkeit? Gone with money, modernity, fear, lack of love and idishkeit. But I still pray for you.

  • 48. tchr wrote:

    I’m a very grounded practical person. I don’t understand what someone described as psychotic behavior. Just explain to me what they’re doing by “dollars”. Do they do it because they think the Rebbe will come out, or do they do it because it will give chiyus to people to remember? Do these people know why they do it? What is the physical violence part of this, why. I am not asking rhetorically, I want to really know what they are thinking. Maybe if we get into their minds more, we can understand. The way I was raised, I just don’t understand this.

  • 49. JDE wrote:

    @Disgusted: “Nothing goes away by themself. We have only ourselves to blame.”

    Absolutely correct. This is the result of decades of irresponsible, indiscriminate shlichus. When someone shows up at your door, you throw it open wide and assimilate him or her as quickly as possible. There is no intake process, no psychological evaluation. You’ve all been brought up to believe that Chabad is the only legitimate form of Judaism remaining, so it would never occur to you to evaluate a young person to determine whether or not he/she is suited to the lifestyle. I’ve never heard of a shliach who tells a young person, “This may not be the best fit for you.” I don’t believe such a shliach exists.

    Chabad, like all proselytizing religions, attracts a lot of fringe personalities. The end result is that you now have an entire generation of Chabad BT’s who are profoundly mentally ill. They will be your destruction – and you did it to yourselves.

  • 50. A Friend wrote:

    Why are posting this? A few crazies and YOU made out of this a big shtink so now Shmarya has what to bash us about!!!!
    “scuffle in chabad’s main synagogue”, you think this title and those videos that he posted there will do any good for shluchim and their work!! I hate these guys just as you do Binyomin, but a bissel seichel darf men hobben..
    Ma SheHaya Haya, but in the future ask your father and and a few others if they also think this will do more good than bad.. maybe I’m wrong but it pained me immensely to see the hater S.R. jumping on this type of news and get a good laugh at us..

  • 51. shlomo as always with bad English wrote:

    as always blablabla. ,and nobody act. so make demonstration next Sunday against this nevelot. sign petition, to withdraw they visa. otherwise it still blablabla
    IMHO ask US government send them back to israel it not mesira at all

  • 52. eli slavin. wrote:

    Rabbi Wilshansky you will burn in hell for the chinuch you gave your talmidim.

    If you are against sunday dollars, then write something and make it public. If not move to BB and join your tribe with the shachnikes.

  • 53. unfortunately wrote:

    @ 20, 41 and 48

    To you I have only this to say:

    First they came for the communists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

    Then they came for the socialists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a socialist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the jews,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

    Then they came for the catholics,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a catholic.

    Then they came for me,
    and there was no one left to speak for me.

    And to those of you who suggest we get a group of able-bodied Williamsburg type people to put them in their place – where where you when the Shomrim Six stood up to these thugs? They were our last hope to keeping these animals in check.

    But when they did and the blood libel followed the community was silent.

    Now we sleep in the bed we made.

  • 54. Sholom Brod Scared and terrorized wrote:

    37. moshe wrote:

    i want to know whom gave these luatics a i-20 …he is just as responsible as they are….i want to know, please someone leave a comment whom gives these animals a 1-20 i want that individual responsible…these guy need to go back where they came from….who take acharious, I live in this community im appalled what these guys do…its a huge chilul hashem brabbim..

    Brod follows Labkovski , will lose job if he complains , will be terrorized if he revokes I-20
    He should resign

  • 55. Numbers to Hanhala wrote:

    Rabbi Kuti Feldman – 347-277-8573

    Rabbi Shlomo Zarchi – 347 776 0279

    Rabbi Bluming – 347 731 9977

    Rabbi Zalman Labkowsky – 718 774 4812

  • 56. Yaanky wrote:

    By law some 1 hits they get aressterd. Don’t matter who’s falt it is. We should punch out the sefarti’s. Who gives TWO hoots about them. Trobel makers they are!

  • 57. Mendel wrote:

    And then we get upset when misnagdim exclude Lubavitch from Klal Yisroel? After us tolerating this year after year after year, how could anyone NOT exclude us from Klal Yisroel?

  • 60. Yosef wrote:

    I wonder, if the Rebbe would live to see this idotic behavior in his Shul;, would he perhaps try to mend Lubavitch so that they can blend in with the vast population of the orthodox Yidden.

  • 63. Puah wrote:

    What was to Sholom Ber Drizin that he hates Lubavitch/Rebbe so?

    Anybody have any insight or history on this?

  • 65. Where are the 770 Bochurim??? wrote:

    I don’t understand it. How many regular bochurim learn in 770? When I learned in 770 years ago (about 20) there is no way we would let this happen! We would rise up every week and pound these guys until they went back to the holes they climbed out of! The Rebbe was mad when bochurim ‘roughed’ up a Rov for the ‘sake’ of the Rebbe’s honor, kaviyochul. But there are times one needs to be a Pinchas and ‘kano’im pogim bo’! The fact that 770 has been hostage all these years in an embaressment to the ‘powers that be’. However, I am more embaressed for the bochurim who out number them but do nothing. I WISH I was a bochur again so I could rally my friends. Yes I would get a few ‘klep’ but I know my stregnth and those of my friends. Trust me chevrah: you let a dog roam loose it starts to think its the master. You give it klep and very quickly it learns who is boss. I would NEVER advocate hitting another Jew but I am pretty sure this does not apply to Yisroel Mumrim. So stop kvetching and complaining and looking on with shocked faces and take action!
    As an FYI: bochurim are best suited for this. Balah Batim (like the admirable CB Halberstam) have what to lose since their homes, cars and worse, families can be attacked, you worry about that as its hard to protect everyone. That’s why every ‘super hero’ wears a mask or hides his idnetity (lehavdil- but you get my point). Bochurim are the ‘lone rangers’ that can protect each other and don’t have the collateral damage to worry about. Bochurim: its in your hands!

  • 66. shlomo as always with bad English wrote:

    tzahi cohen by itself, it very good pleasant guy, but this is his job. this is what them pay him. it only work
    p.s. also normal, normative american bochur, newer get place to live in 1440

  • 67. the equalizer wrote:

    as usual zalman labakovsky is at fault, he should send them back and then buy himself a one way ticket to israel.

  • 68. not in CH wrote:

    # 18….. actually I was shocked , throwing seforim like that in 770 or anywhere , yeah I was shocked., these young men are nuts.

  • 69. moshe chaim wrote:

    We need HaRav Avraham Shemtov Shlita 2 get involved let him get the names of these morons n go dwn 2 the police station have them come 2 770 n make at least 3 arrests. He is a huge lamdan talmid chacham n he is on the head of Aguch, he has a lot of pull, he could tell Brod, Kiti R. n whoever else 2 find a new day job n have a nice day, him & Rav Yisroel Shemtov shlita who is also a big talmid chacham. Go 2 ploice arrest them send them back 2 “Bnei Brak” as the Rebbe put it. They could beat these dudes dwn not with hands but police a fone n a few emails.

  • 71. Moshe Eliyahu wrote:

    2 comment # 41 ur out of ur mind, ur sayin mashehaya haya, how can u say “whatever happened happened” excuse me there r consequences 4 1z actions, if 1 commits a crime he goes 2 a correctional facility (prison) any city government will not say wat u said, ur sayin let it go n move on n yes let not only CH community know the whole world wide “Anash” not “Mekuravim” know bec 770 belongs 2 every Lubavitcher all over the world, its the world headquarters, so if we look @ it like that the whole world should b flooding with emails or fone calls 2 the man that gives out the I 20z, its no more a local issue, its a world issue, n No 1 in Melbourne, London, Paris, LA etc wants this goin on in their home, bec its every Jews home

  • 72. Born and breed in Tzfas wrote:

    F Y I
    One of the main instigators of this dollar bussiness is Granivater an Isreali bachur that has an American passport. he doesn’t need Brod a I-20 or anyone else. The same goes for many others.
    Tzachi Choen has to be shoved under a train…. he will NEVER stop.
    If he can call a mashpia Y S as he did to Rabbi Feldman he doesn’t care.
    In Tzvas there is Ofer (kofer) Maidovnik that is the real problem. Without him Wilchansky won’t have a Yeshivah so he has to put up with his BS

  • 73. American yeshivah Bochur will not stand wrote:

    An American 770 bochur has no chance in 770 Like it used to be because Labakovsky give shiur in Hebrew , cant speak english, his following is dwindeling day by day he needs these dropouts .
    Rabbi Zarchi got as cup of coffee thrown at his face by these hooligans , he is afraid to act . Moshe Glukovsky collects money from the US government for each of these hooligans , he needs a job too .
    Where is the senior shluchim ?, you have rats running around in Beis Hamedrash of the Rebbes schuna

  • 74. Easy way to end this wrote:

    Have you ever seen the Rebbe refuse a request? we should have one day where EVERYONE in crown heights shows up for dollars, and each person asks for the rest of his family, birthdays, community members etc…

  • 75. Yankel H. wrote:

    All the comment writers that are writing like tough guys and macho man, demanding that everyone in 770 and all the
    Bochurim fight back, and calling them “cowards”.
    Well, let THEM come this Sunday and put their bodies where their mouth (Keyboard) is!

  • 76. TO # 64 wrote:

    Very well said my thoughts and feeling exactly, take if from someone who acted just as you mentioned when i was a bochur.

  • 77. Now on Shlichus wrote:

    A word to all those advocating a physical response and resistance to this: The Sunday Dollar phenomenon began about 7 and half years ago. At that time I was just married and very upset about the newest craziness orchestrated by the yellow flag people. A group of us got together and decided to block the Tzfatim from even entering the foyer of 770. The moment they couldn’t overpower us they called in reinforcements from downstairs and dozens of more yellow flag people who NEVER WERE INVOLVED in the giving of dollars then joined the fray. It was an intense hour of shoving, shouting and eventually fighting. One of the Shpeilman twins got a nasty blow to his back which seriously injured him at the time. It wasn’t pleasant but dollars were not given that day. We felt good about ourselves until we overheard what regular anash had to say about us; “Meshugoyim, troublemakers, rabble rousers, why are they picking fights? They are just as bad as the Tzfatim if not worse…. Etc.”

    The next Sunday there weren’t enough of us and we were quickly overpowered by the most violent of their group who were eager to taste blood after their “defeat” the week before. Eventually it became a weekly event. The few of us who really cared gave up after a few weeks. We had zero support of anash and that was clear.

    I live on the other side of the country today trying to do the Rebbe’s shlichus and conquer my city with the light of Torah, mitzvos and the 10 mivtzoim. I don’t wish to pour cold water over your enthusiasm but just know what you are getting into before you begin:

    A. They are more violent than your average bochur or yungerman living in Crown Heights.

    B. You will have ZERO support from anash and even the well-meaning people in Merkoz who will wink at you and may cheer you on quietly will not offer substantial support.

    C. Videos and pictures will go viral all over the internet and many people who are unfamiliar with the inner happenings of Chabad will be turned off thus creating a Chilul Hashem and a step back for a positive image of Chabad Lubavitch and its message.

    D. It will invigorate the Tzfatim more than before as history has shown us in the last 20 years.

    I really don’t know what the solution is at this point. It’s a huge mess and no one from higher-ups really wants to get their hands too dirty cleaning up the mess, after all who wants their families terrorized by people who have nothing to lose.

    I understand your pain, passion and will to defend. I watch the videos and all the old feelings of disgust, anger and revulsion come flooding back. I am with you in spirit.

    I also know this; the best way I can change the world is by positively changing me. The more in touch I am with Hakodosh Boruch Hu the more I am able to inspire someone for the good. Often the only thing we can do is bring more light into the world and sometimes we need to let the Aibishter sort things out himself.

    This is just my opinion friends, I could be wrong. Take what you like and leave the rest.

  • 78. publicizing the names is unneccessary wrote:

    ok so they are being fanatic but why publicize names? embarrassing a yid, no matter how crazy he is- in public is just as wrong maybe even more wrong than what they are doing.

  • 80. former talmid wrote:

    They get instructions over the phone directly from Ofer Miodownik the mashpia roshi of willshanski yeshiva in Tzfat
    if you want to call im for a Protest

    Rabbi Ofer Miodownik is affected and Yeshivat Chabad Lubavitch of Safed, known for its unique impact talent. ‘Get’ R ‘Mendel Fotrfs and father in-law Rabbi Shlomo Miidnz’ik.

    Rabbi Miodownik born to Chabad and not as a guy approached Chabad Chassidus and studied at Yeshivat Kfar Chabad innocent supporters. Then studied at Migdal Haemek innocent supporters.

    Rabbi Miodownik is the nephew of former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.
    see picture:

  • 81. To #49 wrote:

    Apparently, you are not familiar with many Shluchim.

    From my experience, Shluchim are extremely cautious about whom they allow in and around their Chabad House’s and Schools, and whom they affiliate with.

    I have seen more than once and more than one Shliach clearly tell a guest that they are not welcome due to their irregular behavior – Jewish or not.

    These Tzfatim are brought in by rouge “Fungus” Shluchim who are not affiliated or connected in any way to the Merkos and to the Rebbe. They attract these retards by starting a cult in wild places, such as Ibiza…

  • 82. Smadar wrote:

    I repeat — like Number 3: A task force made up of trained security personnel under the auspices of NYPD must be in place at 770 at all times, not just Yom Toivim. These punks called tzfatim are treating the rebbe, 770, the good mishichists, the seforim, even the holy city of Tzfat… like a piece of sh-it. They must be physically handcuffed and led away for disturbing the peace!!!!!!!!!! They are doing the “dollar game” bit just to get on the nerves of the upstairs hanhala!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 83. SICK AND TIRED wrote:

    To read all or even some of the above comments would make me sick so without reading them (just accidently glanced at part of one) as they are full of absolute hatred, I will say my piece and see if you are big enough to publish it. While I totally disagree with the attitude and actions of the Israeli bochurim, the attitude of is NO better!!!! You show and have always shown pure unadulterated hatred for anything or anyone that does not agree with YOUR agenda!!! What these bochurim are doing is the fault of the hanhala and they are the ones you should be picking bones with. At the same time the same Rebbe you quote also said to do things B’OIFEN HAMISKABEL!!!! There’s got to be a way to get thru to the hanhala and make them realize the damage they are doing on so many levels. But just to use force and hatred is not the answer and will not get anyone anywhere. Try elliminating your personal venomous feelings and the situation will automatically take a turn for the better.

  • 84. publicizing the names is unneccessary wrote:

    ok so they are being fanatic but why publicize names? embarrassing a yid, no matter how crazy he is- in public is just as wrong maybe even more wrong than what they are doing.

  • 85. I am #64 wrote:

    To #68:

    I totally understand where you are coming from and I applaud you for taking the stand you did back in the day. Its a shame that anash did not support you and like someone commented before: ‘soon there will be no one left to advocate for them’. But as a person on shlichus, doesn’t it bother you that you cannot take one of your balah batim to 770 for fear of the questions he will ask? I too no longer live in CH and I have two boys that, I am sad to say, I am embarrassed that the few times I brought them to 770 I needed to explain that the inmates are running the asylum and that they should pay no attention to them. Hard to do and who knows what kind of impression it leaves on younger impressionable minds. While I would not necessarily advocate fighting every week, but when it starts getting physical like the video shows that would be the time to jump up and respond! That is something that would never be tolerated back in the day. But instead everyone sat there like sheep (beside CB Halberstam, whom I persoanlly like and I ate at his house many times as a bochur- but he did look a little scared in the video and I don’t blame him. No one wants to be the only idiot going home with a black eye!). The sad truth is, I can sit here at my computer and remember the days that were and what I would have, could have and should have done. The real responsibility lies with those that control 770 and there is no reason why they can’t hire armed personal that when these incidents happen someone ends up in jail.

  • 86. ad mosai wrote:

    How many crazies in one group? I dont agree with what they believe in at all but it just stirs the pot more when we start up with them. Enough with the hate already. Yes we get it they are crazy. but you cant cure a insane person. As much psychological help they need we cannot give it to even 5 of them. Its just the way they are. Either do something about them being there or SHUT UP! This is what is holding back Moshiach. Too much sinas yisroel. They may be crazy but they are our brothers.

    Iyh we should only have positive action from here on.

  • 87. Mitnagid wrote:

    If things go on like this,it’ll become like Europe(where I live):every given Sunday a good,nice mass brawl.The only difference is that here it happens in football stadiums,not in shuls….

  • 88. AD MASAI! n-eNow!!! wrote:

    everyone is saying ” GATHER AROUND ON SUNDAY” well now you just warned these sick retards. now they will prepare themselves!! to them its like a holy war… and that tastes so bad in my mouth to say it…!!!! like a bunch of stinken arabs!!!
    i am so ashamed to be even remotely related to chabad!! and my wife is a meschichist and i sadly have to relate that to these animals and their stupid beleifs when realy yechi is all about mashiach and his coming….. not giving out dollars like a spooky ghost….GET REAL!!!

  • 89. Matis wrote:

    to # 60

    maybe this is what the Rebbe meant when he said that whatever I’ve done was Lo’hevel V’lorik.

  • 91. Blame Sholom Brod wrote:

    He bullies and throws his power against American bochurim but is a frightened sheep against the Tzfatim. Disgraceful!

  • 93. Menachem Mendel Kadosh? wrote:

    Oh, I guess since your name is Menachem Mendel, that gives you the right to act as the Rebbe, giving out dollars….These people should be banned from 770!!

  • 94. To Tzachi Cohen and followers, etc wrote:

    You despicable people should be ASHAMED of yourselves and the horrible disgrace you are publicizing to Chabad!!!I cannot believe the atrocity of this!!! To PRETEND to be the REBBE, and give out DOLLARS?!??! It is sad but gimmel tamuz happened. We have the ohel, we have his seforim, we have his sichos, maamarim, we have him with us b’ruchnius. The Rebbe would most probably be infuriated at this!! How could you, you obnoxious Tzachi Cohen, THROW A SEFER ON THE GROUND?!?! I had to keep replaying it to make sure I wasn’t just seeing things. And after I knew it was true, it hurt my heart to know that this is how you crazy person treats Yiddin, and holy seforim.

    Refuah Sheleima (or not)

  • 95. Must be badly brought up at home... wrote:

    Truly sickening, what a mockery they are making of Chabad. Why do they dress up chassidishe, better they should wear tee shirts and baseball caps.

  • 96. re #41 wrote:

    dunno where you put all this in play but the comment abt S.R. while basically correct is lame as he’ll find these videos taken by others.
    There are more than enough evidence of this shtush all over the net. Its too bad yes, but then S.R. is one very ill neshomaha.

  • 97. Simi wrote:

    just do as the Rebbe advised Dovid Raskin. He called those who lifted their hands “yodayim yedai eisav” and told Raskin and Krinsky to make sure those bochurim ask mechila or get shipped to Bnei Brak. WE NEED ACTION NOW AND NO MORE TALK. Hire professionals who know how and what to do, instead of wasting breath and space commenting on meshugoyim.

  • 98. G bldg needed now. wrote:

    I just heard from reliable sources that Dovi Kubicheck, the spitter, family member called the rabbonim and told them that this Dovi is not a well kid. His family don’t want him back in Israel and he reflects bad on the family.

    So 770 needs a G bldg. Lets treat the zfatim with proper meds and watch them become fine bochurim who study torah and don’t act like the Taliban.

  • 99. Only way wrote:

    Don’t let your children marry into these famines. Blacklist their businesses, don’t help them in any way.

  • 100. :-) wrote:

    The overwhelming majority of these particular individuals are of lesser intelligence and the fervor of their involvement in terroristic acts compensates for their lack productivity in life (as with those in Bait Shemesh, Neturai Karta etc etc).

    They have deep psychological issues that need professional assistance. However, it’s not fear for the rest of the Yeshiva to suffer from their needs. They should be helped, and letting them linger wont do it, nor will Hanhalo’s continuous coddling. L’Havdil on collage campuses around america, there are many student protests, but there is one line which cannot be crossed – violence of any sort.

    Being from CH I am aware that many mishechist people are “proud” of this kind of activity (BH it’s no longer socially acceptable to admit it), but they gain nachas from these true bochurim, who still “feel the Rebbe’s presence.”

    This is where the so called anti- mishechit and mishechit communities need to unite – mental illness. In this case, it’s springing to violence. And as we’ve seen, inviduals will mental challenges can sometimes (ON VERY RARE OCCASIONS) usually when not treated or coddled, can leave to horrible actions.

    Someone needs to put their foot down and view this situation what any person in the US would do in any Shul, School, etc.

  • 101. Lo Beckoach Ela Bemoach! wrote:

    There are various ways to stop this. I highly don’t recommend force,police,bodyguards etc. these guys will fight this and as some of the commentators noted you are just going to empower them.
    I think we need to get back daniel the Yechi “monster” he put these guys in check. Even the radicals felt strange singing and dancing yechi around Daniel for those who remember(his face would change colors when he sang yechi). After he left 770 came the shvil Kois shel Bracha Dollars etc.
    We just need a few mentally challenged people become their followers and you will see they will eventually melt away or else look like a mental institution…

  • 103. Non Zionist - Anti-NK wrote:

    They attract these retards by starting a cult in wild places, such as Ibiza…

    One of those “retards” is a descendant of the Alter Rebbe. Another grew up frum in Kfar Chabad. These are not BTs or their children – problem cases among the BT children tend to go off the derech, not turn to this.

    This reflects on the vilde, grub culture that has affected all who live in the medine shel gehennom, regardless of whether they are frum or frei. There is an atmosphere of desperation among those who live there that creates a need for extremism and violence.

    This is the chutzpah of the “Israeli,” who thinks he is above the “Jew” and can spread his grubkeit and violence wherever he goes. Sadly, as the generation that grew up outside of the medine is no longer around to lead, this is considered normal there.

  • 104. SoCal shliach wrote:

    Thoughts from a shliach who was a prominent bochur 30 years ago, and who knows the score:
    Sholom Ber brod was an animal 35 yars ago when we were in yeshiva. A failure in everything he did, shluchim, business, etc.
    shloime zarchi and Zalman labkovski were failures 30-40 yars ago in everything they did. Shlom eh zarchi lives in “choff zayin” when he was a bochur and as an ineffectual mashpiya he will never be anything Same was with dovid Ruskin and the others. A bunch of buffoons who would never be retained in my Mossad.
    We never had much of a yeshiva anyways. The Rebbe was the glue that kept it together
    In my opinion I have never met a completely normal meshichist. There are some who are somewhat normal and some who are borderline sickos but its just a question of degrees. Just go daven downstairs in 770 and look at the faces of the washed out youngeleit who were decent fellows 30 yars ago unemployed and daven at 11-12 pm etc.

    Bottom line is, the guy who wrote earlier when he was in yeshiva 20 years ago. CH was and still is the most dysfunctional community I have ever seen. Evil people like mendel Handel with the help of a deranged angry peasant called Sholom Ber driving who has years of anger at the rebbe and Lubavitcher for what they did to his father will spend anything to disrupt any sense of normalcy.

    My advice? I have none. Sorry. It’s bigger than any of us.
    Good luck

  • 105. Sholom Brod is behind it all wrote:

    He turns a blind eye to these hooligans and allows them access to food and dorm rooms. All Brod does is bully American good bochurim!

  • 106. Tales out of school wrote:

    The people pointing their finger at Sholom Brod are right on target. I am an insider and know the score. Brod is the problem. He is the lifeline to these Talibans by feeding and housing them and even protecting them. Outsiders don’t know whom to blame but if you think it is Hendel or Drizin, you are wrong – it is Sholom Brod!!!

  • 107. stop them before c v blood is drawn. wrote:

    c“v but this looks like it will come to blood. I have to believe that someone is going to stand up to these thugs. and when they do someone is going to be hurt. who is responsible? do u think a guy who throws seforim or threatens an older Rabbi is afraid of Hashem or k”v the law. the writing is on the wall. whoever can stop this and doesn’t the blood is on their hands.

  • 110. Esther wrote:

    I don’t go to 770 anymore because I feel it’s a lack of kavod to the Rebbe to watch them make a mockery of his shul. This is not what the Rebbe taught, it’s not Yiddishkeit, and it’s disgraceful. My teacher in seminary would scold us if we carried our seforim face down, let alone throwing them around like this.
    I will be looking for a shidduch in a few years, and I am worried whether I’ll even be able to find a normal, non-Meshichist bochur in the whole city of New York.


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