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Two Girls Assaulted in a Building on Montgomery St

The entrance to 742 Montgomery St.

742 Montgomery St, a building that brings back horrible memories for a woman in her 50’s and to a newly married couple who lived there. This evening two more girls can (Loi Aloinu) say the same.

At around 6:00pm two Jewish girls were attacked on the third floor of 742 Montgomery St by two Black males. The girls were approached from behind and were both grabbed by the perpetrators. Both immediately began screaming which apparently scared the perps off, by the time residents opened their doors all they saw was the perps backs fleeing down the stairs.

More in the Extended Article.

742 is a predominantly Jewish occupied building. One resident said that he managed to catch a glimpse of the face of one of the perps and it appeared he was wearing a mask. Police were called and responded but did not apprehend the perps. After interviewing the victims the police took them down to the Precinct to fill out a police report and to look at photos.

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  • 1. really upset wrote:

    I live in this building and what really bothers me is HELLO why dont they have better security here??? why dont they put up video cameras?? they just dont care about us here its sick.

  • 2. ISchier wrote:

    BH nothing worse happened and the girls are safe. Who owns this building?

    Those who feel they have the reflexes and strength to handle it should carry pepper spray.

  • 3. CH Mom wrote:

    who is the owner of this building, anybody know? The tenants need to join forces and either demand better security, or chip in and install something themselves (deducting from the rent should be done if legal)
    Best wishes to these 2 young girls – 6PM! sheesh!

  • 4. ch resident wrote:

    how about self defense classes for women and girls in ch so that we can trainthose reflexes?!

  • 6. Neighbor wrote:

    Look at the picture of front of building there is ample and good lighting. Wake up everyone it could be anywhere and anyone????

  • 7. Concerned Resident wrote:

    What’s the difference who owns the building? Bottom line the entire shchuna has to be on alert This incident happened on Montgomery & Albany. Where is the Community Council? Why dont we have police presence on the corners? Only when there is a murder? Last week a hold up on Empire broad daylight, this incident at 6 PM?? Lets stop asking who is the landlord. Lets join together to protect our neighborhood, children, ourselve the Rebbe’s shchuna?? Lets demand from our council action now.

  • 9. building resident wrote:

    I heard the screaming, but there is screeming in this building every day for some reason. So I did not even bother to check to see whats going on.

    horrible news.

  • 10. its about time wrote:

    like hello
    maybe we can have video camras or somethink like it is so unsafe
    its about time

  • 11. yossy hershkop wrote:

    EVERY one was sure that the crime spree was over this is the wake up call dont forget this happend in the hart of c.h not on utica/nostrand

  • 12. yossy hershkop wrote:

    EVERY one was sure that the crime spree was over this is the wake up call dont forget this happend in the hart of c.h not on utica/nostrand

  • 14. X Resident wrote:

    Their’s so much crime in this building that we moved out. It is not worth $900+ month for a 1 Br. to live like that. Just as rent has been increasing like crazy over the last few years, so to the owners should conduct updates and enhance amenities as needed.

  • 15. SCARED wrote:

    the women are against giving self-defense lessons to girls because the girls may become over confident and go places they shouldn’t and my try to take things into their own hands. i have suggested it from time to time but am always met with resistance.

  • 16. 742 Montgomery ST> wrote:

    742 Montgomery is prob the most unsafe building in CH the front door is always open and there are always ways to get in to the building its very unsafe and very unsecure.
    the tennants should demand video surveilence and a better lock to be installed in the building.

    for the yidden in the building Fisher doesnt care about even if there are problems in the apartments they dont fix them but when a shvartze tennant has a problem it is fixed instantly.

    it also doesnt really help having a drunk Peurto Rican as the super.

  • 17. bystander effect wrote:

    Everyone has to wake up. if you hear screamding, dont ignore it. check it out. even if 10 people call shomrim, i’m sure they’d rather receive too many calls than none at all

    YOU should make the difference.

  • 18. Rifka Hecht wrote:

    instead of complaining, we must learn from this experience to protect oursleves. I agree with the suggestion of self-defense classes for every age, also our teenage daughters and sons should be sure to walk in groups of at minimum 4, from the moment it gets dark. If they must walk alone, to try to always walk on populated streets. If a child must go out alone, and they dont have their own cell phone, then the parent should lend theirs. May we all be alert and aware of our surroundings. If we see anything suspicious, we should not hesitate even for 1 second to call the police.
    Hope the girls are OK.

  • 19. Concerned wrote:

    Re: “Building Resident”’s comment:
    Perhaps Crown Heightsers can establish a “call” to alert fellow lubavitchers that they need immediate help. Any Suggestions?

  • 20. Dovid wrote:

    Whoever owns this bldg…. what – are you crazy???? A black studded neighbourhood like Cr Hts… Iron Gates with a secure ID lock has to be put there… How can you let stum anyone just enter the gate?? Huhh?? The rent is a skyrocketing thing…at least invest in some security!!!!
    Don’t be EL CHEAPO!!

  • 21. DAVE wrote:



  • 22. sorry in CH wrote:

    concerned resident is right, but the CHJCC doesn’t care about US, only their Kovod & continued fighting w everyone they don’t like.

    Yossi Hershkop is dead wrong. The crime spree is just getting started. As long as we have no cops, no leaders,& no Rabbonim who care about regular people we’ll have no safety!

    The only ones we can rely on is Shomrim. And they’re probably just a few overworked determined guys who are the only ones who want to make this Shuchuna liveable.

    Poor girls…they must’ve been terrified.

  • 23. Cee Rubin wrote:

    If the guy was wearing a mask, what difference would a camera make??

    The only solution is to form rally’s and keep making an annoyance of ourselves. If we really wanted to make a difference we would be loud and constant and no one would be able to ignore us.

    Picketing in front of the precinct , in front of the building, holding signs, putting up notices … we need to be loud about this or nothing else will happen. Until Chas V’Sholom a girl is actually abused and then what? We’ll have one rally, the police will stick some extra cops on the corners for 3 weeks and then a month later it’s back to basics.

    Hashem Yiracheim ..

  • 24. who will be the macabbi?! wrote:

    CH security is crazy!!!
    the jews who live there must stand up and do something about these crimes, !!!
    we should be the one having the upper hand there not them!!!!

    may hashem watch over all of us!!

  • 25. Devorah Litviin wrote:

    i am the “young couple” that mentions in the article.

    I am the girl who had all my kallah jewelry stolen only months after my wedding.

    I just want to tell you that my husband went to speak to the management of 742 Montgomery asking for security cameras to be installed after the SECOND robbery in our apartment occured, and was told this.

    “742 Montgomery is one of the most popular buildings in crown heights. There is always a waiting list. If you dont like it, there are people who would be glad to take your place.”

    Needless to say, exactly 2 weeks after the incident we got the HELL out of a town that showed little sympathy for its occupants!

    The only exceptions were Shomrim, who stayed with us the entire day we were robbed, helping with the police and exploring all angles of possibility, as well as the community council’s police liason.

    For those of you who still live in 742 montgmery an “amazing location,” BE FOREWARNED – dont think that anyone in that town will take care of you – take care of your own safety, and families, and remember its YOU – and YOUR CHILDRENS lives at stake.

    Devora Litvin
    Morristown, NJ

  • 26. BrookAve wrote:

    To Shaina, I live by Rogers, it is WAY safer than the “heart” of CH. Move West! Move West! Or Move South to Midwood, Fenimore St.

  • 27. out of town wrote:

    what I cannot understand is with the amount of Jews looking for apartments why do the management of these Jewish owned buildings rent to anyne else but their own??

  • 28. Mottel wrote:

    My friends the bubble will burst. As the young couple above wrote, how long will we tolerate such an appalling attitude from our landlords, leaders and community leaders. And rents are ridiculous. Sooner or later – probably it happens already – people will wake up and say kan tziva is fine and good but it is becoming a fading memory and the reality is very ugly. Come on guys it’s the rebbe’s neighborhood, Moshiach is on the doorstep, there is something wrong if moshaich is here and meanwhile we have to walk in groups of 4 after 6pm. Get your leaders, landlords to wake up and care about you, that is the real problem. Vote with your feet otherwise and move somewhere else.

  • 29. crown heightser wrote:

    read yossy’s comment again cuz what he wrote is that every one THOUGHT the crime wave was over but his point is that its not and this is our wake up call . and self defense classes is a great idea because every where in crown heights is becoming an unsafe erea.

  • 30. Rifka Hecht wrote:

    Some of the fault lies with the residents of buildings. I live in a building which conveniently has 2 doors for entrance and exit. Once in while when I come home late even as late as 12:30 AM, I find the basement door open. People use it for bikes and strollers, and it only takes a moment of time to take the effort to secure the door, and yet time after time it is left unlocked. Unfortunately the thieves never rob those left it open, these selfish people create a dangerous situation for all the residents in the building. We once got together to purchase and install a very expensive lock and supplied the management office with some extra keys. Well, immediately the management office dismantled the lock and changed it for an inferior one. On whose side is these management offices on? Is there anything practical that can be done like reporting it to a Building dept? Receiving repeated fines and violations will set the management offices straight. Also is there no way that there could be extra patrol beefed up via the local precint during the holdiay season, when thugs are rampant?

  • 31. chanie wrote:

    those girls are in my class its so sceary i only thought those things happend on utica and places near them all i can say is watch your back

  • 32. E G wrote:

    Next time Yell FIRE! People respond right away.

    Several years ago I was accosted in the street and I yelled FIRE. Immediately lots of windows opened up people looked out, asked me what was wrong and the man ran away, Baruch HaShem!

  • 33. Someone who has something worth saying wrote:

    To out of town: just so you no, apartments cannot be refused to goyim becuase they can easily file a claim on discrimination.

    And all you others, I personally know Mr. Fischer is not laying back in his leahter chair with his feet propped on his mahogany desk. Also, even if a proper lock is put on the door, they can just break the door. And what does proper ID and codes help, the goyim will just give it out to their friends. Whats the point of trying to figure out who the landlord is and cursing him out when you dont een know whats going on outside your little box. Ignorance is not a solution, dont look for a scapegoat to blame. We deserve the blame. We should be demonstating. Dont use the excuse that in a few weeks the security will be gone. For the time being, it will be there. You wont demonstate now becuase later it might go away!? That is so elemmtary! I think schools should insitute a mandatory session during school hours where students will learn self- defense skills. As the situation is getting pretty ugly, we should write a letter to Mayor Bloomberg describing te situation and of the careless police officers. If not now, then when?
    Think about it.

  • 34. meir rhodes wrote:

    742 can organize tenent patrols from the building itself. men can sit on each floor and either learn together or patrol. set up times and each apt. is responsilbe ,for example, once a month or more dependent on the number of men in the building.of course this requires a commitment from the tenents.
    rabbi fisher [if he owns the building] should install cameras each floor. actually one person then will be able to monitor the building. there are lots of combinations but survival in the heights is the name of the game.


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