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Kingston Shopkeeper Stunned After Discovering over $50,000 in Drugs

A Kingston Avenue merchant made a stunning discovery this morning. Two FedEx package containing over 25lbs of distribution grade marijuana, the strange part was a part of his name was on the package.

The incident unfolded at around 10:30 Thursday morning, the storekeeper was preparing for the days business when FedEx came in to deliver a package. Not paying much attention he accepted the two boxes and went ahead and opened them.

He made a stunning discovery. Two buckets – one two-and-a-half gallon and another five gallon – weighing in at over 25lbs stuffed with marijuana, worth well over $50,000.

The storeowner quickly closed it up and called 911.

Upon closer inspection of the shipping label the storekeeper noticed that it contained a part of his last name and a strange first name.

A few minutes later a man dressed in a FedEx uniform walked into the store and announced that there had been a mistake and he needs to take the packages back. The storekeeper responded that it had his name on it and that the police is on the way.

A community affairs sergeant followed by a lieutenant arrived and took custody of the illegal substance.

The lieutenant explained that this incident is hardly uncommon. “Drug dealers often pull this scam, they ship it intentionally to a wrong address, then show up dressed like UPS or FedEx, take the package and disappear.”

Last year a UPS driver was robbed after refusing to turn over a package to a man on the street claiming it was his. He returned and put a gun to the drivers head and took the package by force.

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  • 6. What a scam!!! wrote:

    The deceiving tricks have no bounds… probably there’s a whole black market manufacturing fake UPS, Fedex, DHL uniforms and hats… Imagine that. I suggest you watch the DVD “ILLICIT”… by National Geographic… it’s an eye opener… just pick up a free one for borrowing at the local library. Illicit movement of drugs and products makes up 3% of the world’s economy…

  • 8. NOT HYDRO JUST REGS wrote:

    from the looks of it it’s the garbage they call regs not the hydro which lubavitchers smoke

  • 9. jason wrote:

    So many Yiddin will have to do without the goods Because doesn’t want to make a POB at Doar On crown St

    Drug dealers KILL….

  • 12. co wrote:

    they plan to intercept between the driver and the recipient. This time it failed…..BH

    • 14. to#10 wrote:

      So does cigarettes, but those don’t catch up to you until later in life.

  • 16. To #8 wrote:

    Weed is not a drug and it helps more people than it hurts. There have been ZERO cases of death resulting from the use of marijuana and there are hundreds of thousands of successful people that will tell you marijuana has helped them with insomnia, appetite, nausea, depression, pain and stress and many more problems. Drugs CAN destroy lives but marijuana is 1) A PLANT 2) Not harmful.
    The smoke is harmful, but ingest or vaporize and you can be “high” until you die without a single health risk from marijuana.
    It’s like saying “Food destroys lives.” Millions of people die from obesity but you cannot make that generalization.

    Source: I have been to rehab.

  • 17. glad he wasn't hurt wrote:

    that shopkeeper could have been seriously threatened. And there will likely be one less fake FedEx thug around…

  • 18. Hotbox CH wrote:

    How cool would it be if he kept it and through the whole lot in the Lag Baomer fire?

    Hotbox CH!!

    Maybe that would fix some of CH’s issues…

    And it would be a huge boost for our local food vendors :D

  • 19. Bugs wrote:

    The BADATZ told him, he has to check the “herbs” for bugs or they would have to pull his Heksher. So he called 911 instead.

  • 21. To #10 wrote:

    Weed is not drugs!! Weed dosent kill people nor does it destroy lives! It is made up by the Government being that it is Illegal that it is bad for you, its all BS weed wont kill you!! Cigarettes will!! This guy should have kept the weed and smoked it or sold it, he would bring in more for that then he would in his shop… He should not have called 911…Dont be a weed hatter!!

  • 23. shocked wrote:

    I’m really shocked by all these comments and can’t believe this is what lubavitcher yidden are saying about this. Commend the guy for turning it in, I would have done it too! So sad many of you wish you could get your hands on it, really alarming.

    • 24. learn your information wrote:

      You should know the differents between drugs and weed, weed if used in controlled amounts is like taking any other proscribed medicine, and use to benefit. Learn your infomation first, then talk.

  • 25. to #16, darling.... wrote:

    Weed does destroy lives.
    You can be alive and not really “alive”.
    Do you know how many people are on weed that are like a living shell.
    They can’t get on in life without it. Many can not lead healthy family lives, are not doing what they should at their job, often can’t think straight and will often forget things that they’ve done….
    And perhaps, because they remember feeling high, but have forgotten who they have hurt while they were high, they say that it doesn’t hurt anyone…
    Most people addicted to weed, alcohol, or other substances are simply running away from many issues, be they emotional or whatever, that they haven’t the strength, will or know-how to face.
    It pays to get help…..
    It doesn’t mean that one is a bad person, it DOES mean that one needs help.

    • 26. to#25 wrote:

      Not much as cigarettes, alcohol, and prescription medicine which has more side effects.

    • 27. Hello wrote:

      A green bushy flower is not the problem in that case, it’s a failed solution.

      The issues you list have nothing to do with smoking flowers, though someone with those issues may try to run from thinking that smoking flowers will do something, but it won’t.

      Does that means smoking flowers is bad?! I think not.

      Backwards thinking is bad.

      Footnote: Drop some in the cholent before Shabbos to see how you can use the ‘aromatic’ flower for good.

      Happy Lag baOmer.

  • 29. To #25 wrote:

    What you are talking about is extreme cases of abuse. Overdoing anything is bad. Same goes for eating too much, drinking too much, spending too much time commenting on website articles, and sleeping too much.

  • 30. sad wrote:

    the sad part is that any one smoking weed knows that it is never stopping there. it is a stepping stool to the next drug . its starts with alcohol . then weed’ then the next drag . hashem help our children to see the outcome . and the sad ending of this joy ride . try and work on yourself to be happy with out all this trash in your beautiful body. hatzlocha and brocha. good Shabbos . this Sunday is lag baomer and in sfiras haomer it is hod shebehod it is a very big day to thank hashem and to daven for all that you need

  • 32. Boker Toker wrote:

    Just another example of your backwards ways.
    Marijuana is way healthier than all the experimental psychiatric drugs out there which half of crown heights is taking turning them into zombies.

    This is not my opinion but the opinion of thousands of doctors, psychiatrists and scientists around the world.

    There is a scientific foundation for the legalization of Marijuana in Colorado and Washington states.

    Cannabis (marijuana) appears in the Mishna (Peiah I forget which perek but it is in the first mishnah.)

    According to Aryeh Kaplan in his translation of the Chumash it was used in the beis hamikdosh as well.

    Like anything else of course it can be over-used and cause people to do nothing for years.

    But it can be used responsibly just as all of Hashem’s natural remedies.

  • 33. to#11 wrote:

    Marijuana is not a drug, it’s a plant. It’s perfectly legal to abuse drugs like Marlboro, Jack Daniels, etc.

    And G-d said, “Behold, I have given you every seed bearing herb, which is upon the surface of the entire earth, and every tree that has seed bearing fruit; it will be yours for food. ~ Bereishit 1:29.


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