Congresswoman Yvette Clarke (D-NY 9)

Rep. Clarke Ignores Constituency, Supports Iran Deal

Congresswoman Yvette Clarke has announced that she is supporting the nuclear pact with Iran, despite fierce and vocal opposition from thousands of her constituents.

Clarkes statement acknowledges the fact that Iran is “one of the premier state sponsors of terrorism in the world” and that given their knowledge and infrastructure are just “two to three months away from its goal of completing its uranium enrichment program.”

Her statement reiterates that “Inspectors will be able to access and monitor all sites ‘where necessary, when necessary’ to ensure Iran’s compliance with the agreement.” A fact which New York Senator Chuck Schumer says is untrue, “I found the inspections regime not anywhere, anytime but with lots of holes in it” he said in an NPR interview on Aug. 11th.

Grassroots campaigns led to thousands of calls to the offices congresswoman Clarke all voicing their opposition to the deal and those were summarily ignored and once again the congresswoman has voted against the interest of her constituency.

Clarke has a troubling record of voting against Israel and the interests of her constituency by choosing to sign a letter to President Obama to put pressure on Israel end the Gaza blockade, and again by voting against a resolution condemning the “Goldstone Report”.

Clarke represents the 3rd largest Jewish district in the country, with approximately 25 percent of her district being Jewish. It includes the heavily Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods of Crown Heights, East Flatbush, Flatbush and Kensington.

The following is Congresswoman Yvette Clarke’s full statement:

After several weeks of briefings, analysis, consultation, and conversation, I have come to the conclusion that the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is the most effective means by which the United States and her allies can achieve the goal of preventing the Iranian regime from obtaining nuclear weaponry.  It will set new rules of engagement regarding nuclear capabilities with one of the world’s most hostile and menacing regimes.  As one of the premier state sponsors of terrorism in the world, the Iranian regime has made its intentions clear through words and actions that it will, if left unchecked, create a nuclear weapon.   The Iranian regime has the knowledge base resident with their scientists of how to build and create such weaponry, they have the materials and infrastructure to do so.   By all accounts, the Iranian regime’s nuclear program is currently two to three months away from its goal of completing its uranium enrichment program, producing enough enriched uranium to make good on its threat to create a nuclear bomb.  Iran is on the verge of creating a nuclear bomb, right now.  The JCPOA provides a pathway that holds great potential to forever change this reality.

The JCPOA was crafted by the United States, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, China, the Russian Federation and Iran.  The high-stakes multi-lateral diplomatic negotiations that produced this plan of action was unprecedented in its scope of cooperation and agreement – the sole intent being to prevent the Iranian regime from acquiring a nuclear weapon. The resulting product of several years of painstaking multi-lateral negotiations, its singular focus and purpose is to prevent the Islamic Republic of Iran from obtaining a nuclear bomb. It provides that Iran will reduce its supply of enriched uranium, dismantle and dispose of stockpiled materials and all related nuclear infrastructure, in exchange for the removal of economic sanctions. The goal of the agreement is to ensure that through transparent and intrusive inspection and extensive verification, that Iran’s nuclear program is methodically dismantled and reduced to an exclusively peaceful capability.

Through this agreement, Iran must allow full access at all times to International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors to monitor every aspect of its nuclear supply chain, to verify that Iran fulfills its pledge not to develop or acquire a nuclear weapon. Inspectors will be able to access and monitor all sites ‘where necessary, when necessary’ to ensure Iran’s compliance with the agreement. Only when Iran has fully implemented the agreement will the economic sanctions be removed.

I am emphatic in my belief that the community of nations must not allow the Iranian regime to acquire a nuclear weapon that threatens the State of Israel, the United States and our allies around the world. We are all keenly aware that by virtue of proximity and statements made by leadership in Iran, that the existential threat that the regime poses to Israel, to other allies in the Middle East, to our nation and the world as we know it is very real.  With the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action,  we finally have a vehicle through which to eliminate the threat of an Iranian regime armed with nuclear weapons and the nuclear arms race that would certainly ensue as result of such an act.

The JCPOA is a product of an International nuclear non-proliferation pact, negotiated and achieved through diplomacy, that when carefully and painstakingly implemented will accomplish this goal. The authority established by the United States through the agreement coupled with the superior military capabilty of our nation and her allies presents the strongest effort to date in the fight to prevent a nuclear-armed Iranian regime.  Given the gravity of what is at stake, the concerns of the Israeli government and her people as well as the threat to other allies and stakeholders of the region, and equally as important, the threat to the United States, it is our duty to be vigilant and to exert our rights and authority to act through our leadership in the crafting of the agreement.

Finally, with ‘all options remaining on the table,’ I feel confident in our ability to respond to any recalcitrance on the part of the Iranian regime with regard to the JCPOA.  Both President Obama, his administration and Congress must and will continue to work with our allies to prevent Iran from developing or acquiring nuclear weapons at now and at any time in the future.  Notwithstanding the timelines set forth in this agreement and based upon the actions taken by the United States Congress and the Obama Administration, I have no doubt that the United States and her allies are quite capable of exercising any and all prerogatives deemed necessary to protect and defend our nation and our allies should there be even the slightest deviation or breach in the terms and conditions of the agreement.

During this time, I will continue to work with my colleagues in Congress and President Obama, members of his administration to bolster and uphold the security of our nation and of our allies around the world. I commend President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry, Secretary of Energy Moniz, their teams and the many delegates from other nations who contributed to these negotiations.

I voted for the Nuclear Iran Prevention Act of 2013, which increased sanctions on Iran in an effort to convince the Iranian regime to discontinue and abandon their development of nuclear weapons. Indeed these sanctions in concert with International sanctions are credited with bringing about the agreement that is before us today.”


  • Constituent

    Of course she will go against our feelings, she knows that the “political leaders” of Crown Heights will back her in her reelection campaign and they will tell us idiots to support her because she is great for our community (jobs for some friends).

    This is not the first time she voted against the interests and safety of Israel, but our “leaders” continued to support her and hushed up any criticism against her, and even some of our community websites played along.

    She voted against Israel when it came to congressional denunciation of the Goldstone report, and she signed two letters against Israel in support of Hamas in Gaza, but us idiots officially continued to vote for her and to support her under the leadership of out political leaders.

    I’m not naming names because they will never be published, but frankly, there’s no doubt in my mind that this is a situation of Pikuach Nefesh for millions of Jews in Israel, and for a few members of Anash to keep their jobs as her Jewish Moshkes is equal to the Kapos in Nazi Germany.

    Enough said.

    • to 1

      well said and i agree with you,

      I had the same reaction when I saw this headline,

      Im not surpirse that her real color came out,
      shes a real anti jews and she made her clear few times, even if jews had her join multiple meeting with the clowns of CH VERABIM EIM VEINI YOCHOL LEFORTAM who are always there to take her out for breakfast

    • get her out

      the only way to get her out is to get another black person to run against her in the primary, and to show her the door. jews dont have enough votes as the black community will vote based on color they dont care about the issues.

      if we can get a another black person to run to split the black votes and then the jews vote a vloc vote we can boot her

  • Izzy Clapman.

    This is what I expected.

    She will not disrespect her brother Barack Hussein Obama for a few Crown Heights voters ( nobody here even votes). The African Americans in her district
    ( the majority of her voters ) either don’t care about this Iran deal, or wanted it to happen.

    Hashem is the answer, yes we tried our best, which is what Yidishkeit calls for -Hishtadlus- .

    Nobody should start blaming anyone. Moshiach now.

  • Moishe

    Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, all the Goym and so called “Jews” who support nuclear Iran should be cursed with the worst curse possible. These scumbags of the earth know very well what all this about: it is all about perpetrating new Holocaust against Yiden.


    politicians ONLY care about getting elected again.
    being that most Jews in crown heights DON’T vote, she doesn’t have take our concern’s seriously.
    we call all thank ourselves for this.

  • Milhouse

    She is also a member of the communist Democratic Socialists of America. DSA is descended from the pro-Soviet faction of the old Socialist Party, and characterized the 9/11 attacks as retaliation for America’s injustices. It opposes the war on terrorism, and supports the “Occupy” movement. She’s a disgrace to her consituents and supporters.

  • Im sorry

    CH deserves this. The fools, are running the asylum. The others, don’t turn out to vote — cause its goyish. Sorry, but you get what you deserve.

  • There is a boss

    I was about to get angry at her and her staff (hint hint) but then i thought what did i expect when even many Jews including frum Jews especially Jewish leaders care more about what Obama thinks then the good of this country and the land of Israel!

  • what an idiot

    Any jew who ever votes for her again is crazy. Next election we must make sure that she never gets elected

  • alias jack smith

    the jewishleadership of clown heights stinks. they are so busy sucking up to clarke to what can do to line there pockets.the heck with reidents of clown heights.

  • DeClasse' Intellectual

    You voted her in–live with her
    the best part is that the Jews with the blacks will vote her in again


    maybe next election more crown heights Jews will vote,and if their is a crucial vote in congress concerning Jews, the politicians will actually pay attention to us.

  • crown heights voter

    Elections have consequences! Next time vote for one of our own. Let’s vote for Mendy Raitport for Congress 2016. If we all come out and vote, he CAN WIN!!

  • true color shows

    Obama was only voted in because he is black.
    Clarke will vote with Obama because she has the black vote ?(and unfortunately, too much of the Jewish vote).
    Go get registered, and lets turn the tables come November.

  • Anyone

    Anyone who votes for this witch ever again is just as bad as her. This lady has a consistent anti-Jewish/Israel record.


    If you don’t vote her out next election, you effectively approve of her decision.

  • Why is this framed as a Jewish issue?

    Should be framed as a danger to the USA as Iran consistently announces that they are against the Great Satan.
    This makes it sound anti-Israel.

  • truth shall prevail

    Hatred is oozing out of all your comments. You all are truly showing your colors. Sickos indeed and shall reep what you sew god willing.

  • meir rhodes

    the CH jewish community doesn’t ,in a large part , vote. if CH could turn out 7,000
    to 10,000 votes then your talking power! till then as israel duchman[ ah] , would often say; numbers talk and BS walks!

  • to the congresswoman:

    Maybe you thought this agreement is better than nothing. Is there anything to behold Iran to any agreement if a new regime was to be elected in Iran? Do you know why Iran want to destroy Israel, G-d forbid? Do you know how Iran feels about the US and why? If a country was threatening to destroy the US, would this be your response?

  • Kop Mentch

    So will Slavin still be butt kissing her? What about Eli Cohen and Sperlin – will they keep worshipping her? These people are a disgrace to our community. They have no pride, Jewish or otherwise.

    • K

      You have no “Kop”! It is all about the money! People sell their G-d, their values, their community and even their own family, all for the sake of money. Money is a huge ta’avah.

      In Sifrei Mussar it talks of the three ta’avas and they come in the following order: Ta’avas Noshim (decreases with age); Ta’avas Momon (decreases before death); Ta’avas Kovod (continues till after the burial and hakomas mataivah).