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The Weekly Comic! – Haftora Parshas Haazinu!

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Click Here for the English Text of the Haftorah


  • 3. to you! wrote:

    To Sholom:

    That is “levi” (otherwise known as “Yehuda Hamacaby”) – the comic maker himself.

    Post Script

    Levi, why did’int you put your picture up whenthe duck was there?

    I see you like that kid (what is his name.

  • 6. to sholom wrote:

    it is the guy who makes them up evry week not the greatest but not that bad


  • 10. ??admirer?? wrote:

    IThe Rebbe said nevet to draw the face of any of the Avos Moishe, Rabbeinu, etc.

    Now, Levi thinks that not only does this excempt him, he could even personify moishe.

    How could a comic depicting “rock and roll” be cute.
    Makes you wonder who is commenting and admiring the comic strips.

  • 11. berkeleygal wrote:

    A – love it! brilliant idea.
    b – admirer??, he isn’t personifying or depicting anything. it’s a picture from an amazing children’s show, The King David Show. call him and book him for your local Chabad House now.
    C -i second that question: what is the kid’s name?

  • 12. mashpia wrote:

    i love the facial expression on the kid in the greens’ face…;) keep up the awesome work, and dont let any loser deter you!


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