Grand Jury Indicts 17 People Over Illegal Tunneling and Expansion Attempt of 770


Seventeen people involved in the tunneling and illegal expansion of 770 Eastern Parkway have been formally indicted by a Grand Jury in Brooklyn this Sunday, bringing repercussions for their actions one step closer.

According to the indictment, the seventeen defendants faced charges of Criminal Mischief in the 2nd Degree, Reckless Endangerment in the 2nd Degree, and Obstructing Governmental Administration in the 2nd Degree (9 Counts). They were indicted and the paperwork filed with the District Attorney on March 28th.

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  • There you have it. :/

    While not thrilled with this trail, they caused a potentially very dangerous situation, fought back against police, and destroyed Property of others. I seethe Yeshiva who that they were a part of was’nt mentioned in this. Is the 770 Yeshiva also facing charges?

  • Sick of the anarchy in 770

    I hope they indict them and jail them for a year or two, or more. Then, and only then, can the normal people return to daven in 770

    • Mushkie

      You will be joyously davening, while other yidden be languishing in jail?! Do you think such a davening will be welcomed in Heaven?!

    • meyer cheinYe quessAre

      If jailing another Jew makes come to daven. Don’t even think about davening

    • EL

      Doesn’t have to be so harsh, (although everyone knows that if a non Jew did what they did, the even the commenters here would want a 50 year sentence), but it does have to show that 770 does not belong to them and they can absolutely lose it as a privilege. My humble opinion is that the yeshivas that sent them should not be permitted to send shluchim or shiur daled bochurim for at least 10 years.

  • Anonymous

    It’s known When it comes to a case, where there are Jews involved, a jury will always indict It’s always a pleasure to prosecute you.

    • Mushkie

      Maybe more yidden need to serve on jury duty. We don’t play, but we want the prize.

  • Jokes aside

    Is the Yeshvia of 770 whom the bochurim were students of also implicated in the trial? Or did the Yeshiva simply say they’re not our students and not our problem? Also, who brought the case?

    • Elias C. Quintana

      These are criminal charges, so the DA’s office brought the case before a grand jury. Not a private a party.

  • Anonymous

    Very sad & disturbing. They should maybe be made to do community service but not actual jail time. This will not bode well for the Crown Heights community if anything like this happens. Send them home perhaps never to be allowed to return or extended community service but we’re going down fast if they serve jail time. If that happens ‘game over’!

    • Mushkie

      Do you think “we” can control what the sentence of the court will be? DO “we” tell the judge or jury how to rule?! Have you lost touch with reality?!

  • Tomim

    Is there a link to a pidyon shevuim fund to help cover legal expenses? Agree or disagree, misguided or rebellious, but these are our brethren yidden and chassidim in need.

    • EL

      They are yidden (not chassidim) , but that’s no reason for the Jewish community to cover legal expenses. They committed crimes against the community, so they can get public defenders. This is not a pidyon shvuim situation. They aren’t even necessarily going to jail. They may end up with a fine smaller than the legal fees. Save the money, and if they become homeless, give it to them as tzedakah.

  • Joe D

    I’m shocked this even went to a grand jury. The excitement to ‘teach these bochurim a lesson’ might just come back to bite us…

  • yankel

    During this situation, many people and Rabbonim rightfully condemned this conduct. I haven`t seen a condemnation at all from the Yeshiva that they were students in . Shame on the Hanholah of the 770

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